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Molkki 29th April 2021 Sudha says Mukhi ji wont be able to take his eyes off you today. She applies kala teeka to Purvi. You will not longer be a Molkki today. You will become someone’s wife and get the rights and respect you deserve. I am very happy for you. Purvi thanks her and hugs her. She asks Sudha about Sakshi. Sudha says she is perfectly fine. Don’t worry about her. Purvi nods. Purvi’s phone rings. It is Juhi. Purvi asks her where she is. Juhi tells her to guess. Purvi looks behind her. It is not haveli. Tell me please. Juhi turns the phone around and notices the Baraat. Virender is sitting on a horse. He waves at Purvi. She stands up with excitement. Juhi asks her if she liked the grand surprise. You asked for Baraat and Babbar Sher made it come true. Love you, haathi. Purvi asks for Manas.

Manas is shouting for help.

Bhuri pays the guys. Don’t open your mouth even if you die in the process. The guy agrees and leaves. Flashback shows Prakashi telling Bhuri to make sure nothing goes wrong this time. Anjali asks her why she wants to kidnap Manas. Prakashi says I want Virender to leave his Baraat and go find Manas. He and Purvi will leave everything to find Manas after knowing that he has disappeared. The next mahurat is after 6 months. We will throw that Molkki out of the house by then. Anjali is amazed. How could you be so clever? Prakashi tells her to be quiet. She tells Bhuri to execute the plan properly. Flashback ends.

Manas keeps calling out for haathi. He shouts for help, knocks at the door but in vain. He starts crying. Please save me, haathi!

Purvi is feeling restless. I dint see Manas in the Baraat. Did you? Sudha says there were too many people there so you might have missed him. Purvi denies. He would have been around Mukhi ji, Juhi or Ma if he was indeed there. She calls Virender but they are unable to hear each other because of the dhol. She tells Sudha who reassures Purvi but Purvi is not ready to accept that he is there. I am very afraid. What if something goes wrong?

Manas thinks I am missing haathi, Baba and Didi so much. They too must be looking for me. How will they know I am here? He wipes his tears and thinks of an instance with haathi. Why is someone this boy pointing torch? Purvi explains that it is a sign for help. Flashback ends. Manas takes out his laser light. I will ask for help with it.

Sudha goes to check on Manas. Bhuri tells Purvi about Manas’s disappearance just then. She tells Purvi everything. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find him. Purvi is in tears. Please protect him, God. She goes to look for Manas. Bhuri offers to come along and follows Purvi. Purvi runs to the market in her bridal dress. She asks people about Manas but no one has seen him. Bhuri points at the shop where she lost Manas. Purvi sends her in opposite direction. Let me know if you see him.

Manas uses the laser to ask for help.

Baraat is on their way.

Purvi continues looking for Manas. She is right in front of the hideout but misses his signal. She goes in another direction. Manas starts crying. Purvi comes back in front of the hideout. She misses the laser signal again. The light stops working. Manas hits it to make it work again but in vain. He shouts for help. He sits down in a corner dejected.

Everyone is dancing in the Baraat.

Mama ji asks his sister who will welcome them from the bride’s side. Juhi offers to do it. Mama ji says you came in the Baraat with us. Juhi says Manas will become Baraati from groom’s side while I will be on the girl’s side. Mama ji points out that she was just dancing in the Baraat with them. Juhi says times have changed. I will do the duties from both the sides. Everyone smiles. Virender supports her. Welcome us now. Juhi agrees. Where is Manas though? Virender also realises that he is missing. Juhi says he must be here. She goes to look for him. Virender asks his mother about Manas. Prakashi says Bhuri must have brought him back by now. Mama ji says he might be with haathi. He tells Juhi to welcome her Baba. Juhi applies teeka to Virender and does his aarti. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. Virender gives money to Juhi as shagun.

Pundit ji asks for the bride. Anjali goes to bring Purvi. She meets Sudha on her way. Pheras are about to begin. Where are you going? Sudha shares that Purvi got worried when she dint see Manas during the video call so I was looking for him. Anjali lies that he is sleeping in his room right now as he was exhausted. Pundit ji is asking for the bride. Sudha tries to talk about Manas but Anjali takes her to Purvi’s room. Purvi is not in the room though which worries Sudha. Anjali decides to tell everyone.

Anjali shouts and tells everyone that they could not find Purvi. Prakashi says she must be getting ready. Did you check in the bathroom? Anjali nods. Her phone was on the bed. You can ask Sudha. Pundit ji asks about the bride again. Anjali says we know it is mahurat time but the bride has run away. She changes her words when she notices Virender glaring at her. We cannot find her. She may not return during the mahurat time. Virender tells her to stop her nonsense. Bawari cannot run away. You are saying anything. I will go to look for her. Anjali tells him to go ahead.

Virender heads to Purvi’s room. Prakashi is smiling to herself. Virender finds the room empty. Priyu also runs inside. Virender gets worried. Where would she be? He checks the entire haveli and even asks servants but no one has seen Purvi. He goes back outside. Prakashi asks about Purvi. Pundit ji tells Prakashi to call the bride and groom asap. We might lose the mahurat this way and the marriage cannot happen for the next 6 months then. Virender wonders where Purvi must have gone to without informing anyone. Prakashi says Purvi has not come till now. What should we do? Where can she go like this? Did you two fight over something? Was she ready for the wedding? Anjali says Purvi should have told Jeth ji before disappearing. It isn’t a small thing for a bride to disappear right before her wedding. It is so humiliating for the groom. Virender clenches his hands angrily. He removes his turban shocking everyone. Anjali says he removed his safa. Prakashi questions Virender. There is still time. She asks Pundit ji how much time they still have. Virender says let it be. I have made up my mind. This wedding wont happen. You can pack your stuff and leave. He apologizes to everyone. Please go to your room and forgive me. Mama ji tells him to think with a cool head. Virender says I cannot be calm right now. I have decided that the wedding wont happen now. I am sorry for what happened. It shouldn’t have happened but please forgive me and leave. He folds his hands before the guests. He thinks it was you (Purvi) in front of whom I bent my head after God. I had to bow my head in front of everyone because of you today!

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