Muskaan 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Written Update

Muskaan 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update, Muskaan Written Update on

Muskaan 21st August 2019 Episode Start With inspector saying Sir ji has come to Gayatri Nivaas, make sure that he doesn’t leave the city. Hanumant is taken for aid. Ronak steps on Muskaan’s ring. He picks it and says its Muskaan’s ring. He says nothing can happen to you Muskaan. Tara says I have fit your family at the right place. Sir ji says you are the owner of this brothel now, its your work to get flowers for this garden. She goes. The man gets money in some box. He says its 5 crores, Maalik wants to hear on phone that girl is coming by her wish, make a call and make the girl sit in the car. He goes.

Sir ji goes to open the door. He stops Muskaan. He says I will make a call, just say, I m coming to you by my wish. She says no way, you are doing too wrong, Ronak will kill you. Sir ji says I m immortal, I will show you dangerous death, come with me. Ronak is on the way. She says I won’t go anywhere. He says I will not kill you, but give you a life bad than death. She says I will not leave Ronak. He takes her. She gets shocked seeing Gayatri and others with rope noose in neck. Sir ji says I will kill all of them, whom do you love the most, Gayatri… you love her right, you have to do what I say. Gayatri says no, don’t listen to this devil, kill me and let Muskaan leave.

Sir ji says Muskaan has to go from here. Muskaan stops Sir ji. He says tell yes. She says make the call. He says great. He calls Maalik. She says I m coming by my wish. He smiles. Gayatri says no, don’t do this. Muskaan says tell Ronak ji that I m just of him, I will always be of him. Gayatri says don’t go. Muskaan says leave them now. Sir ji uses chloroform and faints her. He takes her to the car. He says congrats for the well, you had troubled me a lot, bye. The car leaves. Ronak comes on the bike. He passes by the car. He doesn’t see Muskaan. Sir ji says you all supported Muskaan, not me, you all have to die. Bua says leave me, I helped you. Lovely says we are your children.

Dolly asks how can you kill us, leave us. Bunty says we always supported you. Sir ji says this happened in Mahabharat, Adharmi has to go, I will go, you all are Adharmi, I will kill everyone. Ronak comes there and shouts Muskaan. He gets shocked seeing everyone. Gayatri says Sir ji took Muskaan, he made Muskaan tell some man that she is going to him by her willingness. Ronak shouts where is Muskaan. Sir ji says I had sent her to hell, she can never return to you, its impossible that you reach there. He pushes the stool. Gayatri hangs. Ronak and everyone get shocked. Sir ji says save everyone. Ronak holds Gayatri. Sir ji beats him with the rod. Ronak kicks him away. He removes the rope noose from Gayatri’s neck. Sir ji says I have made Ronak and Muskaan away, I have won today.

Ronak takes the rod and throws it. Sir ji runs out. He sees the bombs fitted. He starts the bomb timer. Ronak gets everyone down from the stools. He asks where is Muskaan.

The bombs start blasting. Gayatri says Muskaan went outside. Ronak asks Bunty to take them out. Ronak and Sir ji fight. Gayatri asks Ronak to come with them. Ronak says no, this Raavan has to die today. They all go out. Sir ji says you have to save me safe if you want Muskaan. Ronak beats him more and asks where is Muskaan. Sir ji says you can’t kill me. Ronak beats him. Sir ji laughs.

He says you won’t make me say anything now. He sees the bomb sparks. He says save me… think about it. Ronak holds Sir ji’s hand and says that Raavan also died, and this Raavan will also die today, evil will lose. The brothel blasts. Gayatri and everyone get shocked. She shouts Ronak and cries. Lovely and Dolly stop her. Ronak comes out of the fire. Ronak shouts Muskaan…. and cries.


Muskaan 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Muskaan wakes up in the car. She gets shocked seeing so many men surrounding the car. She says where did I come.


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