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Molkki 8th June 2021 Purvi gives blood to Sakshi. She sits constanty by Sakshi’s side.

Virender shouts at the driver. What has Sakshi done? I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to Sakshi. Please protect her, God.

Nurse is taking care of Sakshi and Purvi keeps checking with her. Doc is also monitoring her. She is out of danger now but she needs rest. She will be fine. Take care of her and yourself. Nurse will stay here. He takes her leave. Sakshi opens her eyes just then. Virender walks in and asks Sakshi why she did this. I almost died when Ma told me about it. You could have atleast thought about the kids. Kids come to check on Sakshi. They ask Purvi about Sakshi who tells them that she is fine. Juhi and Manas are in tears. Juhi says I was so scared. What if we had lost you again? Manas nods. Purvi thanks Kanha ji for saving Sakshi’s life. Keep them together like this forever.

Prakashi tells Anjali that God has done a big favour on them by saving Sakshi. We wouldn’t have gotten the property otherwise. Anjali agrees. Sakshi’s suicide attempt will make Virender stay near her all the time. He will take care of her and the Molkki will be jealous. It will be fun. Prakashi says I wont be happy with just that. I will be happy when I will ruin the lives of all 3 of them. She tells a plan to Anjali.

Anjali asks Purvi who she is making this for. Purvi says it is for Sakshi ji. Anjali taunts her. You pushed Bhabhi and Jeth ji apart and are now trying to look after Bhabhi? You are responsible for her condition. You snatched her husband and kids from her and then did a drama to save them! I am disgusted by you. Aren’t you? Spare her life if you have a little humanity left! Don’t invite a curse from her. You wont be able to live happily ever again otherwise and even God wont forgive you.

Next morning, doc tells Virender Sakshi is perfectly fine. Virender thanks him but Doc tells him to thank Purvi. She saved Sakshi ji at the right time. Don’t know what would have happened otherwise. Virender and Sakshi are taken aback. Virender goes to see him off. Purvi offers juice to Sakshi. Sakshi asks her why she saved her life. You could have let me die. Purvi says your life is very important for Mukhi ji, your kids and this family. Sakshi calls it a lie. Neither my husband nor my kids need me. It would have been better if I was dead! Purvi calls it wrong but Sakshi asks her if she will tell her right and wrong now. Don’t show fake concern or force me to talk now. You very well know that you are responsible for my condition. Do you think I don’t know it was you who was going to marry Mukhi ji in that mandap that day? Purvi calls it a misunderstanding. It isn’t true. Mukhi ji just wanted to give me a good life. It wasn’t because he loves me. Trust me. He has only considered you as his wife till date. Only you are in his heart. Sakshi says you are lying. I tried to kill myself as I found out that Mukhi ji loves you, not me. You have taken over my place in his heart. He does not need me anymore. He needs you. Purvi denies but Sakshi insists that it is true. You snatched my kids, my Mukhi ji and everything from me. Mukhi ji has told me the truth! He has confessed that he loves you, not me. He has told me the truth! Purvi drops the glass in shock. Sakshi speaks with shaky breath. He loves you, not me. Anjali comes to check on them and notices Sakshi’s condition. Please don’t cry, Bhabhi. She asks Purvi what she is doing. She gives water to Sakshi. Anjali asks her if she wants to hurt Bhabhi. Go away! She is already not in a good state. Purvi walks away.

Virender thinks of how Purvi has been through everything yet she saved Sakshi’s life. What is she made of? How will we repay her? Purvi asks him why he told Sakshi ji that he loves her. Why are you trying to ruin your family and my life? Why are you doing all this? Do you know how hurt she is after knowing the truth? You compelled her to commit suicide? You would have been responsible if anything had happened to her! You dint think about how she will feel! He asks her what about what he is going through. I am stuck between you two! I cannot hide truth from Sakshi or be away from you anymore so I told her everything. It is true that I only love you! She asks him if he would have been able to forgive himself had the kids lost their mother. Do you think hearing this from you will make me happy? I agree that I used to yearn to hear all this from you at one point of time but all this is meaningless now. You and I cannot be together! Time has changed and we should change with time. We cannot be together. We must forget each other. That’s right for everyone.

Virender calls it impossible but she tells him to do it for his kids. They wont forget you ever. Virender says you are right as I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if anything had happened to Sakshi. I felt guilty by hiding the truth from her so I came clean. She is not just my wife but my friend too. I respect her. Till when would I have hidden the truth from her? I have told her that I only love Bawri now. Purvi is in tears. Would you have forgiven yourself if we had lost Sakshi ji? You wouldn’t! You would not have been able to face your kids ever! It is Kanha ji who saved us all. No woman will bear to see her husband love someone else. I am afraid that Sakshi ji might try to do this again. What will happen then? Marriage and love happens between 2 people, not 3. Sakshi ji first found out that I am your Molkki. Then she found out that we were going to get married and later, she found out that you love me, not her. How will she bear it? You must decide now. All 3 of us cannot be together! He asks her what she wants to say. Purvi says either one of us will have to walk out of this relationship willingly. Either you will be with me or with Sakshi ji. He asks her what she is saying. Why do you say so? Purvi says I am very conscious right now. This is Sakshi ji’s family so I am the one who should leave. I can never commit the sin of snatching someone’s husband and kids. She got her happiness after years. I cannot be the second woman and ruin her life. I must break our relation. He asks her what she means. Why are you saying these things? I also regret what happened with Sakshi but I wont be able to live without you now.

Purvi says time will teach you how to do that. We must part ways. Relations will untangle once I leave. We must forget each other. Virender is in shock. What do you want to say? She asks for divorce shocking him and cries. Virender says I would have given you my life if you had asked for it but I cannot divorce you in this life. She tells him to understand. At times, we have to make a hard decision for our loved ones. Please Mukhi ji. I understand that it is difficult but it isn’t impossible. You must make this decision for Sakshi ji. You dint see how berserk kids were when they saw Sakshi ji lying on the floor. I don’t want them to witness such a sight again. Please support me in my decision. We have no other choice. I know the road will be tough but it will become easier eventually. Please make this decision for Sakshi ji and for the kids. Please support me in my last decision. You should do the duty of a husband and father and let me do my duty as a human being and your Molkki.

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