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Molkki 2nd August 2021 Chaudhary, his men and dogs continue to chase Virender and Purvi. Chaudhary even shoots bullets at them but they manage to save themselves and hide. Virender and Purvi hold onto each other. They see Chaudhary walking past them and hide in an empty room. Purvi uses all her strength to wheel Virender out of the room but they hear the sound of dogs barking. Purvi removes her bangles and Virender’s jutti and throws them on the road. Dogs get distracted. Chaudhary is sure they must be nearby.

Priyu has blindfolded Veer. He asks her where she is taking him. You asked me to bring camera and even blindfolded me. What’s happening? She keeps her fingers on his lips to shush him. I have a surprise for you. Just hold my hand. She brings him to his room and closes the door from inside. I will remove the blindfold now but open your eyes only when I tell you to. He agrees. She hides behind the curtains when she removes the blindfold. Veer opens his eyes after checking with her. He looks at her mesmerised. Anjali is recording everything so she can trap Priyu later.

Purvi tells Virender she wont be able to run anymore. Let’s hide in the building. A dog catches up with them. Purvi reasons that anyone can scare them till the time they will feel afraid of them. She decides to scare the dog. Virender tells her to be careful.

Chaudhary’s men hear the dogs barking and think that Sheru must have found them. Chaudhary tells his men to find Virender and Purvi in this vicinity. Dogs are barking here only.

Priyu asks Veer how she is looking. He says beautiful and amazing. She asks him if he wont click her photos then. That’s why I brought you here. He agrees. Thank you for considering me worthy of that. She tells him not to say so. She poses for Veer. He touches her hair and cheek while pushing some strands away. Anjali smirks.

Virender and Purvi hide in the ground floor. Chaudhary and his men check upstairs. Purvi takes Virender outside. She hits a container on her way out. Chaudhary hears the noise and gets alert. Virender tells Purvi to hurry up. Chaudhary runs downstairs with his men.

Priyu tells Veer she is tired. I am sure you must be tired too. I will bring juice for you. She mixes something in his glass. Veer keeps looking at her mesmerised as he takes the glass. Priyu smiles as he finishes his drink. He tells her that he is feeling dizzy. She keeps the glasses aside. Veer is still uncomfortable. He passes out in a few minutes. Priyu smiles. She keeps his camera and clicks their photos together. Anjali is recording everything.

Chaudhary shoots Virender. Purvi and Virender are stunned. Purvi screams for help. Chaudhary says may late Virender Pratap Singh rest in peace. Give strength to Chaudhary Charan Singh so he can manage the responsibilities of a Mukhi. I took care of him here. It is your turn now, Lord. He leaves. Purvi continues shouting for help. Virender is losing conscious. A car passes by but does not stop to help Purvi. An old man is coming there with his cart. She begs him to help her and gives her bangles to him. They put him on the cart. Purvi pushes the cart.

Chaudhary is drinking. He receives Aarav’s call. Make preps for mourning your FIL’s death. He must be dead by now. Do shed some tears as he was your FIL after all. Aarav says I am thrilled at the news. He ends the call when Nandini enters. She asks him who he was speaking to. He lies to her. She gives him tea and leaves. Aarav is still smiling .

Veer wakes up and finds Priyu crying. He asks her what’s wrong. She points at the camera. He is shocked to see the pictures. I swear I have no idea what it is. She says even I don’t know what happened after I drank the juice. I felt dizzy after drinking it. Maybe it had something. Did you add something in it? He declines. Even I felt dizzy after drinking it. I don’t remember anything. Priyu says it is better to die than face the insults that will follow. He requests her not to say that. Please stop crying. Let me think of something. She asks him what he will do. You wont be able to return my dignity to me anyhow. How will I face the society? My sister will kill me and die because of shame too. You have played with me and others. You haven’t left me with any reason to live. Who will marry me now? It is better to die now. She begins to go when he holds her hand. Anjali looks on. Veer tells Priyu he will marry her.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2021
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