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Molkki 7th June 2021 Prakashi tells Sakshi to cry as much as she wants. That’s how a wife feels when she finds out that her husband loves someone else. You will feel light after crying. She sits next to Sakshi. You must not have felt good after hearing it from Virender that he loves that Molkki, not you. You must want to kill her. She snatched your kids, husband and everything from you. I know I held you captive but only for materialistic things. I returned everything to you when I saw that Molkki trying to snatch everything from you. I cannot see her as the DIL of this family. You are the DIL of this family so I brought you back home. Virender told you that he loves that Molkki but he still hasn’t told you one secret. I think you should know it by now. Sakshi asks her what she is referring to.

Prakashi says you came back on the day when Virender was going to marry Purvi on the beach side. Sakshi is stunned. Prakashi says Purvi was the bride and Virender was the groom. He wanted to make her his wife but you came back at that time. He wanted to give your place to that Molkki. Sakshi recalls how Virender had lied to her about the wedding the other day. He said that he was doing kanyadaan of an orphan girl.

Anjali calls it a lie. He was going to give everything to that Molkki. You came back at the right time or Purvi would have been his wife by now. Don’t take me wrong but Jeth ji has only lied to you and cheated you till day. He even forced Mama ji to lie that Purvi is a maid. It is embarrassing. He shifted Purvi to the servant quarters so you wont find out anything. You did catch him red handed once. Prakashi tells Sakshi to decide what she wants. Do you want to see them together your entire life or do you want to snatch your rights, your kids and your husband back from her? We will support you in your decision. Don’t think you are alone. I only consider you the DIL of this house. Think and decide what you want now.

Virender requests Sakshi to open the door and hear him out once. Sakshi closes the window to the balcony. Virender still keeps knocking on the door which puzzles Purvi. He asks her if something is wrong. Why is Sakshi ji not opening the door? He lies that everything is fine. She must have fallen asleep after taking medicines. He heads out for some work. Purvi is sure he is hiding something from her. He was disturbed in the morning too. I will find out the truth.

Sakshi dresses up as a bride. She thinks of Virender and Purvi as she fills vermilion in her hairline. She writes a note for Virender. I thought I got everything when I found you. I thought I got everything and I will be able to spend my entire life easily now. It felt as if we had been united for 7 births. I forgot that nothing is constant. Time has snatched my love, my family, my reason to live, everything from me today! I cannot bear to either live without you or to see you with someone else. I am compelled to take a step I had never imagined!

Purvi is worried for Sakshi. She hasn’t come out since morning. I hope she is fine. I will give her food and check on her too. She is setting a plate when Anjali comes there. She asks Purvi who she is taking this for. Purvi says it is for Sakshi ji. Anjali says it is good. Bhabhi hasn’t opened the door since morning. Jeth ji was trying to make her open the door but she dint open it. I am worried that she might take a drastic step because of the shock. Purvi says Mukhi ji told me that she might be taking rest in her room. Anjali asks her if that’s what Virender told her. Purvi nods. Anjali says what else he could have told you though. They had a fight because of you! Bhabhi has found out that you and Jeth ji were going to marry her husband on the day she had returned. She is not able to get out of that shock. She leaves. Purvi blames herself for Sakshi’s misery. I must explain to her that Mukhi ji was marrying me to get me out of the Molkki label, not because of love. I must speak to her right now. She heads upstairs.

Sakshi takes out a knife from the drawer. Purvi knocks at the door repeatedly and calls out to Sakshi. Sakshi looks at her wrist. Purvi requests her to open the door. Sakshi slits her wrist. Everything flashes in her head. Purvi gets worried upon not getting any response. Maybe she is still sleeping or does not wish to talk to me. I think I should leave her alone for some more time. I will come back and check on her later. She turns to go when she hears a noise. She calls out to everything. Kids come running downstairs. Sakshi is writhing in pain on the floor. Manas and Juhi knock at the door. Purvi goes to bring the backup key. Anjali and Prakashi come as well. Kids tell them that Ma isn’t opening the door. Purvi opens the door using the second key and they all go inside. They are stunned at the sight.

Kids freak out. Purvi sends them outside with Anjali. Prakashi calls doctor immediately while Purvi ties a kerchief on Sakshi’s wound. She also checks Sakshi’s pulse.

Doc is checking Sakshi. Purvi asks him about Sakshi. He says we could have lost her if there was a delay of 1 or 2 minutes. You called me at the right time. Kids hug Purvi. Doc asks about Virender. I must speak to him. Purvi says he is not at home right now. Prakashi tells him to tell them. Doc shares that Sakshi is still not out of danger. Next 24 hours are very critical for her. We must arrange blood for her to save her. She might lose her life otherwise. I will call at hospital to see if we can arrange blood. He goes outside.

Manas asks haathi if Ma will die again. She shushes him. Nothing will happen to your Ma. We will save her at any cost. Doc comes back and shares that Sakshi’s blood group isn’t available in blood bank. He asks everyone to get their blood tested. We might be able to save her if anyone’s blood group is a match. Purvi agrees. Anjali panics after hearing about it. My haemoglobin is less. Prakashi also cites her age as an excuse. She decides to call Virender. Purvi tells nurse to take her sample. I might be able to help Sakshi ji. Anjali and Prakashi go outside.

Prakashi is miffed that Sakshi cannot die. We will lose everything otherwise. She is able to reach Virender this time and asks him to come home asap. Sakshi has slit her wrist. She tried to commit suicide. Virender panics. She says she has lost a lot of blood. Don’t know if she will survive or not. Anjali wipes her fake tears after the call. Virender tells driver to turn the car around.

Nurse tells doc that Purvi’s blood is a match. Doc says we must start the transfusion now. Purvi thanks God.

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