Naagin Season 6 29th May 2022 Written Episode Update


The episode starts with Pratha and Rishabh performing pooja together. Family stands beside them.

Mahak signals Pratha to come aside and takes her away. Rishabh then with family watches news about pandemic clearing miraculously and thinks if Pratha cleared the pandemic as Seema was asking about some amrith kalash from her.

Pratha and Mahak meet professor. Professor praises and congratulates Pratha for clearing the pandemic from the country. He then holds her hand to predict her future and watches her in danger. He wants her to be careful.

She says she need not worry until Rishabh is there to protect her. At home, Rishabh’s cousins discuss that Rishabh is going to join back his duty in a few days, so they need to give some space to Rishabh and Pratha. They all leave the house giving some excuses.

Rishabh and Pratha find themselves alone at home. They got romantic on a romantic song. He lies her on the couch and is about to kiss when light goes off and Pratha disappears. Rishabh thinks where she went suddenly.

Pratha pleads for help from terrace. Rishabh rushes to terrace and is shocked to see Seema gripping Pratha at knife’s point and threatening Pratha to reveal her true identity. He pleads Seema to leave Pratha as she is bleeding. Seema reveals that Pratha is a seshnagin and insists Pratha to accept it.

Pratha pushes her from the terrace and she falls down severely injured and unconscious.
Family rushes to her and finds no one at the terrace. They take her to hospital where doctor checks her and informs that she is in coma. Rishabh cries hugging Pratha and says though Seema tried to kill him, he considers her as mother and cannot see her in trouble.

Pratha comforts him. Rishabh leaves. Chanda calls Pratha and tells her that she wants to tell some secret about Rishabh’s childhood. Pratha hears Rishabh calling her and she leaves disconnecting the call. Chanda thinks how to inform her about Rishabh’s childhood secret.

Back home, Risabh feels emotional concerning about Seema’s condition. Pratha comforts him and hugs him emotionally. Tose Naina Jabse Mile.. song plays in the background . Rishabh expresses his love for Pratha and says he wants to share a secret with her and reveals that along with an army officer, he is an undercover agent and hence he used to doubt on her a lot.

Pratha feels guilty that she cannot share that she is a seshnagin. Rishabh gets romantic with her again and consummates with her. Bolna Halke Halke… song plays in the background.

Next morning, Pratha meets Mahak. Mahak seeing her happy taunts if Rishabh jiju made her too much happy. She then reminds her that she cnanot lead a normal life as she is a seshnagin. Pratha expresses her wish to sacrifice her energies on full red moon night/poorna maas ka laal chand by praying Shivji. Mahak warns her that she once she loses her energy, she will not get it back.

Pratha says she has made up her mind to reveal her secret to Rishabh. Mahak leaves from there. Chanda asks about Pratha. Mahak says Pratha is busy and asks if she needs something from Pratha.

Chanda says she wants to tell Pratha about Rishabh’s childhood secret. Mahak says she can tell her, but Chanda denies. Mahak passes by Reem’s room and hears her speaking to Urvashi and telling her that Seema went into coma because of Pratha and cursing Pratha. Mahak wars her to dare not speak ill about her sister.

Rishabh walks to Pratha after a bathe and gets romantic with her again. Tere Sang Pyar Main Nahi plays in the background. Rishabh goes to pick his shirt from cupboard and finds a seshnagin book.

He reads the headline and asks Pratha why Seema was calling her nagin and why he found her disappearing from the room suddenly, who she really is. Pratha says tries to reveal that she is seshnagin, but controls herself and says tomorrow is red fullmoon night and requests him to wait till then. He insists and gives his promise.

Precap: Angel tells Pratha that she has to reach raktanchal mountain where she can sacrifice her powers. Pratha prays Shivji to return her love Rishabh to her.


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