Naagin Season 6 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Pratha thinks to discuss with Mehek about Nevla. She hears the sounds of Samaira. She goes to Rehan’s room and asks if he is beating Samaira. Samaira comes out of the washroom and lies to her that she fell in the bathroom.

Pratha goes out thinking about so many problems around her. She comes downstairs and witnesses Seema announcing the engagement of Anya and Raynaksh the next day telling they are in love. Mehek tells Pratha why she feels Raynaksh came here with motive. Pratha says he is Icchadari Nevla and I saw his real face. Mehek tells Pratha about their Mom words regarding Nevla.

Raynaksh tells Anya that Pratha Bhabhi is sweet. Anya says she gets to know what’s love seeing Pratha and Rishabh but I didn’t think I can get my love as I’m not pretty like Pratha. He tells she is pretty too and takes her. Mehek tells Pratha that he can’t get aged and his sensing and hearing capability is high. Pratha asks her way to stop him. Mehek tells they can kill Nevla by attacking Nevla’s eyes. Pratha tells Mehek that they have to save Amrit Kalash from Seema by getting information from Chanda.

Pratha meets Chanda and asks her to recall about the past to meet her son. Chanda says Bunnu knows it. Pratha doesn’t get who’s Bunnu. Mehek tells it’s good that she getting her memory back. Pratha tells she will make Chanda reveal the truth in front of everyone at the engagement party, and will expose Seema.

Raynaksh tells Rehan that he will take care of his Mom with Anya. Rishabh brings Lalith home. Seema sends Rishabh to get water. During that time she warms Lalith that she will kill Rishabh if he doesn’t shut his mouth. Lalith looks shocked. Rishabh gives him water.

Rishabh asks Pratha why she looks tense with Raynaksh’s entry. Pratha tells she feels Raynaksh is not good and his number also not working. Raynaksh comes there knocking on the door. He tells Rishabh that his number is changed and he is informing them as he is engaged to his sister. Rishabh tells him they don’t have any doubt about him and Anya is loving you that’s enough. Raynaksh thanks Pratha for giving him his Mom and Anya. Rishabh asks him to drink with him. Raynaksh refuses and leaves.

Raynaksh on call informs Bunnu that he is doing his work. He gets scared seeing the rat trap box. He sends that trap box with Anya. He changes to his Mongoose form and eats that food. He sees Anya and hugs her giving a rose. He thinks Naagin will see how I will take Chanda infront of her eyes.

The next day everyone wishes Seema and Lalith for their anniversary. Raynaksh tells he will leave with his Mom post engagement. Mehek warns Pratha in Raynaksh matter. Pratha tells her that she will win over Raynaksh with her plan.

Seema sits with Lalith on the stage. She tells him that she will achieve what she needs today. Pratha tells them she organised surprises for them and tells them to remarry. Seema denies but Rishabh makes them agree. Pratha plays the old photos. Mehek brings Chanda downstairs. Everyone gets shocked seeing the close photo of Chanda with Lalith. Rishabh questions Lalith why he is close to Chanda.

Chanda gets flashes. Rishabh asks Seema to answer him. Pratha asks him to find it from Chanda. He questions Chanda to tell him the truth and questions who is she. Chanda stands up saying, wife. Rishabh asks what. Chanda tells she is the wife of Lalith. She asks Lalith to tell them.

Rishabh asks Seema if she knows it. Seema says it won’t be in that way and she forgot her memory then how you believe her words. Rishabh says they might be hiding it from you as she remembers his name and if this is the truth then this engagement can’t happen. Pratha says they can’t do this engagement. Raynaksh says he can’t give a damn about the engagement. Rishabh calls off the engagement. He asks Raynaksh to leave taking his Mom. Raynaksh takes out Chanda.

Chanda asks who’s he. Raynaksh tells he will kill her son if she doesn’t reveal the truth. Chanda asks if Rishabh is her son? Raynaksh agrees and asks her to tell him about the place of Amrit Kalash. She tells him that she will take him there and asks him to take her to Northside. He starts the car but it won’t move because of Mehek.

He goes behind her to attack her. Pratha beats him and tells him that she won’t allow him to take Chanda maa. He asks her to stop him if she can. Pratha locks him in a fire circle. She asks Mehek to leave taking Chanda. He attacks Mehek. Pratha holds him. He fights with her and tells them they can’t stop him. He leaves taking Chanda.

Anya cries. Seema consoles Anya telling her she will talk with Raynaksh. Anya says she to think about it. Raynaksh asks her to show him the way. She agrees. Seema calls him and asks if he finds the truth. He tells her Chanda is revealing him. He notices petrol is over. He stops at the bunk. Seema tells Pratha that she will get Amrit Kalash and will ruin the nation. Raynaksh attends the call of Seema and asks her what happened. Seema tells Pratha wants to talk with her Mom in law.

Pratha asks her to not reveal the location of Amrit Kalash. Chanda tells she has to tell them about it to save Rishabh from Naagin Seema. Raynaksh tells Seema that he will fill poison in Amrit Kalash. Seema tells he will throw that Kalash in the Ganga river which will ruin the nation then I will kill your Mother in law and your husband. Pratha cries saying she got defeated. Seema leaves telling she hates tears.

Precap: Pratha kills Raynaksh. Seema thinks of new trap


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