Muskaan 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Muskaan Written Update

Muskaan 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Muskaan Written Update on

Muskaan 11th October 2018 Episode Start With Muskaan asking Aarti to sing a lullaby for her. Aarti agrees and asks her not to cry. Muskaan rests in her lap and cries. Aarti sings the lullaby. Muskaan sings along. Aarti asks do you know this lullaby also. Muskaan says yes, I m your daughter. Aarti makes her away and calls her a liar. Hanumanth asks the man to help them with address. The man says its against rules. Hanumanth asks didn’t you fall in love, its the girl’s birthday, we are already late. Ronak says we want the address. He blackmails the man. The man gets the students records. Ronak sees Muskaan’s details and clicks a pic. He says I m coming home to buy this gift today. Aarti asks from where did you steal this lullaby. She pushes Muskaan and asks her to run away. She shouts to Tabassum.

Tabassum comes. Aarti asks her to make Muskaan away. Tabassum says she is new here, if she sees her mum here, what’s wrong, she is also innocent like Muskaan, she doesn’t have her name, her name is also Muskaan, if you are a mum, then accept this girl. Aarti agrees. Tabassum asks will you do my work. Aarti says yes, I m ready to do anything. Tabassum asks Aarti to make her ready in evening. Aarti asks for Muskaan, when will she come. Tabassum says she will come, make Muskaan ready first. Suzaine gets locked and shouts for opening the door. Ronak and Hanumanth are on the way. Ronak buys balloons too. He reaches the place and asks for the address. The man says this address is wrong. Ronak shows Muskaan’s pic and asks did you see her. The men say this is not from this area, she isn’t here.

Hanumanth says we will give bangles to Dolly and these balloons to the kids, they will be happy, we should leave. Ronak says I will find Muskaan’s house now, I m mad for her, we will start finding her, none can stop me. Aarti makes Muskaan ready. She apologizes and asks her not to cry. She asks Muskaan not to take her Muskaan’s place. Muskaan thinks what happened to mumma. Sapna asks Suzaine how is she now. She comes to taunt Suzaine. She gives news of Muskaan’s auction. Suzaine says Lord will be with Muskaan, you just see. Tabassum asks her goons to stop Ronak from coming, he shouldn’t come in. Suzaine prays for Muskaan and cries.

Ronak and Hanumanth come to the brothel area and ask men about Muskaan. Hanumanth feels hungry. The goons see Ronak and whistle. They surround Ronak. Muskaan thinks mum is making me ready to dance. She gets heartbroken. She says now none can help me, none can take me out of here now. Aarti says people are regarded as things here, things have no respect, but just value, you live like human with respect, you are so lovely, you become a lotus. Muskaan says like you. Aarti says no need to think about me. Tabassum gets ghungroos for Muskaan. Aarti makes Muskaan wear ghungroos. Muskaan cries.


Muskaan 12th October 2018 Written Episode Update Precap: Ronak asks someone for Muskaan. The man shows Muskaan’s pic on the brothel. Ronak gets shocked.


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