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Molkki 5th January 2021 Virender says you would have left like that if you really had to. Why did you do this drama of self rightousness then? Why did you try to fool everyone? Purvi is in tears. He makes her collect the cash. Title track plays in the background. He holds her hand and takes her till the main door. Return the money and get that necklace back here. The doors of this house will be closed for you if you fail! Mama and his mother object but Virender makes the guards close the doors and heads inside. Anjali vows to make sure Purvi should never be able to get inside this house ever again. I have the perfect plan! Priyu looks at his sister.

The kids are crying. Virender’s Mama and mother try to distract them with chocolate but in vain. They don’t want Purvi to be thrown out of the house. Virender comes downstairs. Juhi mumbles that Mukhiyayin teaches them how to be honest. She cannot steal! Virender is also reminded of the past instances where Purvi had the chance to cheat but did not. Virender’s mother sends the kids inside. Mama tells Virender that even the kids know Purvi cannot steal. Why don’t you understand? Virender says it isn’t about understanding things. She admitted that she stole the necklace and sold it off for money. She admitted that she is a criminal. A criminal should be punished! He walks away.

Mama wonders who Purvi is trying to save this time. Virender’s mother shrugs. We must find out the culprit though or Virender will punish Purvi. Juhi and Manas decide to find the real culprit to save Purvi.

Priyu apologizes to her sister. I did that to seek revenge from Mukhi ji. Purvi tells her to stop now. Revenge does not mean that you will take the wrong path or commit a crime. Don’t blame Mukhi ji for your mistake. Where did you sell that necklace? Priyu tells her. 10k is missing from this amount. Purvi asks her what she did with that money. Priyu replies that she bought clothes using that money. Purvi reprimands her. From where will we get 10k now? She tells Priyu to bring 10k from her almirah. That’s my salary for teaching the kids. I was saving it to pay off the Molkki money but I will have to use that here now. Priyu goes to bring it.

Anjali and Jyoti are at the same jewellery store. Jeweller shows them Sakshi’s necklace.

Priyu gives 10k to Purvi. They put it in a bag and Purvi leaves for the market. Priyu hopes that Purvi is able to find that necklace. Both of us will have to leave this house otherwise.

Jeweller remarks that this is an antique necklace. The work is so delicate. You cannot find a piece like this anywhere today. You will have to pay double amount if you want to buy it. She tells him to keep the necklace and gives him some money as well. He shoots her a confused look. She tells him to melt the necklace.

Juhi and Manas start checking every room for a clue.

Jeweller agrees with Anjali.

Manas and Juhi come to Priyu’s room in the end. Manas finds a bill of 10k in today’s date but Juhi calls it irrelevant.

Jeweller tells his junior to melt Sakshi’s necklace. Purvi is just around the corner. Anjali and Jyoti leave the shop. A lady collides with Purvi because of which she looks in the opposite direction and does not see Anjali or Jyoti leaving.

Anjali tells Jyoti now Purvi and Priyu will be out of that house.

Purvi requests the jeweller to return that necklace to her but he tells her she got a little late. It has been melted already. It cannoy be retrieved ever again! Purvi thinks of Virender’s words as she heads home.

Everyone looks at Purvi anxiously as she returns. Purvi shares that the necklace has been melted already. I couldn’t bring it back. I must leave the house now. Kids hug her and cry. We cannot live without you. Please don’t leave us now. Virender’s mother requests Virender to stop Purvi. Kids wont be able to live without her. Sakshi has left them already. What will happen to them if Purvi will leave too? Kids request Virender as well. We wont ask for anything. Please don’t throw her out. Mama says we know what that necklace means to you. Sakshi is your past while the kids and Purvi are our present and future. Hope in future you wont have to yearn for them just like you are yearning for Sakshi today. Are you a human being or a stone? Can you not see the tears of these innocent kids? Purvi says Mukhi ji had to bear a big loss because of me. I ought to be punished even if that means that I must leave this house!

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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