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Molkki 31st March 2021 Purvi decides to jump out of the window. She tries to open it but in vain. She notices a couple passing by on a bicycle and thinks of Virender.

Manas is having trouble breathing. Juhi tells him not to be afraid. You will be fine. She shouts for help and fans her brother simultaneously. You will be fine. Be strong. You are strong. We haven’t found haathi yet. She asks him what his best moment of this new life is. Manas thinks of the time when Virender had played basketball with him and had hugest him. He asks his sister about her favourite moment. She shares that the best moment was when haathi and Baba were rehearsing play with us. They are losing conscious. Juhi shouts for help again.

Virender wonders how Bawari and the kids would be. I miss them so much. I am not able to pass time without them. Bawari hasn’t answered either of my calls. Looks like she is still angry with me! He thinks of their happy past moments together.

Sudha and Priyu open the trunk and rescue Manas and Juhi. Juhi shares that they came here looking for haathi so we came along. Sudha wonders how Prakashi knows where Purvi is. They wake up Manas and take them both outside. Let’s find haathi now.

Sudha, Priyu, Manas and Juhi come inside to look for Purvi. Anjali, Prakashi and the goons are also looking for Purvi. Prakashi notices Sudha and Priyu and stops Anjali. Anjali wonders what they are doing here. Prakashi says they have also come here to find Purvi like us. They shouldn’t see us or our game will be up! Prakashi informs the one of the goons to call them once he finds Purvi. We will be in Sakshi Mill. He nods.

Sudha, Priyu and the kids divide to cover more area.

Purvi moves her fingers.

Police is on their way to the godown when their car gets punctured. Inspector informs the control room and asks for a back up team. He heads towards the godown on foot with one of his men.

Prakashi and Anjali leave for Sakshi Mill.

Juhi and Manas notice Purvi and run to her. They hug her. Manas says we found you. Purvi says I cannot believe that you two are here. I missed you both so much. Juhi says we missed you too. Manas says I will bring Priyu Massi and Sudha Massi now.

Anjali says it is good that we are here. It was so hot outside. A guy brings snacks for them. Anjali starts munching. Prakashi asks her if they are here on picnic. You were hungry on the way too and are eating now as well. Call your men and find out if Molkki has been found.

Manas stops in his tracks as he hears the phone ringing. Goon tells Anjali they will shoot Purvi on sight. Anjali advises him to call them when they will find any info about Purvi. He agrees. Manas refuses to let anything happen to haathi. He runs back to inform Juhi and haathi. Purvi and Juhi are shocked to hear it. Juhi reminds him of Home Alone movie. We will make those goons pay. She apologizes to Purvi. We must hide you to save you from the goons. Purvi tells them to cove her with the duvet kept nearby. Kids oblige.

Juhi and Manas get into action. They collect stuff with which they can create hurdles for the goons. They drop nails on the floor and use ropes hold buckets of grease in the air. They lay the traps well. Goons come in that direction and get hurt / drenched in grease. They head in another direction but end up hurting themselves again. Manas and Juhi laugh heartily. They high-five.

Police reaches the godown. Inspector sends his men to look for Purvi and heads to the mill. Prakashi notices police coming towards the room and gets tensed.


Molkki 1st April 2021 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prakashi, Anjali, Manas, Juhi, Priyu and the goons are looking for Purvi. One goon notices a feet and shouts that Mukhiyayin is here. Manas and Juhi point a knife at the guy. Don’t you dare hurt our haathi! The goon points his gun at them and warns them to stay away. Priyu and Sudha request the goons to stop. Another goon snatches the knife from their hands and tells his ally to shoot the kids. A gunshot is heard. Anjali looks at Prakashi in shock.

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Telecast Date:31st March 2021
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