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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 17th May 2022 Episode starts with Sushma giving prasad to Armaan and Soumya. He asks for what is it. She says I told Soumya’s mum that I will send it to her also, send this to her by some office boy. He says I will go and give this to her, you take care. He leaves. He reaches Malini’s house and rings the bell.

Prisha opens the door. He says mom has sent the prasad. She says dad has gone to office, Soumya’s dad has gone out to Mumbai, mom and Malini have gone for shopping, there is no one at home. He pulls her and hugs. He says I missed it, I wish we both stay close and time stops here. She says me too.

Tara says Soumya, you knew Armaan was lying. Soumya says I didn’t want four lives to suffer, compromised relations have no sweetness, so I trusted Armaan, I have a hope that he will never do such a mistake again. Sushma looks on. Soumya says I can feel that Armaan is changing now. Armaan is with Prisha.

She says you look innocent, you are much evil, you got caught, I thought Soumya will leave the house but you convinced her. He says I knew mom will get stressed out and this will build pressure on Soumya, I wanted this smart watch, so I had called you, you came there and left my purse there. She says I hired an actor, she returned me my purse. He says and the rest is history. They smile. Soumya doesn’t get sleep. She talks to her babies.

She wears Armaan’s jacket and sleeps. Prisha gets coffee for Armaan. He romances her. She says you are with Soumya half of the time. He says I m helpless, else I don’t want to be away from you.

She says then leave Soumya and hold my hand in front of the world. He gets back. She says I m just joking, its enough that you are with me. He says you know its imp to be with Soumya, my image and business can be affected, once babies come, Soumya will get busy, I will be a free bird, we will fly together like a never ending honeymoon. She hugs him and thinks I don’t want to be your GF, but your wife, I have to think how to make Soumya away from you.

After 4 months, Armaan helps Soumya perform yoga. Prisha calls him. He says I will meet you. Soumya calls him and asks are you okay, did you have food. He is with Prisha. He lies to Soumya. He says this is the best and the safest place to meet you, I gave a job to Soumya’s dad and sent mummies for shopping to meet you, you have made good food. She thanks him and feeds him the food.

Soumya says we aren’t doing anything wrong, its time to tell this to Armaan and Harsh. Sushma worries. Tara nods. Soumya says your business is established now, you are doing well, when Harsh knows this, he will be very proud of you, he will get happy, I m sure.

Sushma receives some parcel. Harsh asks what’s happening. Tara says I ordered something online, it came wrong, so I m returning it. Harsh says go to shop and buy, such a waste of time. He goes. Simmi talks of work with Armaan.

She says I had thought of a good option, Banno creations, it’s a new firm, they operate from home, they are very good at their work, their designs are very nice. Armaan checks. Harsh says women these days do business from home, not like our house women who just know online shopping.

He laughs and asks Sushma to get his coffee. Sushma says I got many orders. Soumya says you are a superwoman, you can do this. Armaan says designs are good, you can order. Sushma’s phone rings. Harsh takes the call. Simmi asks for Banno creations. Harsh gets shocked.

Simmi says you stitch blouses, I thought it will be some lady, you would be master ji right, or your wife would be working there, your life is good, wife earns and you enjoy, anyways, I want to give order of 25 blouses.

Harsh says we have shut this order, we are thinking to open a detective agency to find the truth. He ends the call. He asks Sushma isn’t that right. Armaan looks on. Harsh claps for Sushma and says wow, superb, how did you learn this, hiding from me, you started business in my house and didn’t let me know, nice, where is your work station.

He shouts and goes to the room. He sees the sewing machine and the blouse cloth pieces. He says Banno creations, right. He throws the cloth pieces. He asks Soumya to step aside. He asks Tara to call the servants, throw this out. Soumya says we were going to tell you. He says it means you are also involved.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 18th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya wakes up at night. He asks you here in Prisha’s room. He makes an excuse. Prisha says it’s a lie. He worries.

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Telecast Date:17th May 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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