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Molkki 31st August 2021 Nani tells Daksh she wont go anywhere before making Dhwani her DIL. Chandni calls it impossible. How will he do it? Nani tells her to stop talking and turns to Daksh. I like her very much. It is final. Daksh agrees. I love her too but I don’t know whether she feels that way or not. I haven’t been able to tell her my feelings though. I remained friends with her with a hope that this friendship

I convinced her to play this drama with another hope that she might fall for me. I hope you understand. Nani nods. I wont go anywhere wihtut making her my DIL. I will tell you how you will make her yours. Daksh thanks her. You are great. Nani says I could never understand how a girl like Dhwani fall for a fool like you. You may be great in business but not in love. I guarantee you that she will fall for you in one day if you follow my advice. You will take her out on date. They are surprised.

Purvi is not keen to go out but Nani tells her to go on a date with Daksh at 8 tonight. I am your elder. Don’t say no to me.

Nani tells Daksh that some goons will eve tease Dhwani when she will be waiting for you. They will trouble her.

Purvi tries to convince her but Nani threatens to boss on her after marriage. Purvi calls her unique and smiles. You love me and scare me at the same time. I will go then.

Nani tells Daksh to beat the goons. Dhwani will fall for you. Chandni gets impressed with the idea. It is so filmy. Juhi and Manas have overheard everything. They decide to make a plan to unite Baba and haathi. Manas asks her what they will do. Juhi says we must send Baba to that restaurant at 8 and stop Daksh Uncle from going there. She tells him a plan. They notice Virender and sit down to study. Virender gives them pizza but Manas refuses. Juhi seconds him that they are bored of eating pizza. Virender calls them naughty. Eat it as I brought it already. They ask for chowmein from a specific restaurant. Bring it or we will sleep on an empty stomach. He asks them what they are up to. They insist that they want to eat chowmein from there only. Virender reasons that it is almost 8. It will be quite late by the time I am back. They stay put. Virender gives in. I wont let you sleep on an empty stomach so I have no option but to go.

Purvi is waiting outside the Chinese restaurant. It is 8. Where is Daksh? How much more should I wait? Is this a date or what?

Nani and Chandni complement Daksh when he comes downstairs. He heads to his car but the car is punctured. He is puzzled. How could this happen to all the tyres at once? Manas and Juhi look on from far. They recall puncturing his car earlier. Daksh calls a mechanic and decides to book a cab.

Purvi calls Daksh just then. He tells her about the car puncture. Order something by the time I reach. She agrees. Come soon. I will be waiting. He agrees.

Few goons notice Purvi and eve tease her. Virender reaches there just then. She shouts for help but they hold her hand and tell her to be quiet. We held your hand to feel the warmth. She tells him to wait for few more minutes. My fiancé will be here any mijnute. He wont spare you. They laugh. She is threatening us as if he is a wrestler. She shouts at them to let go but in vain. Virender hits the guy holding her hand. She is shocked to see him there. Virender beats them black and blue. One guy grazes his arm with his knife. Purvi rushes to his side. He continues to fight with them. They pass out. Purvi asks Virender if he is fine. She takes him to a corner and borrows turmeric from a vendor. Purvi asks him to let her put this on his wound. It will heal and you will feel better. You will have to (remove the kurta). She looks away as Virender removes his kurta. Laal ishq plays. He smiles and continues looking at her as she applies turmeric on his wound. They share an eye lock. He removes the strands of hair falling on her face. She leans closer to apply turmeric on the wound on his other shoulder. Virender keeps looking at her. He notices her taking out the same scarf and recalls how it had fallen on him in the past. She tears her scarf and ties it over his wound. You can wear your kurta now. He obliges. She helps him wear his jacket.

Virender and Purvi head home together. Daksh reaches restaurant. Receptionist tells him that there is no table booked under his name. He calls Purvi who tells him everything. Thankfully, Mukhi ji was there. He beat everyone single-handedly. He asks her if both of them are fine. She nods. We will be home soon. You should reach home too. He agrees but gets worried that the plan backfired.

Veer is with someone. They both get dressed. She holds his hand as he gets ready to go. What’s the rush? Veer says it is too late. I must go now. The girl turns out to be Priyu. She says you say this every day and do this too. Please stay here for tonight. He calmly asks her why she asks him to stay again and again.

Manas asks haathi if she went with Baba to Chinese restaurant too. She denies. We met coincidentally. Manas asks Virender about chowmein. He says it closed by the time I reached there. I told you how it is in Delhi. Have pizza tonight. Juhi says we gave it to the guard. Purvi offers to make it for them. They hug her and thank him. Virender smiles. Bawri will remember everything very soon if she will continue to spend time with the kids like this.


Molkki 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Daksh invites Virender to his house for dinner with his kids. You have saved Dhwani twice now. During the dinner, Virender drops the spoon while looking at Purvi and she immediately gets up to help. Nani is watching them intently. Later, Virender tells Purvi that the button of his kurta broke. I don’t know how to put it. She sews it for him. Purvi and Virender share an eye lock when she bends to cut the thread with her teeth. Nani notices them thus.

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