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Molkki 6th January 2021 Purvi tells Virender she has committed a mistake. I will leave the house. Let me just take Kanha ji’s idol. Kids request Virender to stop Purvi. Purvi heads to her room. She thinks of her marriage, the time spent in this house with Virender and the kids.

Manas keeps crying.

Purvi comes to her room. She folds hands in front of Kanha ji. I wanted to leave this house after paying them off. I dint want to be insulted or be blamed falsely like this. Virender asks her to tell him one thing before leaving. She is shocked to hear his voice. He is holding the 10k bill in his hand. I did not say anything outside in front of everyone as I was sure you took this blame on yourself for a very big reason. I thought you would want to hide the truth from everyone. I respected your emotions outside but you must tell me the truth now. Will you tell me or should I find out on my own? Should I call the jeweler myself? Purvi says you know everything. Virender says this bill is telling me everything. It is very easy for me to find out from where your sister got 10k! it is very easy for me. Purvi apologizes to him on Priyu’s behalf. She wont do anything like this again. She wont be able to face anyone if she will find out that you know the truth. I will accept any punishment. I beg you. He says I had a doubt on you already. I was sure you were taking someone else’s blame for some reason. My doubt was confirmed when kids gave me this bill. I realized why you took that blame on yourself!

Flashback shows Juhi and Manas approaching Virender to save Purvi. Manas is hesitant but Juhi pulls him along. Virender asks them what they want. Manas gives the bill to him. Juhi shares that they found this in Priyu’s room. Manas had picked the bill and had decided to show it to Virender. Virender is shocked to see the bill. Flashback ends.

Virender asks Purvi till when will she willingly accept everyone’s mistake as her own – the kids, Anjali and now your sister! Everyone lets you take the blame and you bear everything for the sake of this family. What would have I done if you had left this house because of this lie today? He realizes what he has said and covers it up. What would have I told the kids? Purvi apologizes to him again for Priyu’s mistake. Jeweler melted Sakshi ji’s necklace because of her stupidity. He shows the necklace to her. She is taken aback. How did it reach you? Jeweler told me that it isn’t with you. Virender says he said that it was with me already. He reminds her that he is the Mukhiya of this town. I very well know who can sell this necklace and to whom. I can find out everything in no time. Flashback shows Virender calling the jeweler just when he was about to melt the necklace. He tells Purvi she does not have to leave the house now. I am forgiving your sister this time for your sake but I wont do it again. Go now and tell the animals of the jungle that Babbar Sher has forgiven you. They both smile a little. Purvi says I think they will be happier if you will tell them this. He readily agrees. Let’s go meet your hippo and rabbit. Purvi says I have to finish something else first. We will go then. He calls her Banwari.

Purvi comes to Priyu’s room. Priyu apologizes to her. You had to go through all this because of me. Purvi starts packing Priyu’s stuff. Priyu requests her to do something to pacify Virender. You are lucky to have all this. Purvi says he isn’t throwing me out of the house. Priyu points at the bag. Purvi says you are leaving this house. I have spoken to Sudha already. Priyu refuses. I wont do it again. Purvi says I wont do it again. Purvi knows she isn’t as innocent as she appears to be. You have been ignored by Navin once. I cannot let you stay near Vaibhav. By now you should have understood how men try to take advantage of foolish girls. You and Vaibhav cannot stay under the same roof. It will be good for you and your future if you will leave this house and go away from Vaibhav. This is my final decision. I wont change it. They find Vaibhav at the door. He announces that Priyu wont go anywhere. This is my decision. Purvi looks at them in confusion. Priyu is my sister. She was living here for that reason but I don’t want her to stay here anymore. Don’t interfere between me and my sister. Vaibhav says she can stay here as my guest. He takes Priyu’s bag and gives it to her. Keep your stuff back in the cupboard. Purvi is positive she wont do it. She cannot stay here if I have told her. She never says no to me. Vaibhav says let’s see. Will you (Priyu) stay here as my guest or will you leave this house as Bhabhi’s sister? Priyu takes the bag from Vaibhav. I wont go anywhere. It is ok if you (Purvi) wont let me stay here. I will stay here as Vaibhav ji’s guest. Purvi looks at them in shock.

Everyone is in the living room. Virender asks them if no one is going to eat. Mama says Purvi is about to leave the house and you are concerned about food. Why are you so stone hearted? Virender asks his mother to eat something but she tells him to eat her share of food too. Virender says I think I will have to eat the gajar ka halwa made by Banwari on my own. Purvi says I have made it especially for my hippo and rabbit. Everyone looks at Purvi in surprise. Anjali and Jyoti are not at all pleased. Purvi hugs the kids. Virender’s mother and Mama are relieved. Virender’s mother tells Virender this is a surprise. I dint think you will agree. Anjali says it is true. We should also know why Jeth ji forgave you. Virender says an innocent person should not be punished. Anjali says you announced that punishment because of that crime only. Virender replies that one has to forgive the culprit as an innocent willingly accepts the blame for the mistake that he hasn’t even committed. Jyoti asks about the necklace. Has it been found? Virender nods at the servant who brings Sakshi’s necklace. Virender says it is where it should be. The money is also back. It wasn’t done by Purvi but someone else. We wont discuss this matter anything further. What’s done is done. Mama seconds him. Virender’s mother says I think we should eat now. She looks at Virender. I will eat your share as well if you will not come now. Virender smiles. They all head to the dining table. Anjali cannot understand how Purvi got hold of the necklace and won Virender’s heart.

Virender and Purvi are setting their beds. Virender gives Purvi her salary. She points out that it is extra. He says I have doubled it as you deserve it. You understood the kids, taught them so well and have become their friend. They stay happy because of you. I can never pay you back for that but I can pay you for your hard work. She thanks him. I will be able to pay off my money asap this way. He adds that she will be able to leave the house quickly too. They go quiet. Virender tells her to switch off the lights and sleep now. She complies. They both lie down. Virender thinks I increased her salary to fulfil her dream quickly. Purvi thinks it was my dream to leave this house at the earliest. Virender thinks she will go as she is not happy with this wedding. Purvi thinks I wanted to get married and not be a Molkki. I cannot live like this. Virender thinks her presence or absence shouldn’t matter to me. Purvi wonders why she is feeling bad about it when Krur Singh hasn’t accepted her as his wife till date. Virender thinks I do feel bad at the thought of her leaving. I wonder why it is happening. I might be feeling bad for the kids. They have become habitual to her. Purvi thinks kids have given me a lot of love. I will miss them but I wont miss Krur Singh! Virender is also sure he wont miss this Banwari. They both look at each other as they turn around at the same time.

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