Muskaan 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Written Update

Muskaan 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Muskaan Written Update on

Muskaan 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With Muskaan thinking what to do. Sudha gets the lehangas. She says Babu ji knew that lehangas got burnt, he has sent this for you, he made 5-6 more lehangas. Muskaan thinks Sir ji is always ahead. She sees the clock. She thinks I have to find some way. Khushi sees some kids and thinks who are they. The kids say we came here with our dad, Manohar, will you play with us. Khushi says yes. They play. Roshni says no, I forgot to invite my friends in the program. Muskaan asks did you tell your friend Bengal tiger about the dance. She thinks maybe he can help me. Roshni says I don’t have his number, I know his house, you also came with me right. Muskaan says I was in the taxi, I didn’t see the house.

Roshni says we will go and invite him. Muskaan says if we go from the door, anyone can see us and stop us, we will go from the window. They leave and get a taxi. Rani’s mum tries to open the lock. Rani asks her to hurry up. Hanumant comes there. Dolly stops him. He says if anyone sees us… She says its good, I want anyone to see us, so that you talk to Ronak and mum about our alliance. He asks what. She says you are a coward.

He says no. She says I have no option than meeting you this way. He says you are just like Ronak, go, anyone can come. Rani asks what’s inside the lock. Rani’s mum says such locks are fixed to such place where there is something precious or a big secret. Hanumant asks what are you doing. Rani’s mum says we thought to clean the door. Hanumant says I will get it cleaned. They ask don’t you know what’s inside. He says no, you also don’t try to know. Sudha looks for Roshni. She calls Babu ji and says Roshni and Muskaan are missing from the house. Sir ji gets angry and throws things. Manohar says Rahul and Renu are my children, they wanted to go to circus, can I go early today. Ronak says yes, go and enjoy.

Roshni and Muskaan come there. Ronak says we will play now. Rani’s mum says Khushi, tell your dad to get a brother for you so that you can play with him. Khushi says yes. Ronak asks why. Muskaan goes to the house. Khushi says I will promise I won’t force you to play if you get a brother for me. Ronak says I will play with you. Roshni picks the notes. Ronak says I can’t promise, give me a kiss. Khushi says no kiss and hug. Muskaan comes there and doesn’t see Ronak. Laut ke aao na….plays…. Muskaan thinks just he can help us now, I have to ask him help, I have no other help. The goons come there. They stop Roshni and say Babu ji is calling. Roshni calls out Muskaan. Muskaan goes to her. The vase falls. Ronak goes to see.

Muskaan asks what happened Roshni, stop. Roshni asks her to sit in the car sent by Babu ji. Muskaan goes with her. Ronak looks there and asks the guard where was he, who had come here. The guard says I went to drink water, don’t know. Nisha asks who was he. Ronak says don’t know, someone went without meeting me, the pot also broke. Rani’s mum says it maybe Muskaan, she is in same city, she teaches in Khushi’s school, she will bump into Ronak soon, you do your magic on Ronak, then even if Muskaan comes, he won’t see her. Muskaan and Roshni come to Sir ji. Sir ji says you are my heart and soul, you won’t go anywhere, world is so bad. Roshni says what can happen to me when you are there, I know you will break the person’s hand who touches me. He asks her to go and dance. She says I will dance well. She goes. Muskan cries. He laughs.

Muskaan 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Muskaan says I will dance instead my daughter. Muskaan dances on Saki saki…. Sir ji smiles.


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