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Molkki 7th September 2021 Purvi accepts Daksh’s marriage proposal. Nani is right. You are my best friend. Above all, you respect women. You are the only one who I can trust blindly. A relation is built on faith. I may not love you right now but my feelings might change later. This strange relation of 6 months between us can turn into a relation for 7 births. Nani is right. I cannot find a better life partner than you. I am ready to marry you. Nani smiles emotionally. Nani and Daksh hug. Nani hugs Purvi. it is a good relation. You two will be very happy together. They share group hug. Nani thanks Purvi for falling for becoming emotional and making her plan successful. One must use emotions to trap people sometime.

Next morning, everyone is having breakfast. Nani notices Daksh calling someone and tells him to eat breakfast. He shares that he is calling police station to check on Virender. Nani ends the call. Have you lost your mind? Don’t meddle in this matter. I am sure that man must have done something. I don’t want to talk about this. Focus on your marriage and come out of this chapter! Juhi and Manas come downstairs. Purvi hugs them and serves them breakfast. Nani gives work to Chandni as well. It should be a royal wedding. Manas asks her who is getting married. She tells him to guess. The kids are confused. Nani shares that haathi is getting married. Juhi asks to whom. Nani takes Daksh’s name. Kids are taken aback. They see Virender at the door and run to hug him. Nani is shocked to see him.

Daksh welcomes him back. I was calling at the police station only. How did they let go of you? Virender says it was bound to happen. Truth comes out in open in the end even if someone tries too hard (while looking at Nani). Police has found out that the accusation was false. Someone laid a trap against me. Chandni is relieved. I knew that you wont be able to do this. How did police find proof about your innocence? Virender explains to them.

Flashback shows Virender waking up in prison. He is shocked. How did I end here? He asks Inspector what he has done. Inspector tells him about the rape charge by Sushila. Virender is stunned. Have you lost your mind? She is lying. I am the Mukhiya of Rewari. I teach people how to respect women. How can I do this? I am sure someone has tried to trap me. I am innocent. Inspector tells him that court will decide that. We have to find out who is honest. The crime will be established then. Virender reasons that he is innocent till then. Inspector nods. Do you have any proof to prove your innocence? Virender nods. I have fitted CCTV cameras in my house to protect my kids. Sushila is not aware of it. You can see the recording for yourself. Inspector plays the recording in police station in front of Virender. They see Sushila mixing something in Virender’s food. Virender passes out after taking a few bites. Sushila checks him to make sure he is unconscious. I will finish my work by the time he wakes up. She opens her hair and tears the sleeves of her blouse. She keeps a part of her blouse in his hand. Now everyone will believe me. She starts screaming for help. Flashback ends.

Virender says police let go of me after finding the truth. I wont spare the one who has planned this against me though. He recalls seeing Nani paying money to Sushila earlier and looks pointedly at her. Chandni thanks God for saving Virender. The one who planned this against Chand ji should be punished now. I was sure that he is innocent. Daksh asks about Sushila. Nani heaves a sigh of relief after hearing that Sushila has run away. Chandni says she will be caught one day anyhow. She will end up admitting everything in front of police then. Have some rest. I will bring food for you. Daksh asks Virender to join them. Purvi looks at Nani who looks away.

Purvi comes to Virender’s house. She says that she has come to apologize to him. He asks her what for. Purvi says I am sorry for misunderstanding a nice guy like you. I fell in Sushila and Nani’s words after whatever happened yesterday. I doubted you before realizing the truth. Even I ended up believing them once. My brain told me that Sushila is right but my heart refused to believe it. I am sorry for believing my head instead of heart. He tells her its ok. Maybe that’s why we are told to always believe the heart. It is easier to fool the mind and eyes but heart cannot be fooled. A decision taken by heart is always right. Purvi says maybe that’s why I was restless entire night. I was at ease in the morning after knowing the truth. It felt as if a burden was lifted from me. I have brought something for you. Please accept it with my apology. She gives him suji ka halwa. You have diabetes, right? He asks her how she knows it. He thinks that Bawri has begun to recall few things. He asks Purvi again. She says I don’t know. It just felt like that. He asks her what else is her heart saying. Purvi says I was kidding. I found out about that during the picnic as you took your medicine. Virender nods. Why did you bring this halwa? Daksh says we are getting married. She will become Mrs. Dhwani Daksh Shekhawat in 10 days. Have halwa now. Virender asks him how this was finalized suddenly. Daksh asks him if he has a problem. Virender denies. It happened suddenly so I was surprised. Daksh says I was kidding. I was equally surprised when Dhwani said yes to me. He asks her to give the first card and sweets to Mukhi ji. His blessings are very important for our happy married life. Virender accepts it. Daksh invites Virender officially to his wedding. Virender becomes emotional. How will you make it happen so soon?

Flashback shows Nani showing the wedding card to Daksh and Purvi. Daksh asks her what the rush is. Nani says there is no mahurat till next 6 months after 10 days. I want to see your wedding before my death. Purvi assures her that her wish will come true. Flashback ends. Daksh says we couldn’t do anything as the auspicious mahurat was decided. Why delay the good work? Virender agrees. Only lucky people can find a wife like Dhwani ji. Congratulations on your wedding. Daksh thanks him. Virender and Purvi look at each other.

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