Muskaan 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Written Update

Muskaan 16th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Muskaan Written Update on

Muskaan 16th November 2019 Episode Start With Muskaan describing Ronak. Roshni asks Pintu to make the pic well. Pintu asks her not to worry. Roshni asks Muskaan to go to the school, that too by taxi. Muskaan says its nearby, I will go by walk. Roshni says you go by taxi every day, you can pay the driver at the month end when you get salary, I m also coming, its your first day, you will like it. Muskaan says fine, come. Roshni sees Sir ji’s car. She goes to him. He keeps foot down. She touches foot and takes blessings. He gives her some parcel. He asks her to be careful and give it to the man. He asks why do you look different. She says everyone calls me dirty, so I got ready. He smiles.

Roshni says I decked up myself, that refugee aunty got a job in school, I helped her. Sir ji says good, you can make me meet her some day. Roshni says meet her right now, she is sitting there in taxi. He says I m busy, I will meet later. Roshni smiles. He goes. He doesn’t see Muskaan. Roshni asks driver to drive. She says Babu ji was asking about you, I will make you meet him later, he gave me cool drink bottle, he asked me to give it to Bhola mandal. Muskaan says show it. The car gets a jerk. Roshni asks her to hold the handle, instead her.

Principal asks why do you want to change Khushi’s school. Ronak says whatever happened with her here, just give me the transfer certificate. She says I m sorry, this won’t happen again. He says enough, if you can guarantee her safety, then talk. Muskaan comes to the classroom. She asks Roshni to go, she can’t come inside. Roshni says I want to see how you teach. Muskaan says its not allowed, I will come home and tell you how I teach, go home. The kids greets Muskaan. Roshni stands out and looks on. Muskaan talks to the kids. The kids introduce themselves.

Khushi says I love painting. Ronak says please, I request you, I don’t believe you and this school, she won’t come in this school again. Principal says you can come with me and see school environment, please come with me. Muskaan makes a drawing on board. A girl asks for pencil. Khushi says I don’t have. The girl pulls her hair. Khushi says she diod it. Muskaan stops the fight. She says I will tie up your hair. Khushi says just my mum will tie my hair. Guard asks Roshni how did she come in. Muskaan asks what happened. Guard says this girl is beggar’s daughter, my job gets in risk. He takes Roshni. Muskaan asks him to stop. She goes. Principal asks Ronak to check it himself. She gets a call. She says sorry, I have to go in imp decision, I hope you change your decision. He goes. Ronak goes to class. He sees the kids laughing on Khushi. He gets angry.

He asks who did this, who loosened your hair. The kid says teacher did this. Ronak says I was right, the school is bad. He says I will just come, stay here. He goes. Guard insults Roshni and throws her out. Muskaan scolds him for having no manners. He says she is stealing something. Roshni says I won’t show it. Muskaan says I know her well, she isn’t a thief. She asks Roshni not to say anything. Guard says I will give you to police. Roshni argues with guard.

Guard says look at her, she is a little girl, she is threatening me, I think she is from thief’s family, even her dad would be a thief. Muskaan says shut up, she is my daughter, don’t dare say a word against her. Roshni says don’t make relations with me, I m not your daughter. Guard says show me, what do you have. Roshni bites her hand and runs. Guard screams. He says I won’t leave you. Ronak asks where is the teacher. Khushi asks did you come to fight with teacher, you made pinky swear. He says I remember, I won’t fight, I will take you to big school, I will get your bag. Muskaan comes back. She thinks Roshni’s heart has much pain, she hates the word daughter. Ronak says lets go. Khushi says I don’t want to go, I have my friends, I like this school. She cries. Ronak says fine, stop crying, smile now. He ties her hair. He says come, I will drop you to classroom. She says I will go myself. He says fine. He goes. Muskaan comes there. Laut ke aao na….plays….

Roshni pastes the sketch posters on the walls. She says Pintu, I m angry on that guard. Pintu says you should have beaten him up. She says I had to save my bag. She sees the sketch and recalls Ronak. Pintu says we shall go and teach a lesson to the guard. They go.


Muskaan 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Roshni says you called me daughter, I shouted on you, sorry, when anyone calls me daughter, I get angry, I hate my parents who gave me birth and threw me on the road. Muskaan cries.


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