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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 3rd August 2022 Episode starts with Armaan and Harsh mortgaging the house and cars. The man says I can just give 12 crores to you, its because of the short period. Sushma says Soumya said she will also arrange 3 crores.

Armaan asks how will we manage. Goldie comes with Soumya. He says I m there at your side, don’t worry, kids will be back. Soumya says we have to know who kidnapped them. Armaan says priority is to save the kids, we will investigate later.

She says I want to know who kidnapped my kids, if we give the money, what’s the guarantee that the kidnapper won’t harm the kids. Goldie and Harsh agree. Shilpi says we shouldn’t take any risk.

They check the cctv footage. They see a man coming home and going to the kids’ room. He faints the kids and takes them. Goldie says kidnapper will be caught and punished, the kidnapper had the house access, he entered the house and went to the kids’ room, it looks planned. Soumya says just an insider can do this.

Armaan says we trust our servants. Goldie says 25 crores is a big amount, anyone can do this, he had the house key. Armaan says just family members and Prisha have the keys, its Prisha, she is angry with me, because I ousted her, she wants revenge.

She says no, she came to say sorry. He says she would be doing a drama, she can go crazy in her ego. She says you kept my kids with her. Sushma says don’t blame each other, think what to do. Armaan says we will save the kids, then I won’t leave Prisha, I will kill her. Goldie asks does anyone know about Prisha.

Shilpi says she is in our building. Armaan gets the kidnapper’s call. Soumya says I will voice record the call. Kidnapper asks Armaan about the money. Armaan says I will arrange the money. Soumya asks did my kids have any food. Kidnapper says don’t worry, I ordered their fav pizza, do your work well. He makes them talk to the kids.

The kids ask her to save them. The kidnapper ends the call. Soumya says kidnapper said he has fed the kids their fav pizza, how does he know this, just family knows such info, its Prisha. Goldie says we will just save the kids and then tackle Prisha. Armaan nods.

Kidnapper asks kids will they eat the pizza. They say no, we want our dad, we want to go home. Soumya and Goldie come to meet Prisha. Soumya sees the door locked and says it means Prisha did this. She calls Shilpi and asks her to keep an eye on Prisha’s house. She goes to Oberoi house with the money.

Armaan arranges 20 crores. Goldie says this is the remaining 5 crores. Armaan thanks Soumya and Goldie. Sushma says kidnapper should tell us where to give this money. Harsh says he said he will call at 6pm. Soumya cries. Armaan says I know I have been a bad husband, but not a bad father, I didn’t let my kids cry ever, I m really sorry.

She says I know we worry for the kids, we should support each other, when relations break and rejoin, there is always a knot in it. He says sorry about this. She says we can’t fall weak, we have to find the kids, don’t keep any expectations, I just want my kids. Goldie says you have hurt Soumya a lot, her wounds won’t heal.

Armaan says I know, I wish my kids come back safely. Soumya goes to Armaan’s room. She says you ruined everything because of your selfishness. She hears the audio recording. She says its windchimes sound, I heard this somewhere, but where…. The kidnapper gets the pizza and asks the kids to have it. The kids refuse.

Kidnapper keeps the pizza there. The kids wait for Armaan. Armaan comes to Soumya and asks what are you hearing. She gets a call from Shilpi. She goes to Prisha’s house. She scolds Prisha and asks about her kids. Prisha says calm down, why would the kids be here. Soumya says you kidnapped them.

Prisha asks what. Soumya says you have the house keys, you are angry on Armaan and me, you want revenge on us, tell me. Prisha says I m not the kidnapper, I told you I will complete my course, I don’t want any revenge, who kidnapped the kids, tell me, what happened exactly. Goldie asks how shall we believe you.

Prisha shows the job letter. She says I m going from here, why would I do this, tell me. He says you are doing this for money, right. Prisha says I realized that money and happiness don’t stay for long when earned by wrong means, trust me. He asks who kidnapped the kids if you didn’t.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya says I m sure it’s the same windchime. Prisha says that windchime is in the storeroom, go there and check. Soumya and Goldie enter the storeroom to check.

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Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
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