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Molkki 5th May 2021 Sakshi asks Virender about the mangalsutra. Who does it belong to? Juhi notices it too and lies that it is Chachi’s mangalsutra. She gave it to get it fixed but Baba might have forgotten it. Baba still hasn’t changed. He keeps forgetting things often. Sakshi says it is beautiful and has been fixed. Give it to Chachi. Juhi nods and leaves. Virender looks perplexed.

At night, Purvi is wondering in her room if Virender has slept or not. Kids cannot sleep without hearing bedtime stories from me. Virender is awake in his room. He recalls how he walked away from Bawari the moment he saw Sakshi and how he had proposed Bawari for marriage. He thinks of the past times and feels bad. Sakshi is sleeping holding his hand. Virender keeps thinking about Purvi. Purvi is also thinking about him. She holds her hand after thinking about how Virender had applied mehendi on her hand. Virender wonders what kind of a test this is. I have been yearning for this Sakshi since 5 years. She is with me today but I am not happy over the reunion. Instead, I am feeling sad for being away from Bawari. My life was incomplete without Sakshi earlier and now it is incomplete without Bawari. Should I live in my past or present now? Don’t know what condition Bawari will be in. I cannot be at peace until I meet her. I must meet her and speak to her. He frees his hand without waking up Sakshi and leaves stealthily.

Purvi wipes her tears after hearing a knock on the door. She is surprised to see Virender. Virender asks her if he can come inside. She says this is your room, your haveli and I am! He tells her to complete her sentence. Say that you are mine too.

Sakshi wakes up and does not find Virender in the room. She checks in the bathroom but it’s empty too. Where did he go at this hour without telling me?

Virender says I know why you dint complete your sentence. You think I forgot you after Sakshi came back. It isn’t true. I don’t know why God is playing this game with me. He snatched Sakshi from me 5 years ago. You came in my life then and changed it completely. My past has suddenly returned in front of me when I tried to start a new life with you. I cannot understand what’s going on with me. I have only caused you pain and punished you till date. I was about to change things when I got in this situation. I don’t know where I should go or who should I apologize to or what I should do, Bawari. I only know that you are in this situation because of me. You have to live here as a maid even though you are the owner. I am ready for any punishment that you will decide for me. Tell me what I should do. She makes him look at her and shakes her head at him.

Sakshi goes outside to check.

Purvi says people get punished when they do something wrong. They don’t get punished when they tell the truth. You dint do anything wrong. Fate has played a game with all of us. You are not a God like Kanha ji who will accept both Radha and Meera. It is my pain. I will bear it. I might not be destined to be your wife. Just have faith. Kanha ji will fix everything. Sakshi ji’s health is of utmost importance for us right now. Everything will be fine then. Don’t worry about me. I am fine.

Sakshi comes downstairs. Where can he disappear like this?

Virender says I cannot see you in this room or in pain. She says I cannot see you sad like this. You are the one who is in most pain. You are still trying to handle both of us. Did Sakshi ji tell you where she was all these years? He nods. She was with tribals all these years. They found her in the ditch and she was in coma. We thought she was dead. They left her here once she regained conscious. Purvi is taken aback. Why did Sakshi ji lie to Virender? Why dint she tell her that she was being held captive by Bhabhi all these years? Why did she say all this?

Sakshi continues looking for Virender.

Purvi asks Virender to rest. It is late. Virender hugs her. She does not hug him back though but he wraps her arms around him. She cries silently. Virender says I don’t know what will happen in future. Purvi says one must always walk on the path shown by God when they cannot find a way. God will surely find a way for us.

Sakshi is near the pool now.

Virender tells Purvi to let him know if she needs anything till the time she is here. Purvi says I need one thing – you. He tells her to just think of him once. I will be right in front of you. He kisses her hand. He walks away from there sadly. Purvi cries.

Sakshi notices Virender coming out of a room and is shocked. He asks her what she is doing here. Is everything fine? She asks him what he is doing here. I was looking for you. He lies that he came to drink water. She reasons that he should have gone to the kitchen then. Why did you come to servants’ room? Purvi offers to share the reason. Mukhi ji has a habit of drinking water from the pot. There is no pot in kitchen so he came here. Sakshi asks Virender to come. It is late. Virender goes with her. Title track plays.

Anjali is massaging Prakashi’s feet. Prakashi says I will send Virender and Sakshi together somewhere on the pretext of Sakshi’s recovery. They need to spend some time together. Molkki wont be able to bear it. She will tell the truth to Sakshi herself. We wont have to do anything then. She will ruin things for herself. Sakshi will throw her out of the house afterwards. Anjali asks her what will happen next. Prakashi says we will just enjoy the drama. Anjali praises her on her ideas. Prakashi says Molkki will be out of the house soon.

Next morning, doc shares that Sakshi is better than before. Keep giving her medicines. She will be better. Manas asks him if Ma can eat chocolate. Doc nods. Don’t eat it yourself though. Virender goes to see him off. He notices Purvi and walks away silently. Kids rush to haathi. They bring her near Sakshi who asks about the name. Manas says she is our very good friend so we call her haathi. Juhi nods. She took very good care of us when you weren’t here. Manas says she loves us very much. She tells us bedtime stories at night. Sakshi thinks to get closer to her kids again. I will give them the love they need. From today onwards, I will be the one who will raise them. No maid will look after them after today. Purvi tells the kids to have breakfast. I have to speak to Mukhiyayin ji. They kiss her and say love you to her before leaving. Purvi asks Sakshi why she lied to everyone about her past. Sakshi recalls Prakashi’s threat. I cannot tell you the reason. I would only say that no one must know that we know each other already. I have already told Mukhi ji what had happened to me. I am grateful to you for your help but please forget all that now. I will also forget it. Don’t think of it ever again and don’t remind me either. This is my only request to you. Juhi wonders why haathi is not coming. They look back. Sakshi asks Purvi how an ordinary maid of the haveli has such good clothes and jewellery. No one else dresses up like this. Manas asks his sister to do something. Juhi says haathi must be feeling shy. They belong to Chachi. You know how she does not like repeating her clothes. I told her to give her fake jewellery and clothes to haathi instead. Is that not right? Sakshi nods. Juhi and Manas take haathi from here. Please help us eat breakfast now. Sakshi can see that her kids have bonded with this girl very well. She looks after them a lot too. I wont tell her anything even though she is very good. I have vowed not to tell the truth to everyone or I will be separated from my family yet again. I cannot get away from the family I have found again after years for one truth. Forgive me, Lord!

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