Naagin Season 6 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update


The episode starts with Mahak noticing nevla/mangoose Reynaksh carrying Chanda and prays Shivji to give her power to save Chanda maa. She turns into nagin and tries to stop Reynaksh.

Reynaksh turns into nevla and counterattacks her. On the other side, Rishabh warns Pratha that if he finds her allegations that Rehan physically harrassed Samaira, he will leave her. Once he leaves, Seema informs Pratha that Chanda is in nevla’s grip now and soon she will get amrith kalash,

Pratha will be out of the house as said by Rishabh. Pratha says she will not leave Rishabh in her life. Seema goes to check on Radha. Pratha returns to temple. Nevla asks if she returned to fight with him again. She says yes and says she has Shivji’s blessings. She grips nevla in her tail and prays Shivji to show that he destroys evil. Shivji’s trishul falls from skin on the ground and turns into a circle.

Pratha trows nevla between trishul, then shows her seshnag avatar with a trishul in her hand and throws trishul on nevla. Nevla dies. She then walks to Chanda and says she promised her son that she will not let anything happen to her.

Pratha returns home and hopes she could convince Rishabh. Seema offers her a matress and pillow and says its time for her to sleep outside. Pratha says evil doesn’t survive for long and reveals that she killed Nevla at Ujjain temple, now Chanda is safe. Seema gets angry and tries to slap her.

Pratha twists her hand and says its not easy to kill her. Seema tries to stab her with a knife. Pratha overpowers her and asks what does nevla belong to her that she is so frustrated. Seema challenges Pratha that she will make her life a hell and leaves. Pratha thinks how is Seema related to nevla.

Seema reaches temple and calls nevla. She tries to enter temple, but is stopped by a nagin rekha/line. She seeks Bannu help. Bannu walks to her and he saved Reynaksh. Seema reveals that Pratha killed Reynakh. Bannu gets angry and says a nagin cannot kill nevla easily as always nevla wins between the fight of nagin and nevla. Seema asks where is nevla then.

Bannu uses his superpowers and finds Reynaksh’s dead body. Seema cries seeing Reynaksh’s dead body and asks Bannu to do something. Babul says he will and sends his nevla gang. Gang return with snakes. Babul gets poison from the snakes and puts it in Reynaksh’s mouth. Reynaksh gets back to life. On the other side, Chanda in her dream fears Bannu’s arrival.

Pratha and Mahak discuss who must this Bannu be who is protecting nevla. Reynaksh calls Seema as mother. Seema hits him and then hugs and says she didn’t give him birth to get killed easily, she protected him from the world, she had married a wrong man who betrayed him, she wanted him to get amrith kalash and destroy the nation, but he got easily defeated by nagin.

She says if nagin finds out that he is her son, nagin will not spare him again. She reveals her plan that after 2 days, there will be chandra grahan/lunar eclipse and she will destroy the country on that day. She then determines to make Pratha expelled out of the house by her husband and ruin her life.

Pratha thinks who this Bannu is whom Chadna, Seema, and others know. Bannu takes Reynaksh to the cave and says Seema is angry on him as he couldn’t get amrith kalash. Pratha side beside Samaira. Samaira wakes up and says she wants to go to her mother’s house. Pratha encourages her to fight for justice, says she can smell the perfume which she had gifted to Rishabh and even Rehan had applied it. Samaira refuses to fight. Pratha says only she can change her own world and takes her out. In police station, Vijay asks Rehan if he physically assaulted his wife. Rehna says if he had not assaulted her, she would have overpowered him. Vijay slaps him and asks him to write a statement as his own family is against him. Rehan then passes lewd comments on Heena Khanna/Mahak and says he saw how Vijay looks at her. Vijay angrily trashes him Rehan looking at CCTV camera says police is torturing him. Rishabh walks in and shouts at Vijay to stop torturing his brother. Rehan says Vijay likes Heena and is torturing him on her order. Rishabh calls commissioner and complains against Vijay.

Rishabh then returns home shouting Heena’s name. Pratha asks what happened. Rishabh asks Hina/Mahak to leave his house right now as she asked Vijay to torture Rehan. Pratha says Heena will not go as its also her house and she will not let Heena go. Rishabh says Heena can go in th morning. Pratha denies.

Their argument starts. Rishabh says Rehna was with him in the bus, but Pratha is alleging that he came here and tortured Samaira. Pratha says he got out of bus silently and came here ot torture Samaira. Rishabh refuses to believe her. Their argument continues. Pratha asks if he would have done same if his sister was tortured. Rishabh continues his adamancy and belief on Rehan.

Seema backs him and says Rehan is a good boy and never misheaves with girls. Anya and Kshitija support Pratha and Samaira and reveal that Rehan always misbehaved with girls and they knew about him torturing Samaira since before. Seema says they are supporting Pratha and Samaira as she didn’t involve them in family business. Reem tongue lashes them and supports Rehan.

Nurse informs them that Radha’s condition is deteriorating. They all rush to Radha’s room. After some time, Rishabh bails out Rehna and brings him home leaving Pratha in shock. Rehna walks to Radha and says he is back now and she should get well soon. Pratha and Samaira look at her angrily. Rehan meets Vivan, Reem, and Raksh and says he will not spare Samair and Pratha.

He ges his friend’s call about the party and leaves. Mahak informs Pratha that Rehan is pressurizing Samaira to take back the case against him. Pratha says Samaira shouldn’t give up. She gets someone’s call and asks her to spy on Rehan until she comes there. She stamps her foot on the chair by mistake and writhes in pain. Rishabh notices that and nurses her wound.

A romantic song plays in the background. He then helps her walk towards the bed and asks why she is supporting Samaira. Pratha says she is supporting truth. He asks even by going against the family. She says she will do anything for truth. Rishabh gets angry and sleeps on the couch. At the party venue, Rehan enjoys the party. Vivan informs him that he made the arrangements. A beautiful girl attends party. Vivan says he called her. Rehan says that belongs to her and takes girl to his room. Pratha reaches there and thiks its the right time to expose Rehan.

Precap: Rishabh expells Pratha out of the house. Seema challenges her that she will kill Rishabh. Pratha learns that amrit kalash is in patal lok.


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