Naagin Season 6 1st May 2022 Written Episode Update


Seema performs temple’s parikrama with Rishabh. Rishabh thinks why didn’t Pratha come yet. Seema acts feeling dizzy and asks Rishabh to bring water from a water well behind the temple. Rishabh leaves.

Seema calls her aides and orders them to kill Rishabh. Rishabh walks to temple’s backside and doesn’t find water well there. Seema’s goons kidnap him and take him away. Pratha with Mahak waits for Rishabh to come out of the temple. They notice a naag coming to them and signaling them to follow him.

Nag takes them to the temple’s back door and disappears. Seema comes there and taunts Pratha that Rishabh will not return as he is dead by now and tries to wipe off her mangalsutra. Pratha’s hairline gets injured and she starts bleeding. She taunts Seema that she trying to wipe her sindhoor made a sindhoor with her blood. Seema challenges her to save Rishabh if she can.

Goons beat Rishabh tying him to a tree and ill speak about the nation. Rishabh kicks them with his feet and warns them to dare not speak ill about his nation. They ask how will he save his nation when he is dead. Pratha searches for Rishabh, follows the goon’s car’s tyre marks, and reaches Rishabh.

Goons are about to shoot Rishabh when Pratha snatches gun from goons and warns them to free Rishabh. Rishabh asks Pratha to leave. Pratha denies to leave him, expresses his love for him, and forces goons to free him.

She shoots a bullet in air. Goon laughs and says her gun had only one bullet. Earth shakes and everyone fall down unconscious. Pratha gets into her naagin form and calls her nag team to kill the goons. Nags arrive and kill the goons. Pratha takes Rishabh home.

Seema visits a cave in and meet a captivated woman by her who cries for her baby and sings lullaby holding a doll. Seeema warns her to tell someone’s location, but lady denies. Seema burns the doll and threatens to kill the woman’s baby if she doesn’t tell her someone’s details. Mother pleads her not to do that. Seema leaves singing a lullaby. Pratha thinks where Seema must have gone.

Mahak reaches her and informs that she followed Seema and saw her entering cave where she has a kept a woman in jail who was singing a lullaby for a doll and Seema burnt that doll. Pratha thinks who that woman must be. Back home, Pratha applies medicine to Rishabh’s wounds. Rishabh says he will send her and Seema far away as he can’t risk their lives. Pratha assures that she will not leave him.

Rishabh says tomorrow is maa’s birthday and he wants to throw a surprise party for her. He seeks her help in party arrangement and describes how his maa used to sing a lullaby in childhood for him.

Pratha plans to gift a family collage for Seema. She with Mahak reaches store room searches for Rishabh and Seema’s childhood pics. She finds Rishabh of over 15 years and not the childhood ones with Seema and finds pics from a few pics missing. She checks further and finds those pics where where baby Rishabh is some other woman’s lap. She gets suspicious and asks Mahak to take her to the cave where she heard a woman’s lullaby. Mahak takes her there.

Woman pleads Pratha not to kill her son Rishabh. Pratha realizes she is Rishabh’s biological mother and touches her feet. She assures mother that her son is safe. Next morning, Rishabh wishes happy birthday to Seema. Pratha brings birthday cake for Seema, makes her cut it and asks Rishabh to feed it to her. Seema hesitates thinking Pratha mixed poison in it. Pratha says she herself will have it first and hisses her snake tongue on it.

Seema thinks Pratha infused poison in cake and hesitates to have it. She drags Lalith and asks Pratha to feed cake to her FIL first. Lalith says its aunt’s birthday and she should have it. Seema throws cake away somehow.

In the evening, Seema plans to kill Rishabh via a poisonous injection and orders doctor to inject him as a pain killer. In the evening, Rishabh hosts a party for Seema and feels pain. Seema calls her doctor who tries to give him a poisonous injection. Pratha notices that and acts that she cannot take or see anyone taking injection.

Rishabh laughs. Pratha pushes Seema down and insists her to take injection instead. Seema denies, but Pratha forces her to take injection. Party starts. Pratha announces a dance performance and dances with Rishabh on Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha.. song. Seema recall all her past sins and gets tensed seeing Rishabh’s biological mother in the balcony.

Precap: Prtha thinks there is some connection between her and Seema. Rishabh’s mother smears blood on Seema’s old pic. Seema tries to kill her saying she will kill whoever tries to stop her from destroying the nation. Rishabh’s biological mother saves his life.Rishabh asks who is she. Pratha says she is his mother.


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