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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 24th November 2022  Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that engagement mahurat will end and asks them to call bride and groom for the engagement. Chitra calls Satyavati and asks if ring is found.

Abhimanyu and Vikram go to call Dev and Amba. Satyavati searches for the ring and finds letter in Dev’s cupboard. Pandit ji asks if ring is found? Amba asks them not to worry, and says I have the ring, it is with me. Abhimanyu says thank god, ring is found. He says he will call Maa. He calls Satyavati and informs her that ring is found. Satyavati reads Dev’s letter for Vidhi and gets emotional. Pandit ji asks them to sit for marriage. Satyavati gets teary eyes and drops the letter on the floor. Pandit ji asks Groom’s 5 sister to come infront of them.

Chitra says she is his sister, but Mehta’s bahu also. Pandit ji says not you. Priya asks Anaya and Kanika to do the rasam. Urmila and Golden offer to do the rasam too. Pandit ji says one more sister is needed. Amba asks Hariprasad if Vidhi can do this rasam. bimla says why not. Vidhi comes forward. Dev gets upset. Pandit ji asks them to make bride wear chunari.

The five sisters make Amba wear chunari. Pandit ji asks them to give rice and coconut to Amba, as the sister. All the five sisters give rice and coconut to Amba one by one. Vidhi is also forced to do the rasam by Pandit ji. He asks her to do the rasam. Sangeeta gets tensed. Amba says it is good chance for you, you will become Dev’s sister after this rasam. Golden feels pity on Vidhi and tells that she is becoming sister of the person whom she loves.

Vidhi takes the plate and is about to give it to Amba, when Dev’s Pandit asks Amba’s Pandit what is this rasam, it is not in the Shashtras, and mahurat is ending else abshagun will happen. Vidhi gets saved from doing the rasam. Raichand’s pandit asks them to exchange rings. Amba looks at Dev and smils. Dev is about to make Amba wear the ring. Vidhi closes her eyes. Dev is about to make Amba wear the ring, when Satyavati comes and asks Dev to stop. She says this engagement can’t happen. Everyone gets up. Chitra asks what happened? Amba asks what you are saying Maa. Satyavati asks Dev, not to get engaged to Amba.

Chitra asks why you are saying this? Satyavati asks her to be quiet and says I can’t see Dev’s life ruining because of you, this engagement can’t happen as I will never accept Amba as bahu of my house. She asks Dev to tell the truth to her and also to himself. Amba asks why you are saying this, I know Chitra wants this, but your son’s house is getting set up, if you don’t want him to marry, what kind of mother you are.

Dev says nobody can talk to my mother like that. Satyavati asks whom you will choose, Amba or me. She says until I am alive, Amba can’t be my bahu. Chitra asks what has happened? Amba pleads with her not to do this, and tells that she loves Dev a lot. She asks Dev to make his mother understand.

Dev is silent. Amba says atlast you expressed step mother is always step mother, and will never want betterment of her step son. Dev shouts Amba. Satyavati asks Dev to decide if he wants Amba or Maa. Dev looks at the ring and throws it downstairs. It falls near Amba. Chitra asks what are you doing, this is not right. Satyavati says this is right. She goes from there. Priya asks Dev to think about family reputation. Abhimanyu asks what is the reason? Dev says Amba knows the reason.

He looks at Vidhi. Amba also looks at Vidhi. Dev goes from there. Everyone leaves. Vidhi looks at Milapni Devi and thinks how can this engagement break, I didn’t want it. Amba sits down shattered. Vikram tells Chitra, that he will not forget and will not forgive. Abhimanyu apologizes. Priya assures that they will sort out the issue. Chitra asks him to calm down. Amba stops Vidhi and blames her.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Amba tells Vidhi that the reason is her cheap love story, and tells that the price will not be cheap, I will turn your life upside down and not just you, even Dev has to pay the price.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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