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Molkki 27th September 2021 Daksh tells Purvi come what may she will be his today. She hits him on his head with a vase as he takes another step towards her. He starts bleeding.

Prakashi asks Anjali and Virender where they are off to. Anjali tells her what she saw. Prakashi tells her not to say so. I feel bad for Purvi. She said no to Daksh and is heartbroken. He must have gone to speak to her in inebriated stated. Virender asks them if they want to hold a Panchayat here right now and walks away. Prakashi and Anjali smirk. They go after him.

Purvi tells Daksh to stop. He pushes her on the bed. She tries to head to the door but he does not let her go. She asks him what has happened to him. You don’t do this to girls. She cries. He tells her that she is not the Dhwani who can cheat Daksh. You started this game. I will end it. She requests him to stop but he pushes her on the bed. He pulls her and her clothes get torn in the process. Virender is at the window right now. Purvi screams Mukhi ji. Virender warns Daksh to let go of her. I will kill you otherwise. Daksh holds her hand tightly. She requests him to let go and asks Virender to help her. Daksh asks Virender if he should leave her so she can become his again.

Virender challenges him to come outside. Daksh says you paid for her and brought her home. How cheap! This isn’t Purvi but my Dhwani. I love my Dhwani. I haven’t bought her by paying money for her. you have cheated me by hiding your truth from me. Aren’t you ashamed? You came back to take your Molkki using the business deal as a sham? I am Daksh Shekhawat. I never make a deal with loss. Purvi requests Dakh to let go. Daksh tells Virender now his Molkki will become his, by love or by force. He pushes Purvi on the bed. Virender is furious outside.

Purvi folds her hands but Daksh keeps getting closer. Virender breaks the window using a vase but there are grills. Virender heads to the door. He tries to break open it but in vain. One of the guards decide to check on Virender. He has been gone for too long. Virender fails in opening the door.

Nani asks Prakashi and Anjali what’s happening. Prakashi tells her to look for herself. Nani is shocked to see Daksh thus. She asks the ladies what’s happening. Prakashi shares their plan with her. Purvi will be Daksh’s in the end. Anjali nods. We instigated him so much that he wants to make a physical connection with her. we don’t mind how its done. We only care that Purvi should become his. Nani slaps her. what have you guys done? I have to make Purvi my DIL. I don’t intend to make my Daksh a criminal. Don’t you realize he would be sent to jail for this? What will be left then? She shouts at Daksh to stop. Don’t do this.

Guard reaches there and asks Virender if everything is fine. Virender takes his gun, shoots at the lock and storms in. He points the gun at Daksh. Let go of Bawri. I wont spare you otherwise. Daksh refuses to budge. Virender gives him another warning but Daksh challenges him to shoot him. I wont leave her. Virender gives him a final warning. Purvi pushes Daksh and tries to go to Virender but Daksh catches holds of her. Virender tells Daksh to let go of Bawri. I am asking you nicely. Daksh tells him to shoot. Virender shouts at him but in vain.

Nani asks the ladies to stop Virender. He will kill Daksh otherwise. I wont spare you if anything happens to Daksh. She decides to stop Virender himself and heads inside. Veer and Priyu notice them all going to Daksh’s room and decide to check what’s happening.

Daksh refuses to let go of Purvi even after repeated warnings. Veer worries for Virender.

Juhi wakes up and is surprised to see Virender missing. She wakes up Manas. Do you know where Baba must be? He replies that they only see dreams while sleeping. She tells him not to sleep so deeply or someone might pick him up. They head outside and ask the guard about Virender. He offers to bring Virender and sends them inside. They comply.

Nani requests Daksh to let go of Purvi. she asks Virender to drop the gun. He is inebriated. Virender tells her to tell Daksh. Nani reasons that he is drunk right now. You know he isn’t like this. Prakashi tells Virender to drop the gun. What if Daksh gets hurt? Virender stays put. Purvi gives Virender her swear. He is drunk. He is not in his senses. Virender shouts Nani to ask Daksh to let go. Nani begs Daksh but he keeps challenging Virender to shoot him. Veer asks Virender to drop the gun. The same arguments continue. Everyone tries to convince Virender to back off.

Juhi and Manas are worried for Virender.

Daksh asks Virender to shoot him. Purvi shouts against it. She tells Daksh not to do this. Daksh insists that Dhwani belongs to him. She wont go anywhere. Virender shoots a bullet. Kids hear the noise and get tensed.

Daksh has been shot in the chest. Everyone looks on in shock as he falls on the bed. He passes out. Nani screams his name. Purvi and Virender look on in disbelief. Nani tries to wake him up but in disbelief. She breaks down. Purvi asks Virender what he has done. Virender recalls aiming for Daksh’s arms. Veer tells Virender that he has killed Daksh. Virender says I aimed at his arm. I don’t have such a bad aim. I dint kill him. Veer says you were so angry that you aimed incorrectly. You have gone blind in Purvi’s love! What have you done?

Juhi and Manas worry for haathi. They decide to go to her room first.

Chandni comes to Purvi’s room and is stunned to see Daksh lying dead. The other guard reaches there as well. Nani asks Chandni why she is here. You are the one who has set this in motion. Your brother would have been alive today if you hadn’t called Mukhi! Nani holds Virender by his collar. I wont spare you as you have snatched my Daksh from me. I will send you to jail for forever! You will be cursed! She blames Purvi next. Daksh gave you life while you gave him death. I will send all of you to jail! You will all be cursed! She pushes Purvi and asks her to get out of here. Chandni cries silently.

Police comes there with police staff. Nani asks Inspector to arrest Virender. Virender says I was just trying to scare him as he was molesting my wife. I was aiming for his arm. I don’t know how he got shot in the heart. Inspector takes the gun from Virender. Nani tells Inspector Virender is lying. Inspector tells her he will take care of everything. He tells Virender only one bullet has been shot. We have to take you in custody. Purvi tries to stop them but in vain. Kids ask Virender why police is taking him away. Virender tells them that he must go now. Remember that your Baba hasn’t done anything wrong. They refuse to let him go and hug him. Purvi comforts them. Priyu smirks in the background. Nani walks out and tells the kids that Virender has killed Daksh. Even your haathi will go to jail soon. I will see how they wont be hanged now! Police takes Virender away.

Prakashi asks Anjali to pinch her. anjali obliges. Prakashi is thrilled to realize all this is true. Virender wont come back to our life or haveli now. We will get rid of Molkki too. Now Virender will rot and die in

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