Naagin Season 6 22nd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Rehan takes the girl to a room. Vivan tries to enter the roo, but Rehan stops him. Vivan says what if Samaira finds out about his adultery. Rehan says he doesn’t care and locks the door He then forces himself on the girl.

Girl tries to avoid him. He threatens to destroy her life if she doesn’t agree. Pratha records the video and and saves the girl by entering the room as snake. She then returns home and shows video to Rishabh. Rehan says he had gone out to pray with his friends, but Pratha is wrongly alleging him.

Rishabh slaps him for partying while his mother is struggling for her life. Pratha says he didn’t see what Rehan did to that girl. He asks if she has any proof. She says yes. He orders her to get out of his house and drags her out of house. Pratha asks how can he get her out of house without seeing the proof.

Rishabh says she is still adamant to prove his brother wrong. Pratha calls the girl Ambika and asks her to tell truth. Ambika lies that Pratha gave her money to defame Rehan. Pratha is shocked and says girl is lying. Rishabh says she ruined his family name and hence doesn’t have any place in this house. He holds her hand again and pushes her out of the door. A sad song plays in the background.

Seema taunts Pratha that she has only 1 day to save amrith kalash. Pratha silently sit in a bus stop crying recalling the quality moments spent with Rishabh. Rishabh also feels sad recalling same and angrily breaks his and Pratha’s photo frame. Pratha recalls Rishabh asking her to get out of his house and asks Shivji why this happened to her.

A girl walks to her and apologizes her for lying as Rehan threatened to kill her mother if she doesn’t lie. She says she doesn’t know who they are and have kidnapped her parents and threatened to stop supporting Pratha or else they will kill her parents. Pratha says we girls need to show the rich boys that girls are not weak and can fight for themselves, she will save the nation first and then her husband and MIL.

Rishabh recalls kicking Pratha out of the house and breaks the water glass in his hand injuring it badly. Reem walks in and seeing his bleeind hand tears her sari and ties it to his hand. She says he has to get over it and tries to hug him.

He pushes her away and asks what is she doing, he is married and there cannot be any equation between them. Reem walks away sadly. Rishabh hears Reynaksh shouting at Seema, walks to them, and asks what happened.

Seema alleges that Pratha injured Reynaksh. Reynaksh shows his injuries and says he wanted to spend a night in Ujjain temple with his mother when Pratha came there and said something to his mother, then injured him and took his mother away. He girns and says he wants his mother back. Rishabh asks why would Pratha do this. Reynaksh says Pratha has problem with Seema.

Seema says she will go personally and bring Chanda back. Rishabh says even he will accompany her. Seema starts emotional blackmail crying and pleading that she cannot lose her best friend. Rishabh asks where is Chanda now. Reynaksh says Pratha has hidden her inside the temple and not letting him in. Rishabh leaves to get Pratha. Seema grins.

Reynaksh asks her how will Rishabh enter the temple. She says seshnagin has a boon that nags cannot harm seshnagin’s husband, so Rishabh will get into the temple easily. Reynaksh says Rishabh will find out truth once he gets out of the the temple. Seema says Rishabh will be killed after that. In the temple,

Mahak notices a storm and tells Pratha that a night of judgment is coming an hence she needs to prepare herlf. They both try to close the temple door and ask Chanda about amrith kalash’s location. Chanda reveals its in the belly button/nabhi of their country. Pratha says Ujjain is in the middle of the Seema walks to Rishabh’s room and provokes him against Pratha.

She silently adds poison in a milk glass and insists himt to have it. He refuses to have it. She continues provoking him against Pratha and using her emotional atyachar. He drinks milk. She insists to accompany him to the temple. He agrees and goes to get ready. Seema thinks Rishabh will die in 6 hours after crossing the nag rekha and helping her get amrith kalash.

Pratha makes preparations to get amrith kalash. She finds the belly button of the earth inside the temple and says there are 7 loks/worlds, Atal, Vital, Sutal, Rasatal, Talatal, Mahatal, and Patal look; amrith kalash is in the 7th Patal lok and she will enter there and get amrith kalash.

Mahak says its very dangerous to get in there. Pratha says she will please Shivji and request to enter patal look as boon. She recalls her mother describing that she needs to do tandav/dance to please shivji. Rishabh with Seema heads towards the temple in his car when he feels dizzy.

Seema thinks poison has started affecting his body and soon he will die, she needs to get amrith kalash before that. Pratha performs pooja and starts tandav nritya/dance. Earth quake starts. Mahak and Chanda struggle to hold themselves to pillars of the temple. A pillar falls on them.

Earth breaks opening patal look door. Pratha tries to save Chanda and Mahak. Mahak asks her to not bother about them and enter the patal lok as the door is open only for 7 minutes and she needs to return back with amrith kalash within 7 minutes or else she will be stuck inside patal lok forever. she asks her to get in careful as she will face many difficulties and return back safely.

Pratha takes her country’s soil’s oath that she will return with amrith kalash. She turns into snake and enerts the door. Mahak pushes pillar away from her and tries to wake up Chanda. She then shouts she has only 4 minutes left and needs to return back soon. Rishabh and Seema reach temple. Praha picks amrith kalash.

Precap: Rishabh falls down spitting blood. Seema asks Pratha to give her amrith kalash if she wants to save Rishabh. Pratha gives her amrith kalash. Seema mixes poison in the amrith kalash and pours it in Yamuna river to destroy the country.


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