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Molkki 9th September 2021 Virender orders servants to remove all pictures of Bawri from haveli.

Daksh, Purvi, Nani and Chandni are on their way to Rewari.

Virender asks Sudha to make sure none of Bawri’s belongings are left here. She nods. Virender gives her Kanha ji’s idol to keep in her room till the time Bawri regains her memory. She nods. They supervise the servants.

Daksh reaches Rewari. Purvi looks at the welcome board curiously.

Virender has gathered all the villagers in Panchayat. He informs them that Purvi is alive and is returning to Rewari today. Everyone is happy to know it but Virender tells them about Purvi losing her memory in the accident 6 months ago. She does not remember anyone or anything. I request all of you not to try and remind her anything. A guy asks him how she will remember them then. Virender speaks her of her medical condition and how critical it might be for her. no one will try to remind her of her past. I want you all to greet her as if you have met her for the first time. She can even lose her life. He folds his hands. They assure him that they will do their best to keep their Mukhiyayini safe. Virender thanks them.

Preeti is taking Purvi’s portrait. Anjali asks Prakashi if she is thinking of the same thing. Prakashi nods. We think of same things at once. Molkki is heading towards her death on her own. We just have to light a match. They laugh thinking about how they can kill Purvi.

Daksh reaches haveli. Purvi experiences some hazy flashes from her past yet again. Virender is standing outside. Purvi steps out of the car and looks at the haveli strangely. She experiences more such flashes. Nani, Daksh and Chandni step out of the car as well. Daksh keeps his hand around Purvi’s shoulder and smiles. Virender smiles seeing Purvi. Virender welcomes them.

Everyone is waiting anxiously inside. Preeti gives the puja thaal to Sudha. Anjali, Prakashi and Sudha are shocked to see Purvi. Purvi experiences more hazy flashes at she looks at the house. Virender is watching her intently. Daksh and Purvi greet everyone with folded hands. Purvi is disturbed. Veer is not at all happy to see her. Purvi and Sudha look at each other. Sudha does Purvi’s aarti while Juhi and Manas throw flower petals cutely. Purvi and Virender step inside the haveli at the same time. They look at each other briefly as their shoulders touch. Others follow them. Sudha hugs Purvi and welcomes her. Consider this house and us as your own. Juhi and Manas take haathi inside. Virender asks others to come in.

Virender asks them to rest. Kids take haathi to her room. They bring her to her room. Purvi touches the door and looks around in puzzlement.

Prakashi asks Bhuri if all the preps have been made. Bhuri nods. We only have to take Molkki to that room now. Prakashi tells her to do it then. Bhuri leaves.

Purvi checks the cupboard but it is empty. Hazy memories keep flashing in her head. Sudha, Manas and Juhi are watching her keenly. Bhuri brings 2 suitcases. She asks them kids to let Purvi rest. Kids agree. We will have fun later. Sudha also tells Purvi to rest. Purvi nods. They leave. Purvi heads to washroom. Bhuri keeps clothes in the cupboard. She takes out a pouch and takes her toothbrush. She takes the empty suitcasess outside. Prakashi and Anjali are watching everything.

Purvi picks up her clothes from the cupboard but wonders where the suitcase with the toothpaste is.

Bhuri keeps the suitcases in the storeroom where all pictures of Purvi have been kept.

Purvi wonders if the pouch is in the suitcase. Bhuri brings water for Purvi. Purvi asks her about the pouch. Bhuri offers to take her to the room where the suitcases are kept. Purvi goes with her. The suitcases are kept in front of a mirror. Bhuri very smartly removes the cover from one of the painting when Purvi opens her suitcase. She does not notice the painting. Bhuri requests her to close the suitcase. Purvi is zipping the suitcase when she notices the painting. She turns around in shock. Bhuri smirks. More hazy flashes follow. Purvi touches the painting.

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