Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Vidhi is waiting in queue in front of Kalumal sweet shop and calls his name. The guard asks if you are calling him Chacha as you are in the queue.

She says Kalu Chacha is my Chacha, and tells that he is her father’s friend. He says you would have called me Papa if you were last. She helps someone takes the trolley out. The lady asks her to go inside.

Vidhi thinks she is getting late and thinks aarti must have started. Aarti’s parents tell Pandit ji that Vidhi went to get the bhog. Pandit ji says Vidhi went and says it seems we have to use only water. Vidhi’s mother tells that they shall use jaggery and chana for Maiyya. Vidhi comes inside the sweet shop and tells that she wants bhog.

The sales guy tells her about the variety of the bhogs, and asks her to say when she decides. Another sales guy comes there and asks if she took the bhog. She says no, the sales guy didn’t know.

The sales guy tells that she is Hari Prasad’s daughter, and tells that they take prasad from here. He says Kalu Chacha left this box for her and asks the sales guy to be careful, if Devimaa gets angry then he will be a bachelor all life. Vidhi gives him money and goes out. She reaches home.

Chachi scolds her for taking so much time to bring prasad. She keeps the prasad in the temple and lies to Pandit ji that she has brought the prasad. Her mother asks Vidhi where was she? Vidhi says there is a big wedding in the city and that’s why all sweets are gone. She asks if there is any prince house in our Indore.

A guy gets down from his car and walks inside his home. He knocks on the door and asks Chitra to open the door. Ria comes there and says step-sister gets hurt and her brother comes running. Dev asks Chitra to open the door. Chitra says Bhai, leave me alone. He says I can’t leave you alone until I am here.

He asks what is the problem? Chitra opens the door. Dev asks her to tell. She tells that she can’t do this marriage. He asks why? If Vikram said something. Chitra tells that Vikram told her that his Amy Mausi will look hot at the wedding and says he told her so much that she got jealous. He asks why she is comparing herself with a Mausi.

He asks if she is beautiful like you and tells that she will have a sparkling glow on her face due to her happiness. Chitra asks if you will solve my problems even after my marriage. He says yes, my sister will be my princess always. Ria comes there and says she will be always Princess and I am a step Servant.

He says Ria, I care for you as I care for Chitra. Ria says of course not, and tells that she doesn’t have else would have given him a medal. He asks why do you think so. She says I feel this in every matter.

She says Manas is getting married, and your concentration is here. She says do you even know that beautician hasn’t come for my relatives. He says I have checked the list and approved it. She says there was some problem with them, and tells that her relatives are sitting idle. Dev says I will call a beautician.

Ria says I don’t believe this, the one and only Dev Raichand ji will call beautician, and valuing younger brother’s wife and her relatives. She says she will not complain till 1 hour.

Chachi asks Vidhi’s father to make her understand that she has relation with Golden. She says people make fun of her. Dev calls Chachi’s number and says he is Dev Raichand. Chachi says the signal is not coming and goes out. She asks Vidhi to talk in English. Vidhi says I. Chachi asks her to talk.

Vidhi says hello. Dev says he is Dev and says you must have heard about the big wedding. He tells her something. Vidhi says ok sure. She tells Chachi that Dev called her and asked her to come wearing her uniform to his house. He has sent the uniform. Chachi says my assistant Madhu is not there and asks Vidhi to come.

Vidhi says I will come and asks if you will give me half money. Chachi scolds her and shouts. Everyone comes there. Vidhi’s mother asks what happened? Chachi says she got a beauty parlour order and she asked for help, but she is asking for money. Vidhi’s father says he will not allow her to go.

Chachi emotionally blackmails him to send Vidhi. Vidhi’s mother says she didn’t eat anything, let her eat tea and toast. Chachi says she will go to parlor and will take the costly bowls. She asks Vidhi to come wearing a uniform. Vidhi says ok. She eats toast and tea. Her mother asks her to go in an auto and gives her money.

She asks her to wear the earrings and gives her earrings. Chachi reaches Dev’s house and calls Vidhi. Vidhi says she has forgotten the way, and might be near. Chachi asks her to take the beauty parlor’s name to get inside. Vidhi asks the auto driver to take the right. She reaches Dev’s house and forgets the uniform in the auto.

The guard asks her about the card. She says she came to work here. He asks for the uniform. She says she has forgotten it in the auto. She sees Kaluchacha and calls him. The guard asks her to go. Kaluchacha asks her to tell him if she has any problem. Chachi tells the ladies that she is from the beauty parlour.

They make her fun and call her dumb. Chachi says she was bomb in her younger days. Vidhi comes there. Chachi asks about her uniform. Vidhi says she has forgotten and tells her that she will do work hidingly. Chachi asks her to get water in the pot, for the pedicure. Servant informs Dev that Mausi is calling him. He goes. Vidhi tells someone that she wants hot water. Someone helps her and she goes.

Dev meets Amy Mausi and gets surprised. She says life has given her many surprises, that she changed the way to live life, and I surprise by life now. Dev says ok. Vidhi is looking for hot water still. Amy asks how much you love your sister as she is coming to my house after marriage. He says he can do anything.

She asks him to come on his knees and asks don’t you love your sister. She then asks him to remove his sherwani and asks why are you taking a risk. He takes off his sherwani. She asks him to give his hand in her hand for old-time sake, for some pain, and for some happiness. He gives his hand in her hand. Amy laughs.

Vidhi hears her laughing and goes inside the room. Dev gets up. Vidhi says I am sorry, I want hot water. Dev says I will help you. Vidhi says sorry, someone sent me here. Just then the bowl falls down due to Dev and breaks. Vidhi cries and says it was worth 9500 Rs and says Chachi will take my life. She asks what did you do Uncle ji? Dev looks on.

Precap: Dev gives her a ring to cover up the loss. Amy asks if the girl will tell everyone what she saw. A lady asks Dev about his ring. Dev says I gave it to someone. Vidhi shows the ring to her sister and mother. They tell that it is not worth making a spoon. Vidhi’s father looks at the ring and asks them to close the doors and windows. Vidhi’s mother asks what happened.


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