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Molkki 24th September 2021 Nani tells them to do anything but make sure Purvi becomes Daksh’s. She leaves. Prakashi tells Anjali to get into action.

Anjali records video where Virender feeds soup to Purvi and even wipes it off her face when it spills. Purvi tells Virender she had enough. He requests her to drink a little more but she refuses. Please leave. He asks her to say thank you before that. She asks him why. He says you used to feed me bitter medicines whenever I used to fall ill. This is normal. She asks him to go. I have to go to washroom too.

He stands near the door. She gets up with difficulty. She is still feeling dizzy. Virender walks towards her and she falls in his arms. Anjali is recording everything. Purvi and Virender share an eye lock. Bawri plays in the background. Purvi looks away. Manas and Juhi are busy playing. Purvi steps away but trips again. Virender holds her just in time. She is reminded of how he had held her when she couldn’t remember anything. Virender asks her if she saw how she cannot walk for 2 steps without him.

How will you live alone when you are ill? You have to look after the kids too. She stares at him. He tells her not to do that. Keep your hand over my shoulder. I will take you to washroom. She gives in. Virender tells Purvi she has gained weight as he helps her walk. She makes a face. He asks her to come.

Anjali tells Prakashi this recording will do the rest of the work for us. They laugh.

Nani asks Chandni if she is happy now. You ruined your brother’s marriage. Are you satisfied now? Daksh and Purvi would have gotten married by now if you hadn’t called Virender. Chandni tells her that she is the one who was cheating here. Whatever I did was right. Mukhi ji’s wife cannot be Daksh’s happiness. It is illegal to force a married girl to marry without getting divorce first. You should thank me. You would have ended up in Jail otherwise. Purvi had only lost her memory. Her wedding wasn’t over. I am with her in her decision. Stop this cheating, conspiracy and lies. Let Purvi and Mukhi ji live their life peacefully.

Daksh thinks of how Virender was feeding soup to Purvi earlier. He pours himself a drink when Prakashi and Anjali enter. Prakashi pretends to sympathize with him. That girl does not deserve any of it. We brought proof for you so you will believe us. Anjali tells him about the video she has recorded. That girl told you she wont marry you or go with Jeth ji yet she is in Jeth ji’s arms. Daksh refuses to believe it but they show him the video. Anjali mixes something in his drink. He is in tears.

Prakashi says this was happening sometime ago only. She is a shameless girl. She said she wont spend her life with you or Virender. she wanted to look great in front of everyone. See how Virender is doing everything for her and she is enjoying it. It does not seem that she isn’t enjoying any of it. She is not an ordinary girl after all. She is a Molkki. Molkki’s know how to trap and use people. She was around you when she needed you. She made you her friend and agreed to marry you until Virender turned up. That’s how Molkki’s are. Daksh gulps down the drink. Prakashi says Molkki’s don’t belong to one person. They keep choosing people as per their wish. Anjali tells Daksh they have been honest with him. Molkki’s can be kept under control with force. They leave.

Virender thinks that Purvi might not be able to sleep properly with the kids. He decides to check on her. Purvi is unable to sleep. She is surprised to see Virender there. Why are you here? He tells her that he has come to take the kids. She refuses to let them go anywhere. He says I am taking them to my room so you can sleep peacefully. I will bring them back in the morning. Kids second Virender and kiss her good night. We will come to you in the morning. They go with Virender.

Purvi switches off the lights and lies down again.

Daksh keeps watching the video. He thinks of the past moments with Purvi and continues drinking. Prakashi and Anjali watch him from the window. Anjali says looks like our work is done. He has lost his mind after watching the video and he has lost his senses after drinking alcohol. Prakashi says hope that happens for real. He should go to Molkki’s room in this condition and molests her so she will get out of our life once and for all! Daksh murmurs that he cannot lose her (Dhwani). Daksh never loses in business and I wont lose in love too. You will be mine today, Dhwani! Prakashi mentally coaxes him to go to Purvi’s room. Daksh leaves. Prakashi smirks.

Purvi thinks that Virender took the kids for no reason. I would have slept more peacefully if they were here. She decides to bring them back and sits up. Daksh enters just then. She asks the person who it is. Mukhi ji? Daksh is unhappy to hear Virender’s name. purvi asks him why he is here. Are you drunk? Please leave. He denies. I have come here today to come closer. He holds her by her shoulders. She asks him what he is doing. Daksh says you tried to reject me but you should know that Daksh Shekhawat never loses anything. She tries to argue but he tells her that she will be his tonight.

No one, not even you can separate us today. She asks him to let go of her. You are not in your senses. He holds her tightly. You are not in your senses. You have become crazy for Mukhi. Why did you do this to me? She asks him to let go of her. He asks her why she did this to him when she knows how much he loves her. She tells him to leave her hand. Don’t talk nonsense. He advances towards her. She screams for help. He covers her mouth. You are calling me useless now that Mukhi is back in your life. Why were you in Mukhi’s arms when you said that you don’t want to stay with either of us? Anjali and Prakashi watch the drama from outside. Daksh asks Purvi to answer him. What were you doing with him? She screams that he is crossing his limits. Please leave.

He insists that he saw her in his arms himself. Is it because you are his slave? He paid for you and made you his Molkki? She slaps him. How dare you say it? Let go of my hand. It is hurting. He tells her that the slap wont hide the truth. She reminds him that she isn’t Dhwani but Purvi. He says whoever you may be but you are very selfish. Why did you do this to me? You have only see my care and love till now. You will see my revenge now. No one can separate us from being together tonight. She cries. Let go of my hand. It is hurting. He tells her that no one can stop him today. You will be mine tonight.

Prakashi tells Anjali to call Virender. he should see it with his own eyes. I want to see how his face will turn pale or red because of anger.

Veer tells Priyu Purvi cannot leave both Virender and Daksh. It cannot be true. Priyu says she ruined my life. I did the same to her today. I am very happy today. I would have been happier if she had brain hemorrhage or if she had died. That’s why I had played that video in front of Mukhi ji. Purvi regained her memory though. She wont be happy as I have cursed her so many times and will continue to do so! She chose to leave both Virender and Daksh for that reason only. Veer disagrees. I don’t trust it. I wont believe it until I see her leaving them on my own. Priyu says I called you here as she will leave from here tomorrow. Let’s stay here tonight. He agrees.

Anjali screams Jeth ji as she approaches Virender’s room. Guard tries to stop her but she insists. Anjali knocks at the door. Virender steps out of the room and asks her what happened. Anjali says Purvi is in danger. I saw Daksh heading to her room. He was inebriated. I am worried that he might do something wrong. I am afraid. Save her. Virender tells the guards to stay with the kids and goes with Anjali. Anjali stops for a moment to call Prakashi. I am coming with Jeth ji. Be ready.

Purvi pushes Daksh and begs him to stop. Have you lost your mind? Think about our friendship and please leave. He refuses to go anywhere. You are the one who has cheated me. Just look at me. Have you seen me like this till date? I have become this because of you. You have ignored my heart, my feelings! I never asked you to marry me. You were the one who agreed. Did I ever force you? You regained your memory on the day of our wedding. Don’t you think it’s a joke? What were you doing in his arms after saying that you don’t want to be with either of us? I think you were lying to me. You wanted to spend time with that Mukhi. You used me! She picks up a vase and asks him to step away. He tells her that she will become his at any cost. She hits him on his head with a vase as he takes another step towards her. Daksh starts bleeding.

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