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Molkki 29th March 2021 Manas and Juhi decide to look for haathi somewhere else. We will find her at any cost. Prakashi asks them what they are doing here. They share that they are looking for haathi. We are very worried for her. Prakashi loses her calm for a second. I told you that she has left for some place without informing anyone. We are looking for her and are worried already. Why did you have to get out of the house? You have only seen how much your Dadi loves you. You haven’t seen how your Dadi can slap you too! She takes them home.

Kids refuse to eat from Bhuri’s hands or without haathi. Bhuri tells them its no use waiting for haathi. You will starve this way. They stay put. Anjali throws the food on floor. They will come back to their senses after remaining hungry for a few days. Their haathi wont return now! They will forget haathi when they will be hungry. Juhi comforts Manas. Anjali says that Molkki has spoiled the kids. It is time to fix them. She shouts at Manas to be quiet. I will slap you if I hear you crying again. Juhi asks her how she can speak to her brother like this. He hasn’t done anything. Anjali slaps Juhi. I am not your haathi and I wont tolerate this behaviour! Don’t talk to me like this again or I will teach you a lesson which you wont forget your entire life! Go to your room and cry there. I don’t care! Call your haathi now! I will see who will come. Juhi takes Manas upstairs. Bhuri looks on.

Manas and Juhi are crying in their room. They are missing haathi. Juhi touches her cheek sadly. They think of all that their happy past moments together. Juhi requests God to bring their haathi back soon. Manas also requests haathi to come home soon. Juhi wipes his tears. Our haathi will be home soon. Juhi kisses Purvi’s photo.

Purvi thinks of finding a way out of here. She notices a table nearby and slides her chair closer to the table. She pretends to be asleep when one of the guys comes there to put his phone on charging. He thinks that she is sleeping and decides to eat his lunch before she wakes up. Purvi rubs the rope against the side of the table. I know it is very difficult to get out of here but please help me get out of here asap, Kanha ji.

Sudha is unable to find Purvi or Sakshi. Don’t know what I should do now. Priyu says it is important to find Didi right now. Don’t know where or how she disappeared. Sudha says even I cannot understand that. Mukhi ji isn’t even picking my phone. Priyu says he carries his other phone when he goes out of town. Sudha says I have that number too but he isn’t picking my call. Priyu asks her what they should do now. Sudha says we will inform police.

Sudha and Priyu file a missing report at police station. Inspector assures them that Mukhiyayin ji will be home before Mukhi ji is back. He takes Purvi’s photo. Sudha wonders where Purvi could be. I am sure you are in some trouble but I am also positive that you will fight your way out of this.

Purvi is worried about the kids. I must get out of here and call Mukhiya ji. I will be able to get out of here if only I can free my hands. She manages to break the ropes from her right hand.

Prakashi takes out a gun from her cupboard. It is time for you to leave this world, Molkki. I will bid you adieu with my own hands. This mother will be at peace when her son’s soul will be at peace. That will happen today!

There is a knock at the door. Bhuri opens it and finds police standing at the door. Bhuri, Prakashi and Anjali are taken aback. Prakashi covers the open end of her gun with her hand. Inspector shares that he has come to enquire about Purvi’s disappearance. Prakashi says she is the DIL of this house. You should enquire outside. Inspector says we will enquire outside as well as inside as the loved ones are generally the biggest enemies these days. Prakashi asks him if he doubts them. Inspector says we are only doing are duty. You should cooperate with us. Let’s sit and talk. Prakashi asks him to come in the evening. We are going out for puja right now. Inspector tells her she cannot step out of the house till the time Purvi is found. It would be better if you cooperate with us now. Prakashi and Anjali give in.

Juhi tells Manas that they found Papa’s local phone. How will we find his other number? Manas suggests checking his diary. We will inform him about haathi’s disappearance then and he will come back asap. They check the room but don’t find Virender’s diary. Juhi repeats Purvi’s words when Manas becomes sad. God listens to those who prayers are genuine and true. They pray to Kanha ji.

Purvi’s hand is wounded. She opens the ropes from her feet and hands but then covers herself when she hears the door opening. That same goon has brought food for her. Eat it when you wake up and feel hungry. Purvi notices him checking his phone. She gets up and picks a stick kept nearby. She hits him on his head. He passes out on the floor. Purvi takes his phone. She removes the cap on her way out.

Kids see an incoming call from an unknown number on Virender’s phone. Juhi is hesitant but Manas says it could be Baba calling from another number or it must be haathi. Juhi picks it up. It is indeed haathi who requests Virender to come and help her. I have been held captive in the godwon near Sakshi Mill Godown. Please get me out of here. I am missing all 3 of you. The goon comes back, snatches his phone and slaps Purvi. Kids decide not to tell anything to Prakashi. They wonder what they should do to help haathi. Juhi tells Manas that now Haathi’s friend will save her.

The goon takes Purvi back inside. He covers her face again and is trying to tie her hands when she attacks him with a knife. He screams I pain.

Sudha hopes that police is able to find a clue about Purvi asap. Priyu asks her how Didi disappeared suddenly. Sudha says I have no idea. Juhi calls Sudha and informs Sudha about Purvi’s call.

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