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Naagin Season 5 2nd January 2021 Bani find garlic, water and kesar in jai room. She confront jai about happenings. Both follow markat. Some boys beat Veer. Bani decide to find solution to the Veer problem.

20 hours before

Bani tell I shall reach till end for whatever happening with you Veeranshu. Veeranashu deny saying leave it. Bani says same as you left my gift. Veer ask for gift!! Bani says later, veer you are so stubbrn. We all Naag-Naagin are so soft hearted. Veer says when I was not in senses, I didn’t remember how much I have hurted you. I am… Bani says say sorry, veer says after I get my gift. Bani notice deep scars.

Bani tell everything to Meera, and realise that sathpati(Leeches) would have killed them, until jai arriaved. Panditain messages says that sathpati can be controlled by water, garlic and kesar. Bani realises might be Jai has done something while she get clues in his room. Bani says Jai knew how to control all that leechesand he might be involved into it.

Tapish ask Veer to rest at home. Veer say i know Balwant and Pawan do illegal business, I want proper investigation. Daksh call tapish inside. Veer ask him to come soon, as I am waiting.Parkeh boys come and tease veer about his marriage and comment wrong things about Bani. Veer get angry and try to hit them, but all boys overpower him, by injuring him.

Meera ask about Bani whereabouts? Bani tell that she found clues in Jai room. She add I was so wrong to believe Jai again, Veer was always right about him. Ponky tell that Veer is leaving with Tapish for office.

Boys beat Veer badly. Bani come out, when Veer ask to go inside. Boys keep on teasing Bani. They take Veer aside and try to molest Bani. Bani get angry and she is about to change into naagin body, but Veer stop her. Bani grab one boy and hold his neck, while warning them to stay away from us. Boys decide to leave with warning, we shall meet again after all we are rivals. Bani ask Veer you will still not tell?? Don’t worry, I shall find alone. Veer get angry for eve tease by those boys, tapish ask him to relex.

Bani think about what ever is happening, while Veer feel pain on wounds. Veer try to heel his wounds but realises that he has lost his powers. Tere sang pyar mein nhi todna…. Bani ask let me try once. Veer says I am not cheel now, I am not even able to protect you. Bani hush him, you are not in state to have nok jhok fight, she dress his wounds saying that I am always with you weather you like it or not.. sad version of tere sang pyar mein Bani says some wounds take time to heel. She deepens her wounds. Veer ask why did she do it? Bani says until we fight again it will stay like this. Veer says I don’t need it. Bani says but Mrs. bani veeranshu need.

Later in night Bani think about all happenjngs and decide to see Jai as he was missing since morning. But before she check Veer has high fever and wound is more deep. She decide to find Jai and to know about veer powers. She infrom meera to look after Veer.

Bani look Jai in jungle whole night but don’t find him. She uses her naagin  power and find Jai. Veer try get up, but Meera stop him and tell Jai was behind to call those sathpati. Meera tell Veer that Bani went to look for Jai. Veer says but she might get into trouble. Meera ask Veer to rest, Tapish is coming with juice. Meera tell Bani knows about Jai reality, that he deceived again. Veer tell I missed Bani face, I knew that Naag will bite for sure.

Bani hold Jai with her Naagin tail. Jai ask her to listen to him. Bani says you are not trustwrothy, I again believed you, I thought you were changing but Veer always said not to believe you. I forgave you for whatever you did to me But this time i shall kill 🔪you for hurting my Veeranshu. Jai tell her to look near you, this is same place where Markat was captured. Bani says I know but Jai says Markat has ran away.
They both goes inside anath jharna and looked surprised seeing Markat ran away from trishol capture. Jai says believe me, I came here so that I can help you and Veer, i was keeping eye👀 on markat. Bani says I shall not believe you again for sure.

Veer, Tapish and Daksh goes to meet investors. Tapish ask Veer to stay near Car. Veer try to deny. But Tapish say atleast listen to me once.

Bani return home and look for Veer. Balwant tell he went to meet investors. Bani ask how can you let him? Balwant says he never listen. Bani says you know how week is veer now. Balwant says he has less time now. Bani stop him, until I am here nothing will happen to Veeranshu.

Veer think about whatever happened earlier. He think I shall build my destiny again. Those boys come again and tease him. Boys beat Veer and Veer stays helpless while getting injuries only. Boys take Veer in car with them.

Bani ask Jai to tell if you know anything. Jai tell Markat must know. Bani ask Balwant to tell, if he knows anything. Balwant says its no use now, nothing can save Veer. Bani says you are sitting as loser, but Until Adinaagin, a wife👰🏻 is alive nothing will happen to my Veer, I take this pledge.

Bani and Jai again go to anath jharnato look for clues. Jai says but we didn’t find anything earlier, what will we find again now? Bani ask him to think hard. Jai think and tell that when I arrived Markat was already away from trishool and ran away by pushing him. They both come out and goes inside hole build outside anath jharna using their Naag-Naagin powers.

Boys take Veer to some garage and says even if we kill, and put his dead body here, no-one will even know about it.

Bani and Jai arrive at oundha jungle. Jai says I have listened about this in satyug, everything is opposite here (just like mirror). Bani says this is oundha jungle, whatever Markat magic did on veer can be reversed here. Bani says but oundha jungle is new for us, I shall ask panditain about this. Jai says wait, i remember when I tried to stop Markat.. Jai hold Markat and says you don’t care about your children at all. Markat says I am like this only, Veer has lost his powers, soon you shall lose as well. she further says nothing can save Veer, and the thing which can save him dumkhum water, and you can never reach there.
Bani says lets look for dumkhum water then to save veer.

Veer feel pain in his wounds, when boy hit him again. Tapish and Daksh come their as cheel (but rather than attacking and save Veer) they took human form (how stupid of them), but those boys capture them in some powerful net. Tapish tell Daksh they are not normal human beings, this net is magical. Tapish ask who all are you?? One of them says, your one wrong step will give trouble to Veer. They hit Veer and Veer has less time left now.

Bani ask Jai does he knows anything about here?? Jai says nothing much. Bani think where is this water ?? She suddenly find wet land, and try to go further. But Jai ask which place is this?? Bani say oundha jungle. Jai ask What happens here? Bani says Everything is like mirror here. They find dumkhum water upper side of lake. She thanks lord shiva, now Veer can be saved, but where to keep this water. Jai smiles and give bottle stating that only one drop is enough to save Veer. Bani take drops from water using her naagin form..


Naagin Season 5 11th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bani tell that he has mixed poison in this. Jai saves markat who give him bottle telling it contain poison, when some drop of dumkhum will mix in bottle, it will kill Veer. Bani throw bottle aside, which attack markat only. Bani tell Veer that he was always right about Jai. Jai arrives, when Bani says I shall kill 🔪you Jai. When she attack Jai, he fall down with arrow🏹 on his back. He states they are dangerous, they will kill everyone.

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