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Molkki 2nd February 2021 Anjali runs away after making Manas fall. Purvi tells Priyu to wait there, she will quickly go and check Manas. She is shocked seeing pieces of glasses. Manas is cyring. She takes Manas to do the aid. She asks how did he fall down? He says someone pushed him, when he turned back, no one was there. She wonders who it could be and feels something is wrong.

Other side, Anjali and Jyoti give chloroform to Priyu and puts her asleep. They, along with a servant lady, take Priyu in a room. Anjali asks Jyoti to wear her clothes, jewelries and get ready just like her. Jyoti is worried thinking what if they get caught. Virender won’t spare her if he finds out Jyoti replaced Priyu. Anjali tells her not to worry about that. Jyoti gets ready. Anjali locks Priyu in a cupboard and says they will have to take Jyoti to mandap.

Purvi is taking kids down. She wonders where Priyu disappeared. She sees Anjali and the servant taking the bride to mandap. She asks them to wait, but they continue walking. Purvi bumps into a lady and falls in Virender’s arms. He says she keeps finding a way to fall in front of him. She says she was just trying to reach mandap fast. He says it’s not her marriage. She says, not hers, but her sister’s. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his sherwani. He moves her hair while she tries to separate. He says her hair is so messy, she will go like that? He fixes her hair. She says shall she go now? She walks. He grabs her hand and stops her. He says, no, wait. She asks why he stopped now? He says, so they will go together.

Anjali makes the bride / Jyoti sit beside Vaibhav and tells him quietly that she managed everything. Priyu wakes up and screams for help. Purvi was passing puja’s thaal. Oil drops on the bride’s hand. Purvi says she will take the bride upstairs to get her hands washed. Anjali tries to stop, but fails.

Shortly after, Purvi comes back with the bride. Pandit asks who will do Kanyadan. Purvi says Virender will. Virender says, Purvi will also do along with him. They both sit down to do Kanyadan. Vaibhav and the bride stand up for pheras (7 rounds). Virender throws flowers on Purvi. She looks back. He says she came in the way. Now it’s mangalsutra time. Anjali is very happy. Pandit asks Vaibhav to fill sindhoor in bride’s forehead. Veil moves and it’s Priyu under the veil. Anjali is shocked. Other side, Jyoti comes out of the cupboard. Vaibhav freezes. Virender asks him to fill her maang. He does it. Everyone claps. Anjali angrily looks at Purvi. She goes to her and asks what she did with Jyoti and where is she. Purvi says same place where Piryu was. Anjali runs.

Flashback: Purvi recalls not seeing the tabiz in bride’s hand when she came down. She understood it’s not Priyu. So she purposely dropped the thaal / oil on the bride’s hand, so she gets an excuse to take the bride upstairs.

Anjali comes to Jyoti and asks how all this happened? Jyoti says Purvi did all this. When they came to room, she removed her veil. She blackmailed her saying she will expose her in front of Virender. Jyoti took Purvi to store room where they hid Priyu. They switched the bride again. Jyoti cries saying all this happened with her. Anjali too cries.

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Telecast Date:2nd February 2021
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