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Molkki 28th January 2021 Manas and Juhi request Virender to apply it on Purvi’s hand again. The colour should come this time. He accepts their demand so they kiss him on the cheek sweetly before they head to their room. Virender looks at the henna and thinks of how Purvi has been feeling bad because of things oging against her since the day she has come here.

Virender closes the door. Purvi is sleeping. I kept calling you Bawari till date but I am the real crazy one (Bawla). I forgot that every girl has some dreams related to marriage and expectations from her wedding. I couldn’t fulfil it till now but I will start today. I cannot give you Sakshi’s place but we can be friends. He touches her shoulder slightly to wake her up but she simply turns in her sleep. She moves her hand away in her sleep but he holds it and applies henna on her hand.

Next morning, Purvi wakes up. She is surprised to see henna in her both hands. Who did this? Kids come to hug her just then. Good morning! Purvi asks them about mehendi. Juhi removes the dry mehendi. The colour is so beautiful. Purvi nods. Who applied this though? Manas says a black thief did that. Juhi points at Virender who is still sleeping. Purvi smiles. Manas also complements the colour. Now no one can say that Babbar Sher does not love haathi. They ask her to come downstairs so they can practice dance for sangeet. Purvi agrees. She sends them downstairs. Purvi looks at Virender. Try as much as you want Kroor Singh ji but I wont forgive you so easily.

Anjali and Jyoti try to get out of the house stealthily when Virender’s mother stops her. She tries to suggest an alternative to Anjali’s request but Anjali still leaves. Purvi wonders what they are up to now.

Everyone is practising downstairs. Virender tells Mama he looks good but Mama tells him to try it himself. Virender denies. His mother reasons that both bride and groom are his relatives. You must dance. She also brings Purvi and pushes them both closer. You both should practise now. Choreographer tells them the steps. Virender and Purvi follow the instructions. They step aside to practice the steps as the choreographer focuses on others. Virender extends his hand. Purvi keeps her hand in his. He complements the colour of henna on her hands. She nods. It is good but I wont forgive you because of this gesture. He says I forgave you easily. Why are you being so picky? How will you forgive me? She says you should try to win my trust. What if you repeat it again? He says I will keep trying. You only say that those who try never fail. She makes him repeat the steps. He happily accommodates her wish. They share an eye lock.

Vaibhav and his friends are drinking. His male friends tell Vaibhav that that bet proved out to be costly for him. You won some money by winning it but she will get the entire property after marrying you. Whatever happened was wrong though but now you will have to spend your life with that illiterate! Priyu says I am that girl from village who will make Vaibhav pay for his mistake his entire life. I will make him pay for every second, the pain that he has caused me. You won the bet but you lost life while winning it! You are a loser! Drink it. It will help you. Vaibhav fumes.

Purvi notices a bag in Anjali’s room. Where is she going? She might try to do something during the wedding. I must find out the truth before that. Bhuri asks her what she is doing here. Purvi says I am standing outside. Who are you to question me? I should be the one asking you questions. I saw you leaving the haveli stealthily at night few days ago. Where were you off to? You also brought some medicines yesterday. No one takes such costly medicines in this house. Who were they for? Bhuri fumbles. Purvi repeats her questions. Virender’s mother asks Purvi to help her with the marriage preps. Purvi nods. She tells Bhuri she may be going now but I will find out the truth sooner or later. Bhuri heaves a sigh of relief once Purvi leaves.

Everyone has gathered for the sangeet ceremony at night. Manas and Juhi are the first ones. They kiss Purvi before their performance and even blow a kiss at Virender. Virender sits next to Purvi during the performance but she moves to another sofa. Virender smirks.

Mama and Virender’s mother’s performance is next. Anjali and Jyoti are present. Virender sits next to Purvi but she switches seat again. Virender thinks till when you will not forgive me. Bawari. Purvi thinks till the time I am certain that you wont misunderstand me ever again.

Anjali receives a phone call. She tells Jyoti she must leave now. They go upstairs. Anjali tells Jyoti this is their last chance. We must be successful this time. Jyoti assures her she will handle everything. Just finish everything. They share a hug. Anjali takes her bag and leaves.

Virender and Purvi are asked to step forward for their performance. Vaibhav glances at Priyu. The dance performance is quite magical. Neither of them takes their eyes off each other during the entire performance. Their eye lock is broken when people clap and hoot for her. Virender’s mother praises Purvi. Host praises Virender. You are as romantic from inside as strict you look from outside. He invites Priyu and Vaibhav on the floor now. Their dances is a little aggressive. She steps on his foot intentionally during the dance.

Anjali thinks the game will be up soon. This wedding wont happen then and neither will Mukhiyayin be happy. Enjoy a little longer. I will make you two mourn your emotions very soon! She leaves in a car.

It is time for Yogi and Anjali’s dance. They don’t see Anjali around.

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