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Molkki 9th February 2021 Kids get excited when they see Virender come in with Purvi. They panic when they notice Virender’s condition. He agrees to tell them and the elders everything after Juhi and Manas’s performance. Purvi helps him sit down. Everyone claps for Juhi and Manas as their act was amazing. It is time to announce the winner. All the kids are called on stage.

Priyu tries to walk away but Vaibhav holds her forcibly. She drops her phone in the process. She picks up a vase and struggles with him. He ends up getting hold of the vase. She manages to lock herself in the bathroom room just as he throws the vase towards her.

Juhi and Manas have come first. Principal felicitates the kids. Who taught you this? Juhi gives credit to Purvi by calling her their mom. He asks them her name. They say haathi in unison. Purvi goes on stage and stands with the kids. I am not the only one who helped them. Their Baba made an equal contribution. Please invite him as well. Purvi supports Virender and takes him on stage. They give the trophy to the kids together.

Vaibhav asks Priyu if she thinks she will escape this way. You would come out to eat or drink something. I will see who will save you from me now. I am waiting right here! Priyu cries inside the bathroom.

Virender’s mother and Mama complement the kids on their performance. Manas tells the same kid that his parents are right here. I never lie. You lie! Look carefully. That kid’s mother says she isn’t your real mother. She is no more. She is Molkki. A Molkki cannot be anyone’s real mother ever. Virender fumes. He walks up to that woman on his own. How dare you say such a thing in front of my kids? She is legally my wife and their mother even if she is a Molkki. Aren’t you ashamed to say such a thing about a woman being a woman yourself? Mukhiyayin is more than their mother for them. She stands by them whenever they need her. She cooks for them and looks after the entire family. She prepared the entire drama in 2 days. She fulfils her responsibilities as a mother and wife well. She may not have given birth to them but she raises them with utmost love and care. Yashoda Ma may have given birth to Lord Krishna but Devki Ma was the one who had raised him. The one who raises someone is bigger than the one who gives birth. Learn it well! I am proud of the fact that she raises my kids. She is their real mother for them and for me. Do you understand? The lady apologizes to Purvi. Purvi looks at Virender emotionally. Mama and his sister look at Virender proudly. Juhi wipes Purvi’s tears and brings a smile on her face. Purvi hugs her and Manas. Everyone smiles. Virender holds Purvi’s hand as they head home. She smiles.

Purvi gives turmeric milk to Virender. He asks her to tighten the bandage. It has become loose. She fixes it. Virender is smiling sweetly all this time. Something gets in his eyes. She blows on it to make him feel better. They share an eye lock. She asks him if he is fine now. Thank you for fulfilling your promise. He thanks her for saving him and for taking him to school on time. Now I must find out who attacked me. My men are on it already. We will find out by tomorrow. Purvi says I may know who it could be. She takes Vaibhav’s name. he asks her how she can say so. She tells him about Priyu overhearing Vaibhav’s convo. This is related. He asks her why she dint tell him before. She says I thought you wont believe me without proof. He says now I know that you don’t say anything without a reason. I will make Vaibhav admit the truth anyhow.

Vaibhav is drinking. Priyu peeks at him from the door. His eyes are pinned to the door as well. Priyu thinks he will pass out soon and I will get a chance to get out of here.

Kids give the trophy to Virender and Purvi. Virender says it is for you. You both have won it. Manas denies. You are the best parents of this world. He kisses Virender on his cheek. Purvi smiles. Virender says it is for you two as you both are the best kids. Purvi prays that their bond remains like this forever. Manas asks haathi to join them. Purvi hugs Juhi. Virender and Purvi look at each other.

Vaibhav passes out on the sofa. Priyu steps out of the bathroom. She covers her mouth as she heads to the main door but he holds her hand just then. I knew that you will try to do this once I fall asleep. This was my plan. What will you do now? She hides in the storeroom this time. He tells her to come out. Till when will you continue this drama?

Kids insist upon sleeping with Virender and Purvi tonight. They get inside the bed. Manas says haathi will sleep with us on the bed. Virender denies. Babbar Sher sleeps alone. No one is allows to sleep with Babbar Sher. The kids refuse. Purvi requests him to let them sleep here. Kids say we wont let anyone sleep if we aren’t allowed to sleep here. Virender gives in. They all lie down to sleep.

Priyu recalls the receptionist telling him about renovation going in that room. There must be something here because of which I can save myself from Vaibhav. She finds rope and ties it on the fan.

Purvi says kids are asleep. I will sleep on the floor now. Virender offers to do it instead but the kids start mumbling again. They give in.

Priyu opens the door. Vaibhav walks in and Priyu empties a paint bucket on him. He removes his clothes and winces in pain. I wont spare you. She takes his clothes and locks him inside. Priyu packs their stuff and leaves immediately. Vaibhav breaks open the door but the room is empty. She ran away with my clothes, wallet and everything!

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