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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Soumya saying I m not too sure about the deal, I m disturbed in my personal space, Prisha blocked my entry in the activity centre, I won’t be able to meet my kids, and maybe not even you.

Armaan says don’t worry, come home and meet the kids. She says I think office is fine, everything is professional, house will be personal, you can send them at my house, I will feel at home, I m sure you will worry about my comfort. He says yes, why not. She thanks him. He says I will send the kids.

She says if Prisha gets them, it would be better. He says yes, I will tell her, now is it a deal, we will make stories on your books. She nods and holds his hand. Prisha comes and sees them. She asks what are you doing here so late, you are not taking my calls. She scolds Armaan for dating Soumya.

She says I m not blind, I can see what is happening. He asks her to shut up and control her nonsense. He says we are professionals, we have a working relationship, you won’t understand this, we will work in future also. She says you have gone blind, she is playing games with you.

He asks will you explain me now, do you know how to make a show, we have crisis, you want to cry for the personal petty issues, leave right now. She asks how are you talking to me, in front of her. He stops her. Soumya says I think I should leave. He says no, we have to talk about the concepts, Prisha will leave. Prisha leaves. He apologizes to Soumya. She says its okay, I understand. He says don’t worry, I will send the kids to your home. She smiles.

Armaan comes home. Prisha says its 4am. He asks her not to be like old Soumya. She says I m not insecure like her, I m sorry for that, your work is done, did she agree. He says I m working with her because I need her, don’t upset her. She says yes, I understand, once your production house comes on top, we will kick her out.

He asks her to take the kids to Soumya’s house, I don’t want any argument, I m too tired, I just want to change and sleep. Prisha thinks I won’t let Soumya get her kids. Its morning, Soumya makes the food for the kids. Shilpi says I have planned an amazing surprise for them. Sushma takes coffee to Harsh.

He says Soumya has fulfilled her challenge. Harsh says that’s great. Armaan asks the kids not to trouble Soumya. He says we need Soumya, I don’t want any nonsense there. Prisha agrees. She thinks I won’t do anything but the kids will do. She comes to Soumya’s house with the kids. Soumya asks the kids to give her a hug.

Jahaan says no, you stink. Shilpi says I got many surprises for you. Prisha says you won this time, Soumya, I m impressed, you convinced Armaan, how will you get their love, its impossible. Soumya says anything is possible for a mum, they are my kids, thanks for your service. She shuts the door.

Prisha comes to Armaan. She says I knew it, you will get a gift for me. He says don’t open it, its for a business friend. She asks who. He asks what’s wrong with you, you don’t trust me. He gets angry and goes.

The kids play a lot. Soumya says I will make the plate ready for my kids. She asks them to have paneer and puri. They refuse. She asks them not to insult the food. They say Prisha has sent noodles in our tiffin. They eat it. Soumya takes it and asks them to say sorry first. Shilpi says they are kids, don’t be strict.

The kids call her mean and ask her to return the tiffins. They apologize. She asks them to never insult the food. Shilpi and Soumya eat the food and praise the taste. The kids get tempted to eat. Shilpi and Soumya go away and hide to see. The kids eat the food. They really like the food. Soumya smiles happily.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya says Armaan has one philosophy, I, me and myself, I will use it against him. Prisha calls Armaan a loser. He angrily throws a glass at her. She screams.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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