Naagin Season 6 3rd July 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Mahek telling Urvashi that Pratha was shocked seeing Rishabh misbehaving with her, but she didn’t know that they used Shakti. She meets Shakti and asks him to wear eye lenses and come with her. She says Rishabh was drunk and came home.

She says she showed him something which he couldn’t think. She shows him recording in which Pratha is taking out knife from Samaira. She says Police arrested her. She says he believed us and gave statement against Pratha.

Urvashi says then I went to him, as Mother India. Urvashi goes to Rishabh and asks him to marry Mahek to support her. She says I want to see you both happy. Rishabh asks Mahek not to leave the house, and says I will never love you, as I loved only Pratha.

He says Urvashi is right, we shall marry. Mahek smiles. Fb ends. Urvashi says we had played such a wonderful game and made two love birds fall in different direction. Mahek laughs, once zang gets the contract, nobody can stop this shesh naagin from destroying the country.

Rishabh gets restless and thinks of seeing Pratha with Vijay. He thinks if she is Pratha, then I can’t bear her. Pratha tells Rishabh you have done very bad with me, and asks him to see what happens when the same woman will take revenge from you.

She says even you have to feel the same pain which you had given me, on the pretext of hunting. Mahek and Rishabh are waiting for Rajesh and his fiancé Kiara on the road. Rajesh comes there with Pratha/Kiara and asks them to sit. They sit. Rajesh starts driving. Mahek asks Rishabh to wear the jacket as there will be very cold while he goes hunting. Pratha hears and smiles.

Rishabh says Pratha used to love him immensely once. Pratha asks Rajesh to take her scarf as she forgot to bring jacket for him. Mahek sits on Rishabh’s lap. Rishabh asks what are you doing. Mahek whispers asking if he will not find out about Pratha. Rishabh says even if she is Pratha, she will not give any reaction.

Rehan tells Divya that he will come with her for the hunting. Divya says she will go alone for hunting as she is a certified shooter. She goes. Ria says I will come with you. Rehaan goes from there alone.

Rishabh tells that hunting is illegal. They come to the jungle. Rishabh teaches Pratha to aim. She feels for him and thinks why she is feeling this? Rishabh tells her that before hunting an animal, the person shall remember that the animal is not having any weapon, but he/she has.

Pratha says hunting means shooting the animal and killing them. She says she heard animal sound. He says there is an animal, but we shall not shoot at anyone’s back. Pratha says I thought you are pro in this.

Rishabh says he was not interested to come, but came for hina. Pratha says you love her so much. He says it is our personal matter. Mahek gets upset seeing them close and comes to Urvashi. Urvashi asks if she is jealous, and says if you lose Rishabh to Kiara, then you shall be with Shakti, as she is mad to celebrate wedding night with you.

Mahek hurts herself and tells that this will remind her that Rishabh will never go away from her. She hears the animal sound. Pratha slips. Rishabh holds her. Song plays….tere sang pyaar main….

He imagines his Pratha in saree and falls down. Pratha laughs and says you have fallen down. She asks him to get up and says animal sound is not coming. Mahek comes near the animal and thinks she has readymade plan. She brings a bowl like utensil and puts wine in it. She asks the animal to come. It drinks the wine.

Mahek runs from there. The animal runs and comes to Rishabh and Pratha. Rishabh aims at the animal. Mahek says now the real game begins, and says she will know if she is Pratha or Kiara. She says if she will save herself or Rishabh. She says Pratha has to take Naagin’s avatar to save Rishabh.

Pratha sees Mahek hiding and thinks what to do? If she becomes Naagin, then Mahek will know that she is not longer shesh naagin and if she doesn’t become Naagin then the animal will kill them. The animal hits Rishabh twice and he faints. Pratha prays to Shiv ji and asks him to show some way.

She hides behind the tree and blows wind from her mouth. Mahek says how did this wind storm came suddenly, she can’t see anything. She runs from there. The animal is coming near Pratha.

She becomes Naagin and hits the animal with her tail. She becomes full naagin. Mahek is caught by the wind storm and falls down. She realizes she has lost some of her powers when she was fighting with yeti. She comes there and sees Rishabh unconscious and injured. She sees Kiara at the other side unconscious.

The animal is coming near Pratha/ Kiara. Mahek smiles. Rajesh Pratap comes there and shoots the animal. He comes to Kiara and makes her get up. He asks why did she risk her life. She says I haven’t risked myself then that animal would have killed Rishabh. She realizes what she said.

Mahek makes Rishabh get up. Rishabh comes to Pratha and Rajesh and thanks the latter for saving his life. He says your aim was good. Rajesh says his aim is good, but he didn’t get chance to teach hunting to Kiara and that’s why asked you.

At home, Rajesh Pratap applies ointment to Pratha’s injury. He asks why did you save Rishabh. She says she saved him, as he wanted to kill him with her hand. He says you love him. Pratha recalls his betrayal.

Rishabh dreams about Pratha and wakes up calling her name. Mahek gets up and says you love her even now. Rishabh says if anything had happened to Kiara, then…He goes to the window and looks out. Naina song plays…..Pratha says my revenge starts with the ones who changed my world.

Zang talks to Urvashi and says his son is coming from London. He asks her to buy the land on his son’s name. Urvashi says we didn’t get the land and he is asking me to name the land on his son.

They hear Rishabh shouting at Rehan and asking him if he proposed Divya. Rehan says yes, I liked her and proposed her while we was coming. Ria gets shocked and slaps him. She says you wanted to love me and wanted to marry me?

Rishabh says you used to love Samaira and not even a year passed since she died. He says you already have bad reputation. He says Divya is RPS’s sister. Rehan says he loves her. Rajesh pratap comes there and asks what do you think that I will get my sister marry you.

Urvashi says Rajesh will not give us the land now. Rajesh says Divya is my sister and she wants to marry you, I am happy with her decision. A fb is shown, Rajesh tells Divya that he will not let her marry Rehan.

Pratha comes there and tells that Rehan is very dangerous and killed two girls before. Divya says she wants to help her as Jwala did so much for her. She says she will punish Rehan and she knows that Pratha will not let anything happen to her.

Precap: Pratha says she has returned for her revenge. Mahek holds her in her tail and asks her to come in her avatar. Pratha comes in her avatar and attacks Mahek.


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