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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 29th April 2022 Episode starts with Soumya asking Kashish about a lung disease. Kashish says not necessary that everyone knows everything. Soumya says I agree, that’s why we shouldn’t make fun of anyone. Kashish says oh, I see, you asked this to make fun of me, right, I was explaining my mom.

Soumya says there is a difference between explaining and making fun. Armaan says time out, lets have breakfast. She asks him to come back on time. He says sure, anything for my babies. Prisha asks him to check the PG on the way. He says alright, have a good day. He leaves.

Sushma sees the darkness and asks why is it so dark in day. Soumya and Tara make a presentation of Sushma’s designs and surprise her. Sushma smiles. She asks Tara and Soumya to come out, its their planning right. Soumya and Tara go to her. Soumya says this is your future, you will make this by your talent.

Armaan asks will you stay here. Prisha says yes, I can stay here, I belong to a middle class family, this comes in my budget. She checks the house. The man says we have to share this flat. Armaan asks what’s wrong with you, you are angry, you don’t stay here, I will pay the rent, I will find a better place. She asks why would you pay it, I don’t understand by what right are you stopped me here, you should answer, tell me,

who am I, am I any game to make your boring life exciting, you deserve Soumya, I will decide for my life, I have applied for another job, I will be out soon. He says don’t do this. She says I don’t believe in second chances, I changed my beliefs because of you, I can’t tolerate the pain of separation again.

Armaan looks at her. Sushma says I also saw dreams, but we girls are explained to see dreams, not to keep a condition to fulfil it. Soumya says dreams have no age. Tara and Soumya encourage Sushma. Sushma asks do you have much confidence on me. Soumya says yes,

you won’t get a courage to fly until you dream to touch the moon, shall we start this journey. They hold hands. Sushma says Harsh will know then… Sushma says he has gone out, it’s a good chance, prove your talent, he will feel proud of you. Sushma asks will we get orders. Soumya says yes, I have put the designs on the website, see this.

Sushma smiles. Soumya says we should celebrate. Kehte the log jo….plays… Soumya and Tara burst the poppers. Sushma hugs them. Sushma asks Tara to get the vaccum cleaner and clean it. Soumya says I will clean it. Armaan asks Prisha not to leave the job. He says I can’t lose you again, don’t do this. He hugs her.

He thinks make a sad face and say emotional lines, stupid girls come in arms, exactly like I want. Prisha thinks stupid men get longing to come close when we go away, its good, Armaan will give me Soumya’s place in his life. Soumya does cleaning. She gets the earring and recalls Armaan’s words. Sushma asks Soumya to see her new designs. Armaan comes home. He says we had seen the PG room for Prisha,

it was so cheap and untidy. He shows the video to Soumya. He says I have seen the PG near the office, its rate is high, she doesn’t want to stay there by accepting my help. Prisha says no Soumya, you did a lot for me. Armaan says Maasi had stayed here with Sushma at the time of my birth. Sushma says that was to help me. Armaan says yes, Prisha can stay here and help Soumya. Soumya says right.

Sushma says no, Harsh told us….Armaan says I spoke to him, you talk to him, he said Prisha doesn’t need to go anywhere. Armaan says its all sorted, will you keep these two duties. Prisha says yes. Armaan says call your mum and inform her that you will stay here. She says Soumya, you are really lucky, Armaan has a heart of gold. Armaan thinks until I get what I want, how can I let you go, Prisha.

Soumya asks him about the earring. He worries. He asks did you start designing jewelleries. Soumya says we got this yesterday in the club, you gave this to the manager. He asks really, what is this doing with you. She says I m asking you. He asks her to ask the women. He says you think your tv tycoon husband will get the earring home, have some respect for me. She goes. He calls Prisha.

He says I don’t know how Soumya got your earring. Prisha asks what, she should have worked in lost and found dept. He says forget it, do as I explained you. She jokes. He says be serious, its critical. Sushma asks is the soup ready for Armaan. Tara says yes. Soumya asks is this your earring. Sushma says no. She gets a call.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya says Armaan, I know you didn’t go to office, you lied to me again.

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Telecast Date:29th April 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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