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Molkki 31st May 2021 Virender storms in the haveli with everyone in tow and calls out to Sakshi. She is shocked to see Radhika, Aarti and Vikas. What’s Radhika doing with you? Virender asks her why she let this girl go with the wrong people in this condition. What did you think before letting Radhika go with them? Look at her once with open eyes. You have seen me doing justice and make decisions many times in the past. You have supported me in those decisions many times as the Mukhiyayin.

How could you make such a big mistake today? Why did you hand over Radhika to those people? Why couldn’t you understand a woman’s pain even after being a woman yourself? I dint expect this from you. Sakshi is stunned by his words. Why are you talking to me without knowing the full story? How can you make such a big statement? I know everything and thought it through before sending Radhika with her sister and BIL. Do you know the truth?

Virender says Bawri has told me everything. Radhika has a girl in her womb. Her family wants to kill the baby. Sakshi calls it incomplete truth. They like her very much. Radhika loves someone else. She is the one who is cheating her in-laws. Virender asks her how she is so sure this is true and not the other way round. Sakshi says Aarti told me everything already. That’s when I decided! Virender cuts her mid sentence. Your friend who is a liar and who supports her cheap husband? How could you trust someone like her? If it was a self-respecting woman like you in her place then she would have left her husband long ago! I would have respected her more if she had done that but look at her. She is still with that animal and is supporting him. I don’t trust a liar like her at all! You are a Mukhiyayini who can look people in their eye and understand their truth. How could you not see Radhika’s truth then? Sakshi asks him what he is saying.

Should I have believed her just because she is pregnant and should I have refused to believ her family? I agree that Aarti did wrong by supporting Vikas. Why would Aarti lie to me then? Why will she hide the truth about her sister then? Virender reasons that she hid Vikas’s actions. This is not a big deal for her. Let’s believe that you and your friend are telling the truth. Why would her parents force her to live with someone with whom she isn’t happy? Their happiness should lie in her happiness. No woman ruins her house unless she is compelled. You handed Radhika over to these animals before knowing Radhika’s story. Aarti tells Virender he is mistaken. Radhika is very naive. She doesn’t even know what’s right or wrong for her. Virender says it is you who does not know that. You are a fool to think all that. I know the truth. Don’t speak too much. I wont spare the culprit.

Sakshi tells him to understand but he cuts her off mid sentence yet again. Be quiet. You neither have reason nor proof. The truth is in front of everyone because of Bawri. You should have supported her. You shouldn’t have let the girl go with these animals. Bawri looked her in the eye and understood everything. She also tried to save her in every way. We should also try to protect her. It is our dharma and responsibility to save the girl inside Radhika. I will save her but I am very disappointed by your decision today. I announce that Radhika can stay with us for as long as she wants. I wont let injustice happen to her and I will punish the culprit in my style. He goes inside. Purvi takes Radhika upstairs. Aarti and Vikas leave.

Anjali and Prakashi are with Sakshi. Is this how Jeth ji should have spoken to his wife? She is a Mukhiyayin and not some maid or Molkki. She gives water to Sakshi. Prakashi seconds Anjali. I think on the same lines as you but the one who should think that way isn’t bothered at all. She supports Molkki in everything. She also made Purvi Choti Mukhiyayin but I did not like what happened today. Virender hurt our Sakshi. Anjali agrees with her. Jeth is not doing the right thing. He always gives preference to that Molkki’s words over Bhabhi’s. Bhabhi sent Radhika with her sister but Jeth ji supported that Molkki’s decision. He made Bhabhi look bad in front of everyone and chose to respect a Molkki’s decision. This isn’t right! You always say that that Molkki will snatch Jeth ji and the kids from Bhabhi but she isn’t ready to understand. The real treasure of a woman is her family. I guess Bhabhi will understand it but it would be too late by then. Sakshi heads upstairs. Anjali and Prakashi laugh.

Sakshi asks Virender when he learnt to disrespect his wife in front of everyone. Did you not realise that you have been insulting me downstairs in front of everyone, that too for a Molkki? Is she more important to you than your wife? You trust her not your wife. Did you forget that I have sat with you in Panchayat and taken right decisions? I am sure that Molkki has not done anything like that. How would she know what needs to be done in such situations? Does she know how to do justice better than me? Virender says it isn’t about whether Bawri did something new or better today. It is about the fact that she was right today. It is true that she has never sat with me in Panchayat till date but she did what was right in my absence. You couldn’t do your duty as Mukhiyayini correctly. You let Radhika be at the mercy of those guys. I would have supported Bawri too if I was in your place today. Think with a calm head. It is about justice, not you or Bawri.

Sakshi denies. It isn’t about justice. It is indeed about me and that Molkki. I have noticed it several times that you care more about her than me. I have also seen it that you will choose her words & decisions over mine if given a chance. You don’t value me in front of her! You have forgotten your rules for that Molkki. You only remember her and nothing else. You could never lie to me before but you hid her truth from me initially. Just to make me understand, you said that that Molkki was cheated into marrying you. I am also the victim here though. Who is that Molkki to you and what am I to you?

Virender says I think you dint come here to speak but to argue. Ask yourself once. You will find your answer. You will know what you and Bawri mean to me. You are ignoring truth and justice by getting into this right now. You will regret this later when you will realise what you did. I will tell you why I supported Purvi over you. Sarpanch told me everything earlier. Radhika is telling the truth. Her in-laws made her SIL abort her girls during her pregnancy only. They did not want girls. It is a sin to kill girls and I wont be able to bear it! He walks away a little but Sakshi refuses to give up. Sakshi asks him why he dint tell her this. Why did you create a drama in front of everyone? You could have told me in private if you wanted but you thought it was brave of you to insult me in front of everyone. You wanted to prove that Molkki better than me. You may say anything but your sympathy was only with that Molkki back then. Virender again tells her that she is taking things in a different direction. I am telling you again that I dint take Bawri’s side today! She screams. I am tired of this name, Bawri! Why are you so attached to her? She is only your Molkki after all or do you have any other relation with her? Virender tells her to end this topic right here. You are only messing things up instead of sorting them. Ponder over it and you will find your answer. Bawri is right and you are wrong. I don’t want to say anything further. He goes.

Purvi has overheard everything. Sakshi ji is very hurt because of me today. I was only trying to support the truth and what’s right. I should apologize to her if she felt so bad. She walks up to Sakshi with folded hands and requests for forgiveness. I dint do any of it to hurt or insult you. I was only trying to protect Radhika. You are not wrong. Sakshi says I know I am not wrong and even Radhika is not wrong. It is you who is wrong. You are the biggest problem for me and for my family! This is happening only because of you. Purvi asks her why she is saying this. I know I might have hurt you unintentionally but I dint want to. You are angry so you are saying this. Trust me. Sakshi says I am not angry. I am in the right frame of mind so I am saying this. You are very good and intelligent. You use the right words at the right time and do the right thing. You are way better than me. I cannot bear you anymore though.

I cannot handle all this. I am tired. I get hurt. Mukhi ji’s attraction towards you hurts me. You have been here since 6 months only but they are affecting my marriage of 10 years. My husband and my kids need you more than me. They approach you for everything. Their happiness and pain is with you. I will not be able to gain their love till the time you are here. I beg you to go away from us for forever. Please leave tomorrow morning. I beg you. I am helpless. I have no life without my husband and kids. I cannot let them go away from me, that too because of a Molkki. It cannot happen. This is the right time. Go away please. They will never be mine otherwise. Purvi stops her from touching her feet. You have given me a lot of love and respect till date. I dint deserve any or it and you have never asked of anything in return till date. I will give you what you are asking for. I promise to go away from your life tomorrow morning itself. Your kids and husband were, are and will always be yours! You were, are and will always be the mukhiyayin. I was only handling your house in your absence. I promise you I wont do it anymore and I wont let my 6 months overshadow your 10 years of marriage. Title track plays. Virender has heard everything and he does not look pleased at all.

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