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Naagin Season 4 16th February 2020 Episode Start With Dev keeping hand on brinda’s neck. brinda gets shocked and asks if he was acting to be asleep. Dev tells that he was sleeping, and when he woke up, he saw her tensed and that’s why asking. Brinda tells that she is having ‘me’ time and does that whenever she don’t get sleep. Dev says ok and turns to go to bed. She goes to washroom and realizes that om pendant fell down. Dev tells her that it was fallen outside and he kept it on the table. She runs out of the washroom. He looks at her and asks her to close the door. She goes inside. Dev looks at her. Later in the morning, she goes out of room and comes back to search something. Dev comes out of bathroom and tells that her tamarind is kept there. She eats it and asks how he knows that she was searching it. Dev says just like that. She says she is getting late and asks him why he didn’t tell her about her first rasoi. Dev says he had told her. She is about to go and frees her hair. He admires her beauty and smiles. Song plays…..

Brinda makes food for everyone. Akash asks if it is Sarla’s recipe. Vrushali taunts her. Brinda asks yes. The young generation come and take the food from the table to taste it. baa asks brinda to make Dev eat first, but she makes Baa eats first. Baa asks if Dev didn’t ask you to wear something? Dev says I told her, but she didn’t listen. Brinda asks him not to make baa and her fight. Baa asks about the jewellery set. Brinda asks Dev didn’t give me. Vishaka coughs. Brinda thinks Dev gave it to Vish. Baa asks if she didn’t like it. brinda says she liked it a lot, but he didn’t ask her to wear today. Dev gets surprised. They all have the food. Dev coughs as he eats the spicy food. Brinda asks him to have sweet curd kept beside his plate. He eats curd. Ira asks Dev if he found anything about Madhav’s US meeting. Vish tells that she talked to her associate and she told that Madhav is busy in a hectic meeting.

Later Brinda takes Vish to room and asks why didn’t you tell me, that baa gave jewellery to you. Vish asks if the marriage was important to you. She tells that Dev was in hurry and asks her to go to her mother’s house if she can’t fit here. Brinda is shocked and says Dev told this. Vish says yes and tells that he is your childhood friend, but he is the most dangerous in the house and must have used his mind in the conspiracy. She asks her never to forgive that her mother is the one who is most important to her. Manyata thinks if Brinda took the om off her body. Brinda says I want to show you something and shows the locket, saying it communicates and gives signs. Vish thinks she can’t let Manyata talk to her and is about to take the locket, saying it is a evil powers. Brinda says it is my mother who wants to talk to you. She gets a call and goes in a hurry. She goes behind the house and asks if naagins can talk via something. Maha Pandit says no and tells that their powers are unique. She tells that the locket is giving him sign about naagin. She says I feel that Manyata Maa is giving me sign, but it didn’t sparkle since yesterday. She asks if it means that Maa is not fine. Maha Pandit asks her to wear it and asks her never to trust anybody and never to give it in anyone’s hands. He asks her to go before anybody doubts her and says he will leave. Dev sees her from the balcony. She comes inside.

Dev tells her that baa is scolding him and asking him to give space to her. Brinda says it is said ‘not giving space’. Dev asks who was that man? Brinda says he is lal tekri temple mandir. She asks him not to irritate her. Dev says he is worried for her. Brinda tells that she had called Pandit ji. He asks why didn’t you call him for marriage. Brinda says as you didn’t printed the big cards. She says she will talk to baa. He says I am not yet over and gives her the jewellery. Brinda opens the box and gets happy seeing the necklace, says she liked it since childhood. He says she is crazy. She thinks he gave it to her yesterday. She says she is surprised as her marriage happened suddenly and no reception happened. He says we will do the reception. She asks him to say yes and says she will make the arrangement. She thinks baa remembered about the necklace. Dev says I remembered it. She goes to the washroom and asks herself not to trust Dev. She tells that she has planned the party and asks what she will do it. She thinks to make everyone drink drakshira, then she thinks what it is and how she knows. She wears the OM pendant.

Manyata thinks brinda has worn it again and asks her to look at it. brinda says where are you Maa? Just then she sees lal tekri temple and Manyata there. Manyata asks her to come. Brinda says Maa was here and says I will come to you. Dev announces to the young generation about the party tonight. They get happy. Dev says it is my reception party and asks them to invite brinda’s guests also. He gives them list. They look at Vish coming and smiles. Song plays jaane ki zid na karo….Vish tells Dev that brinda is missing. Dev tells that Brinda went out to buy something for herself and took my credit card too. Vish thinks where did she go? Maha Pandit takes Brinda to the rooms in the lal tekri mandir.

Brinda asks him about drakshira. He tells that it is used by the naagins to make someone speak the truth. He tells that there is a room there, but door is not there. She hits on the wall. Her pendant signs her at the wall. Maha Pandit asks her to take help of the locket. She keeps the locket on the wall and it becomes door and breaks. They get inside. Brinda says Maa was here and says where is she? Vish is shown taking Manyata to other room of the temple and tells that she had told Brinda that she is her friend. She takes the pendant and asks how you will reach her. She says I will send her to such places where she will be lost…Manyata asks what does she wants? Vish says she wants the naagmani and the lal tekri secret.

Manyata asks her to let her go? Vish says you can die, but can’t come out. She says I will not let your daughter come here. She pushes pillar on Manyata and goes. Manyata thinks how to alert my daughter. Brinda comes home and tells Vish that she couldn’t save her mother. Vish acts and hugs her, telling that she can know her pain. She asks did you tell Dev? Brinda says she had lied to Dev. Vish says he must have went and shifted Manyata to some other place. Brinda says she will make them drink drakshira. Vish asks how did you know? Brinda says she came to know just by itself and remembered your sayings. Vish thinks to get the naagmani from Dev and says if she comes to know then she will save Dev. Brinda asks how to make drakshira…Vish thinks I can’t tell her and tells her that she doesn’t know as she is from a different vansh. She says you are from shesh naag vansh.

Dev brings Baa to the party. Baa says brinda has accepted everyone and that’s why arranged this party. Dev thinks except me. Vrushali collides with brinda and asks about her jewellery. Brinda wears the necklace given by baa. Ketki asks her to wear diamonds. Brinda tells that this necklace was given to her by Baa and it is precious for her. Vrushali says stop it and says Brinda is Pandit’s daughter and giving lecture is in her blood. She sees locker and thinks I saw it in the image. She comes to the locker’s room and thinks Maa wanted to show me this locker. She thinks how it will open, some rays come from her eyes and the locker gets opened. She gets shocked and sees the jewellery inside. She thinks Maa might wanted her to see something else. Just then Akash comes there and thinks where is Baa? Brinda hides. Later she comes out and opens the locker. She finds something tied in a cloth and opens it, thinks if it is drakshira…


Naagin Season 4 22nd February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Dev gets drunk and dances with Brinda. Brinda makes Dev’s brothers drink drakshira.

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Telecast Date: 16th February 2020
Distributed By : Colors TV And Voot


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