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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 12th August 2022 Dev looks at Vidhi in the Balghar and thinks Ms. Vidhi, there is something special in you surely. Vidhi tells the caretaker that she will leave now. Dev thanks Vidhi in his heart. Vidhi says she has forgotten her bag in the office. The caretaker asks her to come.

Dev tells Rocky, the dog that he will meet later. Satyavati tells Abhimanyu that whatever Dev did this is for your happiness. She says you should have thought about this before misbehaving with Dev. Abhimanyu says he knows, don’t know how he got so much anger. He apologizes to her. They watch the news.

Priya says you should have passed this offer to me, rather than rejecting it. She says someone shall be happy in this house. Satyavati says for the first time, Raichand family relations are talked about, you didn’t know that you have done a big mistake. Priya calls him loser and goes. The reporter says Raichand must be coming. Dev comes out and sees the media, goes inside.

Satyavati sees him on TV and thinks what Dev is doing in Balghar. He goes back and collides with Vidhi. He says reporters want to take my interview and says he wants to go from here. Vidhi says she knows the other way and asks him to come. Rocky comes near Dev and Vidhi as they try to go out of back door. Dev asks Rocky to sit.

Vidhi gets afraid and holds his hand. She asks if he knows Rocky’s language as it sits. Dev says we will meet soon and goes. They come out of the back gate and walks on the road. Dev says I can’t believe that I am walking on the street. Vidhi says people will identify you with the suit. Dev removes his suit. The reporters think if he is dev. Dev and Vidhi sit in the auto. Dev asks driver to come.

The reporters try to look at him, while the auto is riding. Vidhi asks Dev to come to the other side. She falls on him. The driver asks if he is eloping with the girl. Dev asks him to ride quietly. Vidhi asks the reporters on the bike to go, and asks if she shall call the Police for teasing a girl. The reporter says Dev must not be with this girl, he must be her boyfriend and they shall go back to balghar.

They leave. Dev asks auto driver to stop the song. He then asks Vidhi what she was doing in Balghar, she shall be in office. She says I have to go, but I was thinking what to wear. She says yesterday you scolded me for wearing saree and Kanika asked her to wear formals, and she doesn’t wear western clothes. She says she was wondering what to do.

He asks what you was doing in Balghar? Vidhi says whenever she is happy or sad, she goes to balghar. He looks at her surprisingly. He asks Driver about the road Raja Prem road. Driver says yes. Vidhi says your Mummy’s factory is here.

Dev asks him to stop the auto and says he will go by walk. He gets down and thanks Vidhi. Vidhi asks why thanks, for saving you from reporters. Dev says leave it. Vidhi asks for the rickshaw money, and says half money. He says I have forgotten my wallet in Balghar and asks her to pay fully, tomorrow he will give.

Vidhi says ok. He asks her to come to office in her normal clothes, and says Kanika will not say anything, I will talk to her. Vidhi thanks him. She sits in the auto and checks the money she has. She pays him the money and takes back the change. She starts walking. She thinks Sir is strange, he should say sorry, but thanked me for what? She thinks she helped me, but what was he doing in balghar.

The reporters ask the driver about Dev. The driver says you are asking a wrong person and says I don’t know. He says I had gone to take something, as the car is not working. Amba watches the news and thinks something is not right.

Urmila tells her husband that Bimla is getting jagrata done. He says let them do it, if they put hand in your pocket. He asks what? She sees Bimla buying bottle gourd and asks her to buy paneer, now daughter is working. Bimla says she will soon make paneer and that day she shall not have food, and have a feast in her house.

Urmila asks for 5000 Rs loan. Bimla says if you want money from Vidhi’s salary, then forget it, we will not use it. Urmila’s husband asks how they will get jagrata done with bhai saheb’s salary.

Bimla says then why is he asking money after knowing everything. Seema tells Urmila that Vidhi worked for her so many times, but you didn’t give her a toffee. Urmila scolds her asking her not to interfere in their family matter. She says you are our sister in law’s daughter and asks her not to speak. Seema gets sad. Bimla goes behind her. Vidhi hears them.

Abhimanyu comes to Dev’s room and says sorry Bhai. Dev is sleeping and gets up. Seema tells Vidhi that it was her mistake, and she shouldn’t have spoken. Abhimanyu says sometimes I feel, if you was not in our lives then what would have happen. He says if Papa had not remarried, then you would have married and settled in your life and happy.

He says but you got busy in taking up our responsibility. He says we always used you and misbehaved with you, but you always gave us everything which even a real brother couldn’t give. He says very wrong thing have happened with you. Dev says nothing wrong happened.

Vidhi hugs Seema and says why good things don’t happen with us. Seema says no, I got a loving sister and so much love. She says I heard a uncle saying that when God takes a big thing from us, then gives us more bigger things to us, which we shall understand. Dev says I got siblings love, which I got from you, even siblings love is important. He says you are not responsibility for me, but the reason for my happiness.

He says relation becomes stronger with small fights, and says he believes in saying that where there is love, there happens fight. Seema asks what happened in office. Vidhi says she had saved Dev sir today. She tells her about scolding the reporters. Seema asks did you do this, and says it seems like you have double role.

Vidhi says even I couldn’t believe, how did I do this? Dev says someone saved me, not only from reporters but also from negative thoughts. He says now I am very clear and my perception changed. He says someone might be very younger than you, but teaches a big thing. He thinks of Vidhi’s story.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Satyavati asks Dev if he was in Balghar. Dev refuses and says I was not there. Satyavati asks if you are hiding something. He says I want to talk to you about Abhimanyu. He tells her that Abhimanyu’s marriage is on the verge of break up.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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