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Molkki 4th February 2021 Virender says if anyone has problem with Purvi taking part in face reveal ceremony, then that person can leave the house. He declares that a molkki is no less than a normal wife. Molkki shall get all rights as a normal wife. He goes to Purvi and forwards his hand to her. Maa gets emotional. Purvi holds his hand. He takes her to other ladies and tells Purvi to do the ritual. She goes to Priyu and does the ritual. Maa calls Vaibhav saying a new wife touches her husband’s feet and take blessings. Priyu says she won’t touch his feet. Everyone is shocked. Purvi says she got a back ache last night. Virender says he also got back ache, so he can understand it’s difficult to bend. An elderly lady asks Virender what he was doing? Purvi is not troubling him much, right? Everyone laughs. Other lady says look how he’s blushing. Bauji gifts Vaibhav and Priyu a honeymoon package. Vaibhav didn’t seem interested, but Priyu accepts the gift.

In night, Virender is in his room. Purvi comes and says that she is annoyed by him. He asks what he did now. She asks why he said about back ache in front of everyone. Everyone was making so much fun. He says he doesn’t care what they think. She says, but she cares. Who knows what they all are thinking about her. He asks what wrong they will think. She says that she is his wife… He says, so what? She is his wife. And guests keep talking. She tells him to drink water, so he can cool down a little bit. He pushes her hand and glass falls down. Kids see and get scared. They leave. Purvi sees them and goes to them.

Kids are sad that Purvi might leave them. Manas is crying. Purvi comes and hugs him. Kids say Virender trouble her a lot, right? She won’t leave them because of that, right? She asks them to calm down. Just like how they fight with their friends and then start talking after some time, it’s same with her and Virender. And they know how much she loves them! Now even Virender has started loving them. Juhi says, first their mother left them. She won’t leave them like their mother, right? Virender is seeing everything. Purvi promises that she will never leave them. Virender thinks no matter how much Purvi fights with him, but definitely no one can take care of his kids better than Purvi. Kids also can’t leave without her. She has become their true mother now. Purvi thinks no matter how much she and Virender fight, she won’t let its bad effect come on kids.

Purvi comes in the hall and sees a lady servant going somewhere. She thinks that she might be going to see her ill father, but wonders why she doesn’t go in day time and that too secretly.

Vaibhav comes to Virender and says he heard about a land deal. Virender says yes, and he also heard his enemies are also coming to auction. Vaibhav says he came to tell him that there are many benefits of that land. Soon a highway is coming near that land and then price will double. He doesn’t want his enemies to get that land. Virender asks why he’s getting so involved in land matters? He tells him not to worry, till today, he got all the lands he put his hands on. He further tells Vaibhav to take care of Priyu on their honeymoon.

Vaibhav comes out of his room and tells his friend on phone that he’s too much annoyed by Priyu and asks his friend an idea to escape from her. Anjali comes and says she has an idea. He says he doesn’t want to hear her stupid ideas. She still tells him. She advices him to run away before Priyu makes everyone against him. Priyu comes there clapping. She says it seems like Anjali already knows what she’s doing to do with Vaibhav. She asks Anjali to give her ideas too. Anjali asks her to be in her limits. If she messes her, then she will burn her alive. She leaves. Priyu now teases Vaibhav. He says from tomorrow she will be alone with him, then he will see who comes to save her. She tells him that he should find ways to save from her. She doesn’t have anything to lose now after what he did with her.

Purvi brings juice for Virender. She asks if he heard what kids said. He said yes and tells her to stop arguing with him now. She says it’s him who starts arguments. He drinks juice and starts coughing. He asks why she put so much ice in it. She says he only said he wants something cold. He says some ice, not whole ice. He asks what would happen tomorrow if his voice went away. She asks what’s tomorrow. He says his Dadi said not to say everything to wife. She says she is not interested in knowing, she only asked because he talked about it. She asks him to promise that he won’t fight with her in front of kids. He says she won’t get upset or angry with him in front of kids. She says pinky promise. He asks what is that and they promise each other.

In morning, Priyu is sleeping. Vaibhav says he cannot go on honeymoon with her at any cost. He packs his bags to leave saying by tomorrow Virender will be in jail too because of that land deal. He is about to leave when Bauji stops him. Before Vaibhav says anything, Priyu comes and says they are going for honeymoon. They thought to leave early because of traffic.

Purvi brings tea for Virender. She takes his name but he doesn’t wake up. She says it’s fun to wake up when someone is in deep sleep. She throws water at him. He asks is this a way to wake up someone? She asks what happened to his voice, why it’s so low. He says it’s thanks to her juice. She is not able to understand him. He signs her to give pen and paper. He tells her by writing that today he has to go to an auction, how will he bid now? She asks if she can come being his voice. He can instruct her when and how much to bid. He agrees that his “bawri” (crazy girl) will bid. She asks “his bawri”? He writes he means “whole family’s bawri”. He goes to get ready. She smiles looking at the paper.

Priyu tells Vaibhav that he is such a fool that he thought he will escape from her. He tells her that she will regret her behavior one day. She answers back saying he can’t do anything, Virender is in her support. He thinks that she can’t imagine what he’s going to do with her and Virender. Virender will be in jail tomorrow, then he will see who comes to save her. He will teach her such a lesson on their honeymoon that she will remember it her whole life.

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