Muskaan 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Written Update

Muskaan 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Muskaan Written Update on

Muskaan 27th November 2019 Episode Start With Muskaan and Roshni coming home and seeing the decorations and dinner served. Roshni asks who has done this. Sir ji says I did it and comes to them. He gets shocked seeing Muskaan. Muskaan is also shocked to see him. Sir ji says I wanted to surprise you, won’t you hug me. Roshni hugs him. Sir ji asks won’t you introduce your new friend. Roshni says she is railgaadi, she runs here and there, her name is Mira Bose. Sir ji says Mira is a pure name, see I got a smile on my face. Roshni says her real name is Muskaan.

She asks what was the need to change name, does she have any threat. Roshni says yes, police is after her. Sir ji says person’s deeds come out some day, Mira ji, did you come here before. Roshni says yes, she came here to meet someone. He says I hope your search will end now, I think like we have old scores to settle, I mean I have some relation with her. Roshni says yes, I like to help her, you know I got her a job.

Sir ji says you did it right. He asks what do you teach in school, dance? Roshni says no, she hates dancing, she got me from Sudha and said dancing isn’t good. Sir ji says our relation is such that we don’t hide anything, your parents dumped you on road, I have to help you. Roshni says she was saying bad about you. He asks how can you say bad when you didn’t meet me. Roshni says she asked me not to meet you and study, since you say bad things, don’t feel bad of her words. He says no, don’t you think that you did wrong, you are teaching hatred to a kid, I would never teach her to throw you out of house and tell inspector about you. Roshni says you can never do anyone’s bad. He coughs. Roshni runs to get water. She says pot is empty, I will go and get water. Sir ji says get my drink also. Roshni says sure, I will just come. She goes. Nisha keeps her clothes back in cupboard. She thinks I will get my rights back. Gayatri comes. Nisha says Ronak loves Muskaan a lot, right. Gayatri says yes, why are you upset.

Nisha says you just tell me about Ronak. Gayatri says yes, he loved Muskaan truly, they have seen many difficulties, but never left each other, they were incomplete without each other, Muskaan is no more, Ronak is yours and Khushi is your daughter, why are you asking. Nisha says maybe Ronak still loves Muskaan. Gayatri says yes, true love can’t be forgotten, but you need to move on in life, he felt ashamed to take Muskaan’s name in front of you and fed you food, it means he cares for you, you are making your place in his heart, your insecurity can’t get away until you make your place as his wife, not Khushi’s mom, don’t worry, I m with you, stay happy. Nisha thanks her and thinks I won’t lose until I make my place in Ronak’s life.

Sir ji says Muskaan, Mira, Roshni is mine, I have raised her, don’t try to fill poison in her heart against me, why do you love her, do you find her dear, I will decide what to do with her, its my dream, I will make her a big dancer. She gets shocked. He says you can’t do anything. He says you know why I filled hatred in her heart, so that she spits on her parents’ face when they meet. He scolds Muskaan.

She says don’t dare to touch me, I will never let you win, I won’t let you do this, I will take her away, so that your shadow doesn’t fall on her. He says she is my shadow, try to take her, you won’t get her, she is mine, if you take her, I will find you out, you won’t be alive then, if you love her, then did you try to know about her parents, no? I will tell you, her dad is very famous and her mum was lovely, sorted, clever, she tried to trap him and married him, she got inside the family and broken the family, then she gave birth to Roshni and left, ghungroos didn’t leave her, this is fate, am I right, Roshni’s mum.

Muskaan gets shocked. Sir ji says Ronak, my son, your husband, you are Ronak’s wife, Roshni is your daughter, I m raising her. Muskaan thinks of doctor’s words. Sir ji says I will explain, you were having twins in your womb. He tells her everything. He says before anyone could know that your second daughter is alive, I told her, you wanted to kill me, I m immortal, does anyone have courage, now I will not leave you, Roshni will pay the price, you will be more hurt, I got second birth to fulfill revenge. Muskaan cries.

Roshni comes. Muskaan recalls her words. He plays music and says I want to see how much dance you have learnt. Roshni says yes, but Muskaan doesn’t like my dance. He says I m requesting you, will you listen to me or her.


Muskaan 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sir ji says she is acting like she is your real mum. Roshni says I hate my parents, don’t try to become my mum, I will throw them on the roads like they have thrown me. Muskaan cries.


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