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Molkki 8th February 2021 Purvi has ordered an orthopedic mattress for Virender. Maid keeps it in their room. Virender asks Purvi how she knows about this. You don’t even step out of the house. She says I did some research online and even got 50% discount. He asks her if the shopkeeper is her Tau who gave her discount. She replies that she would not have to even pay that if it was indeed her Tau’s shop. He says I could have ordered it from Mukesh’s shop. He shares that she ordered stuff online using an app. He shoots her a confused look. She picks up her phone. Kids taught me how to use apps. He asks her if they can order anything online.

She nods. He jokes that she should have ordered a brain for herself then. She says I have enough already. You even got proof today. He asks her how she found out that there was something fishy in that land. She tells him what she had overheard the other day. That’s why I say that you should listen to my intuition. He thanks her for saving him. I would have been in a big mess otherwise. She says you were upset with me since morning for no reason. Thank you wont be enough. He asks her what she wants but she buys some time to think it. He agrees to wait and leaves. She thinks she hid the fact that Chaurasia had come to meet Vaibhav that day. I will speak to him about it once he is back. She receives Priyu’s call.

Priyu is in the washroom and asks Purvi if she and Virender are fine. Purvi nods. Priyu tells her that she overheard Vaibhav speaking to someone about taking revenge from Mukhi ji. You both take care of yourself. Purvi tells her not to worry about them. You should be careful. Priyu assures her that Vaibhav has done the damage already. It is my turn now. I feel that he wants to hurt Mukhi ji. Take care of yourself and Mukhi ji. Purvi agrees. They end the call. Purvi prays for Virender’s well being.

Next morning, kids are ready for their play. Virender tells them to come first in the competitiom but Purvi tells them to give their best and have fun. Virender tries to say something but she cuts him mid sentence. They don’t have to be undet any pressure of coming first. They have to participate in all things and enjoy their childhood. Mama comes there looking for Virender. He too tells the kids to come first but Virender repeats Purvi’s words to him. Purvi smiles. He has started doing drama too. Mama tells Virender to come downstairs for some meeting. Kids get sad thinking Virender will not see their play. Purvi asks Virender that this will make up for helping him yesterday. He tells the kids he will finish his work asap and come. They make him promise them before he leaves the room. She prays that Virender is able to love up to his promise. Juhi and Manas tell Purvi to come to their school with Babbar Sher. We have told all our friends that you both will come to see our play. Purvi agrees and kisses them both.

Kids have lined up for their performance. One kid points at his parents while another mocks Manas for lying to them. Your Baba wont come. Manas and Juhi say he will come. Juhi takes Manas aside on the pretext of rehearsing their lines. Kids sing Manas is a liar and clap around him while Juhi tells them to stop.

Virender is still busy in his meeting. Chaurasia’s men are watching him. He notices them and gets up to go to them when a Panch calls him. The goons go by the time he turns again. He becomes curious about those guys.

Manas starts hitting the kid who had started the commotion. Their teacher stops the fight. Manas tells her the reason behing the hustle. He starts crying. Juhi reminds him of haathi’s promise. He demands to speak to Purvi. Their teacher calls Purvi and tells her what happened at school. Manas speaks to Purvi. Come to school with Babbar Sher asap. Purvi says we will. Don’t cry till then. They end the call. The same kid tells Manas that his mother’s promise is fake. He makes a face at Manas and walks away. Purvi wonders where Virender is stuck.

Virender tells the driver to reach asap. I hope I can reach school on time. Chaurasia’s men attack Virender from behind. They cover his face with a blanket, tie his hands and beat him with rods and sticks. One of them even breaks his phone. Purvi is unable to reach Virender. Hope Priyu was wrong about Vaibhav seeking revenge from Mukhi ji. One guy removes the blanket from Virender’s face knowing that he is in a semi conscious state. He hits him with the rod on his head because of which Virender loses conscious.

Virender’a mother and Mama are all set to go to the school. Purvi sends them to school first. I will come with Mukhi ji only.

Purvi tries Virender’s number in the car but it is unreachable now. She is worried about him.

A man finds Virender lying unconscious on the road and sprinkles water on him to wake him up but in vain. Purvi’s car breaks down suddenly. Driver steps down to check the problem. Purvi wonders whether she will be able to fulfil her promise to the kids or not.

Competition begins in school. Juhi and Manas’s eyes are pinned at the door.

The guy frees Virender and decides to take him to hospital.

Driver tells Purvi there is problem with car’s radiator and it will take time to cool down too. She tells him to hurry up. She decides to take lift from a guy who is coming on a scooty from the other side of the road. He turns out to be the same guy who is taking Virender to hospital. She panics when she notices Virender’s condition. She sits on the scooty as well and they hurry off to the hospital. Purvi is in tears.

Priyu asks Vaibhav who he was earlier speaking to. He dismisses the topic rudely. She asks him to come for sightseeing as they are on their honeymoon. He tells her to remember that she has come here alone. Don’t rub salt on my wounds and don’t bother me too much or I will!

Kids become sad as they see their grandparents come in by themselves. The same notorious kid teases Manas again. I told you your parents wont come!

Priyu shows her phone to Vaibhav. Don’t even think that I am alone. One phone call can make your life hell! He tells her to go ahead and try.

Kids keep performing their skits one by one.

Priyu tries Virender’s number but in vain. Vaibhav asks her what happened. Did you lose your senses along with the network?

It is Juhi and Manas’a turn next. They stand quietly on stage with bowed hands. Everyone tries to convince them but they remain silent. Virender’s mother thinks they got scared as Purvi and Virender are not around.

Priyu panics a little. Vaibhav advances towards her. She ends up hitting against the wall. Vaibhav says you enjoy torturing me, right? See what I will do to you now!

Purvi enters with a wounded Virender. Purvi is supporting him. Kids are delighted to see them and exclaim haathi, Baba! Everyone looks back.

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