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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 21st November 2022 Episode starts with Dev asking Vidhi to tell her parents that they can’t come to his office often. Vidhi says ok. She goes out. Bimla asks her not to worry and says they had come to congratulate him.

Hariprasad tells Bimla that he never saw Dev so arrogant. Bimla says it is workplace, we shouldn’t have come here without informing. Hariprasad says his behavior was not right. Vidhi goes to Dev and tells that this is not his way, and tells that he has no right to change her perception about him. She says you know well that I can’t bear my parents’ insult, I know this is not you so please dont try to become a person who is not you. She goes. Dev is apologetic.

Amba comes to Hariprasad’s shop. Hariprasad sends a guy to bring snacks. Priya says we shall go to a big shop. Amba says its ok. Hariprasad shows the solitaire ring and says they customized the rings also. Amba says they don’t have much time, so will buy from this. Hariprasad offers cold drink and sasmosa. Priya says I am not having it. The owner of the shop scolds Hariprasad for wasting the samosa and cold drink money, and tells that he will cut the money from his salary. Hariprasad drops the glass while keeping it. The owner scolds him. Hariprasad cleans the floor. Amba says she will buy two rings. Owner says it is 2.5 lakhs.

Amba asks for the shop price and offers 5 crores Rs. The owner gets happy. Amba says she is ready to pay him 10 crores, but the owner of the shop will be Hariprasad ji. Hariprasad and the owner look shocked. Amba gives keys to Hariprasad and says this shop is yours and you are the owner now. She stops the owner and tells that she gave him 10 crores so he will work for Hariprasad ji now.

She asks him to clean the floor and heart so that he never degrade the lower grade workers. she says if you don’t agree then return the cheque. The owner keeps the cheque in his pocket and cleans the floor. Amba says perfect. She tells Hariprasad that he will get the shop papers and she will send the cash for the rings. She asks him to tell bimla that rings are brought.

Vidhi hears Amba and Priya, and thinks her intention is not good. Owner tells Hariprasad that he wanted to sell the job, and today he sold it. Vidhi comes there. The owner goes to get cold drink for her and says you are new owner’s daughter.

Hariprasad tells Vidhi that he don’t understand what is happening, Amba gave keys to him of the shop. Vidhi says we can’t take this shop. Hariprasad says if we get something without hardwork then we have to pay a heavy price for it later. He says he will return the keys after her engagement. He asks her to go and says he will lock the shop and come.

Urmila talks to the decorator. Bimla asks Urmila to talk to Raichands about the arrangements. The decorator says Raichand. Urmila asks him to come tomorrow. He leaves. Bimla tells Urmila what is her problem, if she earns some money. Dev is in his room and thinks he wanted to hurt her and fall in her sight, but he himself is hurt and fell in his own sight. He thinks how to tell you about my feelings for you.

Bimla serves kachoris to everyone. Urmila’s husband says it is good. Hariprasad asks him to take one more. Urmila’s husband comes. They hear dhol sound and come out. Amba is standing. Vidhi thinks what does she wants.

Dev sits to write letter to Dev and throws the papers. He then writes the letter to her and thinks he is in dilemma and don’t know what to do. He goes. Satyavati comes there and picks the fallen paper. She then looks at the letter.

Amba tells that she has come to meet Vidhi, and says Vidhi thought them as Mrs and Mr. Raichand, and once she called me Mrs. Raichand. She says now it is fulfilling so I came to make you eat ghee sugar with my hand. She asks Vidhi to eat it. Hariprasad nods his head. Amba asks band guys to play the band. She makes Vidhi have ghee -sugar and thanks Vidhi. She says you all are my maayka family. Vidhi thinks she wants to hurt her, try it.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev asks Vidhi to write on the notepad that he is sorry for letting her know, and for that he is sorry. Vidhi asks this letter is for whom?

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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