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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th May 2022 Episode starts with Harsh asking what thing lacked in the family that the women had to do a business. Sushma says respect, you gave this home, clothes, jewellery, but I always wanted respect, every work isn’t done for money, some work is done to lift oneself in others’ sight,

it wasn’t easy for me, I had to gather much courage, I did it, I wanted to earn and show you. She recalls his words. she says I m earning 60000rs in one month, I have understood the value of money, I understood my value more, you keep all the money, I don’t want anything but understand one thing, I m not living here for free.

Soumya looks on. Harsh gets angry and says wow, Sushma, superb, you started talking, you forgot one thing, its my house, you started this business without asking me, so this can’t happen here. Soumya asks but why can’t she work, she is talented, tell me, did she neglect any household work.

Harsh says I don’t want to listen. Armaan says this is not fair, listen to them once. Soumya says yes, she will do this business by your wish. Harsh says you know my wish. She says yes, I also remember that when I got Armaan back home, you told me something, I will ask you today, please let Sushma do this business, she is very talented.

Armaan says you have to keep the promise. He signs Harsh to agree. Harsh keeps the machine and leaves. Armaan says wow Soumya, I m so proud of you and mom, I m so happy for you, people will know me as your son soon. Sushma says my son, I have done this work, not to change your identity, but to save my identity. Tara says it means we will have double celebration, mum’s business and Soumya’s godh bharai. Armaan says don’t worry, I will talk to Harsh. Sushma hugs Soumya and Tara.

Armaan talks to Harsh. He says mom will know men run business and women run homes. Harsh asks why did you support Sushma then. Armaan says for my benefit, my new show is launching on women empowerment, don’t worry, lets party. Goldie comes and asks the reason for the party. He greets Harsh. Harsh goes.

Armaan says its Soumya’s godh bharai, come and have a drink. Prisha and Mami get ready. Prisha says I will get a lot of things in return of some love. Mami says listen to me, its tough to trap Armaan, its tough for him to leave you, ask his commitment, at least a ring, if not sindoor. Malini asks them to come.

They come in Soumya’s baby shower. Mahi comes home and meets Soumya. She says I m not finding any dance partner. Soumya says Shilpi will dance with you. Mahi says yes, we will perform the best tomorrow. Armaan comes and says mehendi colour should be dark, and mehendi design should be pretty like my wife.

Prisha shows the mehendi designs to them. The lady says Soumya, your heart is really big, Prisha told wrong about you. Soumya says its past, we will talk good things, it’s a good day. The lady says yes, you are the present. Prisha goes and cries. Armaan goes to her. She says she said the truth, I m history for you. He asks her to come out and talk. She refuses. He asys I care for you.

She smiles. He goes. She wipes her tears and comes out. Mahi and Shilpi rehearse and show their dance. Prisha says don’t worry, I will make them practice well. She goes with them. Armaan thinks I know you are hiding your pain and smiling for Soumya, I m feeling bad for you. Prisha thinks Armaan is getting disturbed seeing my pain, it’s the right time for my next step.

Mami says we will go now and come tomorrow. Sushma thanks them for coming. Prisha says tell me if you need help. Mahi asks Prisha to stay back and help her in rehearsals. Shilpi says I will also stay back. Malini says no, come home. Armaan says Shilpi can stay here, let her stay. Shilpi says I will stay with Soumya.

Malini says we will go now. Soumya’s family leaves. Armaan sees Prisha. Soumya is with Shilpi and talks of Indore. Shilpi says you should trouble Armaan and ask him for late night cravings. Armaan sees a diamond necklace. He messages Prisha that he is coming to meet her.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Armaan makes Prisha wear the diamond necklace. He leaves from her room. Soumya sees him and asks what were you doing in Prisha’s room. He makes an excuse. Prisha says it’s a lie, he came for some other reason.

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Telecast Date:18th May 2022
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