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Molkki 4th January 2021 Purvi tells the kids to finish the entire book in a day. They make a face. They open it and find chocolates hidden inside the books and thank her. She thanks them for telling the truth to Virender. You proved me innocent. I only got you chocolates today. I can do anything for you! Manas asks her to play cricket with him. I have to get selected in the team at any cost. Juhi requests Purvi to help him. Purvi says I don’t know how to play cricket but I can surely try as Koshish Karnewalon Ki. Kids complete the line – Kabhi Haar Nahi Hoti.

Vaibhav has brought his friends home to show them the 2 girls he has won. They see Priyu coming outside wearing a little black dress. They look at her in disbelief. Is this the same girl? Vaibhav points at Jyoti. She stumbles in her step though. His friends ask him how he will manage 2 girls at once. Priyu asks Vaibhav if she can come along now or not. He opens the car door for her. Looks like it! Jyoti looks on unhappily as Vaibhav leaves with Priyu and his friends.

Purvi brings the kids outside so they can practice cricket. Virender’s mother and Mama watch the game. Manas is not able to hit the ball properly. He gets dejected but Purvi tells him to try again. Virender is speaking to his accountant nearby. Purvi wonders whose help she should take. She notices Virender. This is the perfect time to bring the kids closer to their father. She offers to teach Manas. Virender’s mother asks Purvi to hold the bat properly. Juhi is bowling. Purvi speaks of Manas’s selection test which is due in some days. Virender overhears her. She breaks a few hangings intentionally to catch Virender’s attention. She even hits a maid who is bringing water / milk for them. The next ball hits Virender’s hand. He walks towards Purvi. What are you up to? She apologizes to him and speaks of how she is trying to train Manas for his selection day. Virender offers to teach Manas. Purvi asks him if he knows how to play. He looks at her pointedly. She uses her Tau ji’s name again. Hope your back wont hurt like my Tau ji. He raises the bat angrily. Make me meet him once. He has made my life hell. Everyone smiles. Virender holds Manas’s hand and teaches him how to bat. Manas jumps as hits a 4. Virender’s Mama tells his sister that they haven’t seen Virender play with his kids before. She gives credit to Purvi. She is very smart. Mama nods. She got them together this way. Manas is thirsty. Purvi goes to bring water for him.

Vaibhav and Priyu return home. He opens the seat belt and car’s door for her. Purvi is taking water for Manas. Priyu stands near a wall. Vaibhav leans in for a kiss. Purvi is stunned to see them and calls out Priyu’s name. Vaibhav leaves. Purvi asks Priyu what was going on. What are you wearing? Who gave you these clothes? Priyu tells her that she bought them. Purvi asks her from where she got money. She raises her hand to slap Priyu when she admits that she stole something. Purvi takes her to her room.

Manas is thirsty. Virender and his mother tell him to wait. Purvi is bringing water. Mama wonders why Purvi is taking so much time.

Priyu tells her sister that she stole Sakshi’s necklace. Flashback of the same is shown. Purvi says it was you who came in my room stealthily that night. I felt someone’s presence in my room! Priyu nods. Purvi asks her why she did that. How could you do that? Priyu says Virender blamed you falsely. I wanted to take revenge for your result. He insulted you over a necklace and I wanted to take it away from him afterwards! Purvi tells her to be quiet. You did wrong by stealing that necklace. We will tell him everything. Give me that necklace. Priyu shares that she sold it for 3 lacs. Purvi is stunned. What are you saying? Give me that money! Where is it? Priyu says I kept it near the window so I can buy expensive things! I will do everything that! Purvi slaps her. Aren’t you ashamed of doing all this? I never thought that you will stoop so low for money! I will tell Virender everything. She heads downstairs.

Virender and Manas hit a ball which lands straight on the dupatta outside one of the windows. Notes start floating around them. Purvi notices it as soon as she comes outside and gets shocked. Everyone looks up in confusion. They all look at the window curiously. Virender wonders how all this money came here. Who kept it here? Purvi is in a fix. He will never accept Priyu’s mistake and will throw her out of this house! He asks his family members to say something. Does anyone know? Purvi lies to everyone. I kept it there. He asks her from where she got this money. Priyu gets tensed. Purvi says I sold Sakshi ji’s necklace. I was the one who stole it. He asks her if she stole it and sold it already. Mama and Virender’s mother refuse to accept it. Virender says I think so too. You don’t lack anything in this house. Why will you steal it then? Tell me the truth, Banwari. Purvi decides against telling him the truth. Priyu cannot even go back home. She is my responsibility now. She cooks up a fake story. I want to leave this house asap after paying my price. That’s why I sold her necklace. I hid the money here. I just want to leave asap!


Molkki 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Purvi tells Priyu that they will get the necklace back. Priyu says 10k rupees is missing from those 3 lakhs that she got. Virender tells his father that Purvi confessed herself and he won’t spare the criminal. Anjali and Jyoti give money to jeweler and asks him to melt the necklace. Purvi tells Maa that she couldn’t bring the necklace back, so she will leave the house now.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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