Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Vidhi’s mother asks her not to refuse for marriage and tells that she had talked with Peeli long back. Vidhi says suddenly. Vidhi’s mother says auspicious thing shall happen. Seema says her graduation is pending.

Yogesh’s wife tells Dev that basic education is needed. Dev says she will have best training which we will give her, and tells that her best asset is honesty. He says I want that girl here, we will offer her a job and she will not refuse.

Vidhi’s mother tells that they will talk with the groom’s family to let her study after marriage. She says she has a dream to see Vidhi getting married in a big house and she feels that it will come true. She says you don’t have to work after marriage. Dev says it is people’s dream in Indore to work with us, she will not refuse.

Vidhi agrees. Her mother asks her to give the Chachi’s bowl money. Vidhi says she has forgotten to take money in a hurry. Seema says she will not understand. Vidhi asks auto driver to take U turn. Her mother tells that they have so much work and asks her to go tomorrow and take the money.

Abhimanyu is in the kitchen. His Mother comes there and says she wants to talk to him. She takes him to his father’s pic and reminds him that when Chitra and he was small, when their father died, Dev promised to take care of them.

She says he has done so much for us and for this house, now it is your turn to do something for him. Abhimanyu says you can’t emotionally blackmail me. He says I don’t want to do business. She asks until when Dev will handle business, and asks if you don’t have any responsibility towards him and the business.

She says Dev is step son, but is fulfilling the promise till now to take care of us, we are living our life peacefully and he is continuing to sacrifice his life for us. Abhimanyu says I didn’t ask him to sacrifice and says I don’t want to do business.

Ria comes there and tells that she got touchy hearing this. She says she is lucky to get such a family, where sacrifice, work, responsibility are meant for sons. She says bahu is brought to wear designer clothes. She says son wants to cook food and he is pushed to go to office, and I want to go to office who is forced to go to kitchen. She says here dreams gets broken and not fulfilled.

Urmila searches for something in Vidhi’s house. Vidhi and her mother comes there. Urmila asks about the ring. Vidhi’s mother says we have returned it to the owner. Urmila acts to get heart attack. Vidhi runs to kitchen and brings water. Urmila looks at the water and says this much water. Vidhi’s mother says didn’t you hear the saying.

Vidhi says I will bring your money. Urmila asks her to bring 40 lakhs and 20000 Rs. Vidhi’s mother says Vidhi will bring the real amount. Urmila says this haveli is ours half. Vidhi’s mother asks her to stop her and tells that they used to take care of haveli and the temple without any help from her. She says she don’t want to argue, as people are coming to see her. Urmila says she will take revenge for this and stamps her feet on the ground. Some sand falls on her from the roof.

Vidhi gets ready. Seema applies her fancy bindi. Vidhi says I don’t want to apply the bindi, which I don’t apply daily. Kanika calls Vidhi and says she is calling from Raichand company. Vidhi asks if she called to talk about money. Kanika says we are offering you a job.

Seema asks her to ask money. Vidhi says I don’t want job and asks for money. Kanika says talk to Dev. Vidhi says it is wrong, he did our loss and shall pay. She says he is a rich man, but doesn’t have the money to pay, though he did his sister’s marriage grand.

Vidhi’s father tells his wife that the nothing wrong shall happen. His wife tells that Vidhi like girl is rare to find, and asks her to tell that she made the food. She says you don’t say, I will say and you just nod your neck. Vidhi asks did I make? Her mother asks who has used the skimmer, grinded the finger, put oil in the utensils etc. Vidhi says I. Urmila and her husband come there. They take the snacks.

Kanika tells Dev that Vidhi made fun of his financial conditions, and made fun of your sister’s marriage too. She says she said that you didn’t have money in your pocket. Yogesh says she was innocent and shy, and flipped on phone, like a hungry tigress. Dev asks what is the amount to be given to her. He asks him to send the driver to her house and takes 10 K cash from him. He leaves.

The groom’s father praises Vidhi’s father Hari Prasad for keeping the ancestral property safe. Vidhi’s mother praises her and says she sings aarti well, and can do calculations well. Dev asks driver if they reach. Driver says car can’t go from here, you have to walk. Dev gets down and starts walking, thinking about her words.

The groom asks about her hobbies. Urmila says she likes to dream, and gets lost in her dreams, that she loses the way. Dev is walking still and recalls Kanika’s words. Urmila says she failed with just 6 marks less in Inter.

The groom’s parents and the groom look shocked. Vidhi’s mother says she couldn’t concentrate on studies as I was unwell that time, and she was taking care of me. Dev reaches there and sees her sitting with everyone.

Precap: Dev offers her a job. Groom’s mother asks what she has in her. Vidhi’s mother tells her that Dev identified her to be a diamond, and wishes she gets groom like Dev.


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