Naagin Season 6 24th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Mahak tells Pratha that her wedding muhurath has arrived and asks her to give her hand in seshnag Yash’s hand. Pratha gives her hand in Yash’s hand recalling holding Rishabh’s hand earlier. Shivji’s third eye opens and the light falls on Pratha and Yash. They both turn into Seshnag and Seshnagin.

Mahak asks them to exchange nag mukuts/crowns. Pratha remembers Rishabh while exchanging crowns. She the imagines Rishabh walking to her and performing her and Yash’s gathbandhan. Janam Dekhlo Mitgayi Duryiyaan.. song plays in the background. Pratha performs pheras with Yash imagining Rishabh touching her.

Mahak asks Yash to apply sindhoor in Pratha’s hairline and complete the wedding. Yash does same. Pratha shouts no.. Mahak asks her to move ahead and perform pheras with Yash. Pratha realizes it was her imagination.

Yash asks her next to complete phera ritual. She performs pheras with Yash recalling her pheras with Rishabh. Tears fall from her eyes and sets the floor on fire. Mahak asks her not to cry more as her tears of her pain turned into fire. Yash says he will set off this fire and turning into seshnag blows off the fire.

Pratha assures her tears will not fall on earth again and asks Yash to continue the pheras. Yash stops and says they are tears of separation which fell on from Sati’s eyes when she separated from Satyavan. He checks her eyes and says she truly loves Rishabh, she has Rishabh’s named mangalsutra in her hand and her blood as sindhoor in her hairline, it proves she is already married to Rishabh and hence he cannot break her marriag,

she can return to Rishabh. Mahak asks says Seshnag and Seshnagi’s marriage is written in the destination and they can’t change it. Yash says if he sacrifices and accepts brahmacharya forever, seshnagin can be freed from the rule. She takes brahmacharya oath for life in front of havan fire and shivling. Pratha thanks him for his sacrifice. He says she is free to return to her love now.

Urvashi suggests Seema to perform Rishabh and Reem’s marriage in the same mandap along with Rehan and Samaira’s marriage. Reem says she is ready marry Rishabh forgetting the past. Seema agrees and seeks Rishabh’s opinion. Rishabh agrees and sits in mandap with Reem. Pratha returns back to haveli. Mahak says Ja Pratha ja jeele apni zindai/live her life to her wish.

Pratha shatters seeing Rishabh and Reem in mandap. Rishabh’s gifted dancing globe falls down and rolls in front of Seema. Seema notices Pratha and asks why did she return when she went with Yash, now Rishabh is marrying Reem. She asks why did she left Rishabh when she loved him. Pratha says she couldn’t marry Yash as she loves Rishabh. Seema asks what will she do now. Pratha says its her mistake,

so she will not stop Rishabh’s wedding. Panditji asks Rishabh and Reem to start the wedding ritual. Pratha says she cannot see her love marrying someone. Seema says she will drop her out and drops her till bus station in a cab. Pratha apologizes her if she made any mistake. Seema asks her not to say that, prays she gets a perfect life partner soon, and leaves in a cab asking her to take care of herself.

Mahak notices Pratha and asks where is she going. Pratha says she wants to go far away from here. Mahak suggests her to stay at their old palace behind Nilgiri hills. Pratha leaves in a bus. She recalls her quality moments with Rishabh. A man sits beside him and says she must be waiting for him. She asks who is he.

He says people call him an angel and explains one who helps someone in need is an angel. She sits confused. He asks if she is Shivji’s devotee. She asks how does he know. He says once Shivji spoke to him and gives her a book. she opens it and notices it’s a Seshnag’s book. Angel then flies back to Yash and says he gave the book to Pratha. Praha reads the book and notices angel missing.

She asks passengers if they saw a man sitting beside her. They say no one was sitting beside her. Yash tells the angel that Pratha doesn’t know that she met a real angel and reveals there is a 7th asur after 6 asur which Pratha should know of. Pratha continues to read the book and is stunned to read about the 6 asurs and the 7th who will be revealed after 6 dies and who will try to kill her love Rishabh. She stops bus and gets down.

Pratha returns to Yash’s house. Seema notices her and asks why did she return back. Pratha says she wants to talk to Rishabh. Seema says Rishbah must be coming with Reem for graha pravesh. Seema is stunned to see Ritesh as groom instead of Rishabh. Rishabh tells Seema that he couldn’t marry Reem and reveals how he convinced Ritesh to marry Reem and even Reem agreed to marry Ritesh.

He again tells Seema that he cannot marry Reem as he loves someone. He notices Pratha standing far away, asks Seema to perform Reem and Ritesh’s graha pravesh, walks to Pratha, and asks if she didn’t marry. She nods yes. He says he knew she can’t. She says even he didn’t. He takes her to room. They both express their love for each other. Janam Janam Saath Chalna plays in the background.

He kisses her. She feels shy and runs away. After some time, she notices the room decorated with flowers. He gifts her dancing globe again and sings Mai Agar Kahoon Tumsa Haseen.. song for her and dances with her. Haa Haseen plays in the background. They both et lost in each other. A flying dart hits Rishabh and he falls down on floor. Pratha gets worried for him and recalls reading in the book that 7th asur would be near her and will try to kill her love Rishabh.

Precap: Pratha faces Maha asur.


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