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Molkki 24th March 2021 Purvi walks inside the house behind the temple. Anjali is holding 2 cans of kerosene.

Bhuri returns to her home muttering to herself when she realises that the mystery woman is missing. She notices the axe on the floor and gets tensed. I am so dead! What will I do now? Boss wont spare me! This lady will get me killed. I must find her asap.

Chains are still tied on the feet and hands of the mystery lady. Passerbys look at her in shock and confusion. Virender asks Pundit ji if all the preps are done. Pundit ji says just a few things are left. It will be ready soon. Virender tells him to take his time.

Purvi disconnects Virender’s call at the first attempt but picks it up next time. Virender asks her if her Tau ji has taught her to pick her husband’s call after 7 attempts. Purvi says my Tau ji is very smart. He has taught me to maintain distance from the person who cannot trust or respect you. Virender says even you know that I respect you a lot. That’s why I am trying to talk to you again and again. Even Ma Parvati dint get so angry with Lord Shiva. Purvi says Lord Shiva loves Ma Parvati a lot. Let it be. Virender says I wont drop it today. I will decide today. you think I don’t love you? My love is as pure as Shiv ji’s love. Purvi says I don’t trust you at all, especially not on this matter. You say something and mean something else. She turns around and is surprised to see him standing in front of her. Virender says I am right in front of you now to make you believe in me. You can test now. Purvi says I still don’t trust you and ends the call. Virender pulls her closer by her waist. Do you trust now? She looks away. He makes her look at him and kisses her on her forehead. Now? She smiles a little. I still don’t trust you. He kisses her on her eyes. Do you trust now? She denies. He leans closer for a kiss but she hugs him tight feeling shy. Virender smiles and hugs her back. Purvi realises that she was imagining it and looks at her phone. I have actually become Bawari. I must stop imagining such things. I should leave asap.

Anjali locks the door from outside. Purvi tries to go out but the door is closed. Please open the door. Is someone there? Anjali is pouring kerosene over the house. Purvi peeks outside and can smell kerosene. Is someone outside? Please open the door. Anjali bids adieu to Purvi as she lights the house on fire. Purvi notices fire and shouts for help. All the exit points are closed. Anjali smiles hearing her screams of help and leaves.

Anjali informs Prakashi that she has set the house on fire. You will hear the good news soon. Prakashi says you have made me really happy today. That Molkki will be out of our way now! Bhuri calls Prakashi. I don’t know how this happened but she ran away when I came home! Prakashi asks her if she wasn’t careful with her. Bhuri says I was careful. I saw an axe on the floor. Maybe she broke her chains using it and eloped from here. Prakashi says she wont be able to go too far. find her or I will you with the same axe. She ends the call and tells Anjali what happened. Anjali is worried what if they get caught. Prakashi says it wont happen as she does not have much strength. She should not reach Virender or all 3 of us will be in danger! We should hide her again asap or we wont be left with anything. They go in separate directions to look for her.

Purvi tries Virender’s number. He is with the Pundit ji and does not hear the ring due to the noise. Purvi’s phone’s battery is dead. She screams for help.

The mystery woman is in the temple. Prakashi, Anjali and Bhuri are looking for her. Prakashi calls Anjali and Bhuri one by one but no one has been able to find her yet. The mystery woman notices Bhuri nearby and hides.

Virender takes out his phone and notices Purvi’s missed calls. What happened?

Purvi requests God to help her. Who should I call for help? She shouts again. Virender breaks open the door just then and covers her with a blanket. She passes out in his arms. He brings her out just in time as the roof falls down right then. Purvi and Virender look at each other. He holds her as she feels dizzy. She tries to step away from him but her mangalsutra gets caught in his kurta’s button. Virender thinks of a similar incident that had happened before their marriage. We have been brought together long ago. This wont break so easily. He watches her as she tries to free her mangalsutra. Virender helps her.

The mystery woman is nearby. Purvi thinks of their wedding. The mangalsutra breaks in the process. Purvi collects the beads in her dupatta and looks at Virender in shock. Thank you, Kanha ji. I caught all the beads. Virender calls her Bawari. You are so worried about the mangalsutra. What about the one who gave it to you? Please forgive him too. He receives Pundit ji’s call. We can start the puja now. Virender tells Purvi that Pundit ji was calling them for the puja. She agrees to join him asap.

The mystery lady begs a shop vendor for water. He gives it to her. She turns around and notices Prakashi and Bhuri in the crowd. They are headed in her direction only. She starts walking away. A crowd comes between them because of which Prakashi and Bhuri lose track of her. Prakashi tells Bhuri to look for her in another direction.

Purvi is sure someone set the house on fire intentionally to kill her. I would have died for sure if it wasn’t for Mukhiya ji. I will never forgive this favour! I have to also be angry with him for disrespecting me earlier. I am not able to forget it. What should I do now God? Please help me. She leaves.

Anjali, Bhuri and Prakashi continue looking for the mystery lady. Purvi also comes back to the temple. She collides with the mystery lady who falls down. Sorry! Purvi notices the chains in her feet and recalls seeing the same wounded feet in chains in the old house earlier.

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