Muskaan 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Written Update

Muskaan 29th July 2019 Written Episode Update, Muskaan Written Update on

Muskaan 29th July 2019 Episode Start With Jahaan attacking Muskaan again. He goes to stab her. Muskaan gets away and hits him on his head. She picks the gun and shoots Jahaan. Sir ji and the police come in while she stands shocked. Sir ji says she has killed Jahaan, he had called me and said Muskaan is the killer, he is going to catch her by taking groom’s disguise. Muskaan says no, he was trying to kill me.

Inspector says we got enough evidences against you, you have killed the brothel girls. She says no, I didn’t do anything. She gets handcuffed. Sir ji says you wanted to handcuff me, see you got handcuffed. Ronak and Hanumant come there. Ronak says Muskaan, what happened, why are you handcuffed. Sir ji says Muskaan killed Jahaan. Ronak says Jahaan is the killer. Muskaan says he was trying to kill me. Inspector says Muskaan is the killer, she killed Jahaan also. Ronak says nothing will happen to you. Ronak and Muskaan hold hands. They make Muskaan away.

Ronak says I have a right to meet Muskaan. Inspector says its a high profile case, you can’t meet her. Ronak says sorry, just let me meet her. Inspector asks him to leave. Muskaan says let me meet Ronak once. Constable says you are shifted to high security jail. Muskaan asks why. Gayatri cries at home. Bua says its good we got rid of Muskaan now, she is out of Ronak’s life now. Ronak comes home. Gayatri says get Muskaan home, she is innocent, I know this, you get her. Ronak says you are right, Muskaan didn’t do anything, Sir ji has cheated the police to get rid of Muskaan.

Sir ji says you are disturbed about Muskaan, why are you blaming me. Ronak says enough now, stop the drama, aren’t you tired, I knew that you have done all this. Gayatri asks what are you saying. Ronak says yes, Muskaan asked me not to trust him, but I trusted him, there is an old saying, a dog’s tail can never get straight, he can never change, whatever happened with Muskaan, Sir ji is responsible, he made Muskaan his bodyguard and then he bought people to torture her, he crossed all limits of shamelessness today. Sir ji asks did you go mad, I asked you to go and settle with Muskaan.

Ronak says you wanted Muskaan and me to get separated, you have gone mad, you can go to any extent, you can even kill her. Bua asks Ronak to mind his tongue, he should be thankful to Sir ji.

Lovely says Ronak has gone blind because of Muskaan. Bua says own blood is own but Ronak is… Sir ji says no one will say anything against Ronak here, I didn’t do anything. Ronak says you wanted to make Muskaan out of the way, fine now I will protect her like a rock, its my promise and challenge. He goes. Sir ji calls him out. Inspector asks Muskaan did she kill the girls. She says no, Jahaan killed them, he was the serial killer. Inspector scolds her. Ronak thinks of Muskaan. He cries and hugs her dupatta. He thinks of his promise and their moments. Ronak comes to the court. He sees Muskaan taken inside.


Muskaan 30th July 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : The lawyer says the evidences were against Muskaan, she is given a death sentence. Ronak shouts Muskaan. She says I have to tell you a truth. She is taken away. Ronak cries.


  1. why are the script writers so blinkered that the only storyline they can continue to drag out is that of Sirji’s evilness and his determination to destroy muskaan. He has the entire police in his pocket with no one asking questions. It is indeed a show but having visited India only 18 months ago, I saw first hand the extent of corruption whichever was I turned. So this is a plague affecting a nation which tries to convince the outside world of how progressive they are. Bullshit!!


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