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Molkki 25th June 2021 Vipul thanks Purvi for agreeing to marry him. I was heartbroken when you said no the other day. I thought there was no reason to live anymore but I am thrilled since you said yes. I believe now that our love was real. It can never diminish. Tells me the truth now. You lied to me the other day, right? Purvi thinks I am lying now. I am doing this for Sakshi ji. My true love is Mukhi ji and he will always remain my love. I may or may not tell you but this truth wont change. Vipul asks her where she is lost. Purvi says it is true that people don’t forget their first love like we did not. I tried to refuse you but couldn’t! Now you too must be sure that I love you so I said yes. Vipul says maybe God kept me alive to hear this from you only. I used to think of you as my Radha since childhood. It is coming true. I would have never married you if you dint love me but I am very happy right now. Purvi says I am happy too. Kanha ji will unite those who got separated because of fate. From on onwards you will be my Kanha and I will be your Radha. Vipul smiles. Virender overhears everything. What has happened to Bawri? Why is she lying to Vipul? She only loves me, no one else. This is the only truth. Got knows why she is under pressure to marry Vipul!

Purvi comes to check on Virender. Are you fine? Preeti told me that you aren’t eating food. She notices the plate of sweets and is about to pick it but he snatches it from her. It is a day to celebrate so I will eat them. You have confessed your love to Vipul. How can I not eat them today? Eat some too. She reminds him that they are dangerous for his health. What are you doing? Virender replies that lying is dangerous for her health too. Purvi says I did not lie. Virender starts laughing. You did not? You act very well. You pretended to be Vipul’s Radha and here you are pretending to be my Meera. Amazing! You act really well! You may or may not say it but I know this isn’t true. You are doing this for Sakshi’s sake. You are making a big sacrifice for us by marrying Vipul. Purvi denies and looks down. I love Vipul and I am going to marry him too. Virender laughs again. You are lying again. I can see it in your eyes. She looks away but he makes her look at him. You are doing this to help Sakshi and save our marriage. Don’t marry a guy who you don’t love. Purvi says it isn’t true. Vipul is my first love and I have started loving him again. Don’t forget it. One may or may not succeed in getting their love but one can never forget it. All the memories came back since Vipul has started living with us again.

He throws the plate angrily. You are lying. This is Sakshi’s zidd and you are supporting her in this! Purvi denies. I am only following my heart. My heart is telling me that I love Vipul. He keeps her hand on his head. Swear upon me that it’s true. I will die if you will lie. She tries to walk away but he refuses. I will see if my heart is telling the truth or my Bawri. Tell me the truth. She drops her hand unwillingly. Virender says faking love is easy but lying to your true love is difficult. You are neither able to swear or say anything. One cannot forget their first love. Similarly, you cannot forget the one you truly love. I know you have no attachment, love or wish to marry Vipul. Sakshi has pressurized you to do this. You are doing this for her. He is about to say something when Vipul calls Purvi. Virender tells her to go. Your first love is calling you. He looks away. Purvi leaves with a heavy heart. Virender thinks you can lie but your eyes keep screaming that I am in your heart. Vipul might be your first love but Virender is your true love. Even God cannot change this truth!

Sakshi asks Virender which sherwani he will wear in the haldi ceremony. He refuses to be a part of the forced marriage. She insists that he is the only one who is getting angry for no reason. He retorts that it isn’t forced. Bawri did not agree willingly. She said it under your pressure. I can read her eyes. She has become a prey in your plot. She asks him why he is saying so. I am doing it for her sake only. I think you cannot convince yourself that you have lost the bet and that Purvi is marrying Vipul willingly. Wear whichever sherwani you want to. You promised me that you will get Purvi married happily so get ready and come downstairs. Ritual is about to begin.

Anjali asks Vipul to select a beautiful dress for Purvi. Vipul says everything suits my Purvi. She tells him not to feel shy. Virender comes there as well. Vipul keeps clothes one by one on Purvi’s shoulder to ask her opinion. Virender begins to walk away when Sakshi asks him where he is going. You will also apply haldi to Purvi, right? He says I have work in Panchayat. She reminds him that they have taken responsibility of the wedding. Virender nods. Panchayat and village is more important than this. Don’t try to remind of my responsibilities. I will come as soon as my work is over. Maybe the ritual will be over by then.

Everyone has gathered for the haldi ritual. Sakshi says we will celebrate this ritual as a game. Virender stops at the door. Sakshi continues explaining the game. We will take a garland each. Whoever is able to put the garland around Purvi’s neck (by throwing) first will apply haldi to her first. Kids cutely argue over who will win. Virender is headed to his room when Anjali asks Virender if he heard that Sakshi has changed haldi items into game. Will you play with us? I think Vipul will win. Prakashi calls Anjali. Virender heads to his room. Anjali thinks this was enough for now. Sakshi explains that Purvi will run in this circle. Whoever manages to put the garland around her neck will apply haldi to her first. Manas and Juhi are the first competitors. Juhi and Manas drop their garlands so they are out of the game. Sakshi and Priyu are next. Purvi dodges them as well and they get out. Juhi asks Prakashi and Anjali to come next. Anjali gets tired and throws the garland towards Purvi. She loses and Prakashi drops the garland as well. Vipul is next. Sakshi asks them if there is anyone who will compete with the groom. Virender says I will.

Vipul and Virender pick up garlands. Rama Ram Jai Raja Ram plays. Purvi thinks to not let Virender win. Vipul will otherwise become suspicious if he will see Mukhi ji apply haldi to me. Virender thinks fate may play games but I will win. I applied haldi to you earlier too and I will do it today too. Vipul thinks Purvi is mine now so I have the first right to apply haldi to her. I wont let anyone else have this right, not even Mukhi ji. Vipul chases Purvi around the circle. Virender and Purvi are looking at each other. She ducks to avoid the garland thrown by Vipul. Virender throws the garland towards her just then and wins. Kids cheer for Babbar Sher. Vipul tells Virender that he gets to apply haldi to Purvi as he has won. Virender says I can never lose this competition. Vipul says you may have won the game but I will get to marry Purvi. Sakshi looks unhappy.

Purvi’s eyes well up as Virender applies haldi to her cheeks. She thinks of the night when they had met at the beach and Virender had applied haldi to her. Vipul and Sakshi are watching Purvi and Virender intently. Vipul asks Purvi to come. Other people are also waiting to apply haldi to us. Shall we? He extends his hand towards her. Virender looks away as she keeps her hand in Vipul’s.

Vipul is about to apply haldi to Purvi when Purvi’s parents walk in. Purvi’s Baba tells them to stop. Purvi wont marry Vipul! Forget this wedding. Stop this ritual and remove the decorations. Purvi’s brother runs to hug her. mama ji welcomes them. Purvi’s father says that can happen later. This wedding wont happen though. Virender asks him to come inside with him. Let’s not do anything in front of the guests. Purvi’s father expresses his wish to stop the wedding again. Virender and Mama ji take them inside.

Prakashi tells Sakshi they are Purvi’s parents and her little brother. We paid them 20 lacs to bring this Molkki. You wanted to send her to a new home happily. You wanted your kids and your family. Throw these people out or this wedding wont happen! Sakshi says they are Purvi’s parents. How can I just throw them out? Why did they come to suddenly stop the wedding? Prakashi fumes.

Virender brings Purvi’s parents to their room. Rest for now. We will talk later. Purvi’s father tells him that they haven’t come this far to stop the wedding. Virender agrees. I will do it if that’s what you want! He insists. Virender leaves. Purvi’s mother asks her husband what happened but he scolds her. be quiet.

Sakshi is confused about the sudden turn of events. I don’t know what will happen next. Virender asks her why she is so worried. Sakshi says this is a bad omen. You may not be worried but I am! Did they tell you what problem they have with this alliance? Virender says I dint ask them anything yet. They have just come. Let them rest and calm down. I will speak to them. Sakshi tells him to speak to them. You are Mukhi too. They wont say no to you. You are the only one who can pacify them. Ask them what problem they have with this wedding! Virender agrees to do his best. If they insist that they don’t want this wedding to happen then I wont be able to force them. Sakshi says they will surely agree if you will try to convince them. He assures her that he will do his best. He excuses himself.

Virender watches Purvi’s father as he counts money in a corner. This is just the first instalment. Finish your work and I will give you more! Thank you for coming with your family immediately upon askance. Purvi’s father thanks him for calling him. I can do anything for money. What should I do next? I am ready to do anything. I can even stay here forever if you want! Virender tells him to stop Vipul and Purvi’s marriage at any cost. Do anything but this wedding should not happen. You are smart. I will manage the rest. Purvi’s father nods.

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