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Molkki 23rd September 2021 Virender tells Purvi to not leave like this. How will I live without you, Juhi and Manas? I can bear any pain but I cannot live without my kids. Please don’t do this to me. She tells him not to use the kids. They have been living alone since beginning. When did you give them time? You left them alone the moment Sakshi ji had left. What will you do by regaining them when you had abandoned them years ago? They can live without you.

Daksh, Nani and Chandni come there as well. Purvi tells Virender it is best to keep the kids away from him. What if Manas also ends up paying money and bringing a Molkki for himself when he grows up? He might make her his servant too and might disrespect or punish her like you. They too will leave you like Nandini and Veer. I beg you to let me go. Don’t worry about the kids. I will look after them. I have learnt one thing after living with you. Relation needs love, respect and faith too. It was never the case in our relation. I have been through so much since I came in this house as Molkki.

I have been disrespected and even thrown in front of hungry kids. I was questioned on my character and even called a liar. I bore everything and I continued to strive to be an ideal wife, a good mother, a good DIL and a just Mukhiyayin. You blamed me for Nandini and Aarav too. I know that I went against your wish and got them married but my intention was only to bring you closer to your family. I ended up getting blamed for breaking the family in the end! You even said that I should have never come in your life. I still remember every word. I broke completely when I heard you say all of that. I stopped loving and respecting you that day. It is impossible to return now. Please let me go. Things cannot go back to how they were before.

Virender asks the kids to make haathi understand not to do this. Family cannot be complete without Babbar Sher, Gainda, Khargosh and Haathi. Juhi tells him it is okay. We don’t want our family but our haathi. She has always taught us to support the truth. We will do that today. We will stay with her. We wont stay with you if she doesn’t want to. We will go with haathi as she is right. Manas seconds her. You dint even look at us since haathi left. Juhi nods. We don’t understand why haathi is upset with you. I only know that we missed her so much that we couldn’t even sleep properly in the past 6 months. We want to stay with haathi only. Prakashi and Anjali enter.

Flashback shows Nani calling Prakashi and telling her that everything is done. Prakashi puts the phone on speaker. Nani tells her that the wedding preps are complete. I brought Daksh and Dhwani to hotel as soon as I came to Delhi. I was afraid that Mukhi might try to barge in and will try to remind her of her past. They will be married soon. Come over if you want to be a part of the wedding. Prakashi agrees. Flashback ends.

Anjali tells Prakashi it feels as if something else is going on here. Prakashi asks Purvi and Daksh where Purvi is taking the kids. Virender tells Purvi he has been waiting for her since the past 6 months. I will explain everything to you once we reach home. Someone should tell her to listen to me. I cannot tell you how I have spent the past 6 months without you. Let’s go home. Prakashi tells Purvi it is good that she has regained her memory. Let’s go home now. Everyone will be thrilled.

Virender was so heartbroken when we heard the news that you had died 6 months ago. Everything will be fine now. Let’s go to haveli. Purvi holds out her hand. Don’t call me Purvi. I am Molkki for all of you! Stop this drama and fake sympathy. I remember everything! You had called me daughter. Who does this to their daughter? You tried to separate me from Mukhi ji in the past. You created a fake image of me in front of him. You have insulted me in front of everyone by calling me Molkki repeatedly. You even wanted to kill me by feeding poisonous laddoo.

You went to great extent to take revenge for Vaibhav’s death. You couldn’t get anything out of it so you brought Sakshi ji back after keeping her captive for 5 years. You wanted to get rid of me! Don’t show fake sympathy to me. Nothing will change because of it. Anjali tells Purvi Ma meant that you have nowhere to go. How will you raise the kids of our house? What have you thought of? Purvi tells her not to worry about that. You should be happy as you don’t have to do that anymore. Don’t worry about where I will go with them. I will take very good care of them. Prakashi signals Anjali to be quiet.

Daksh tells Purvi no one will stop her if she really wants to. It is quite late. I don’t think it is a good idea to take the kids at this hour. I just want you to be safe. Stay at the hotel for tonight. Anjali seconds him. Everyone is tired. Kids seem tired too. What will you say if something happens to the kids? Rest tonight. I will bring water for everyone. Manas asks for water. Anjali gives them water. Prakashi and Anjali watch Purvi as she finishes the bottle. Purvi refuses to stay for another seconds and starts walking out with the kids. Virender calls out after her. She feels dizzy. Juhi asks Virender to see what has happened to haathi. Virender holds her in his arms just in time. Prakashi smirks. Anjali had mixed something in the water before giving the bottle to Purvi. Virender takes Purvi inside.

Nani asks Daksh why he is here. You should be with Purvi right now. Prakashi nods. You should be with her right now but we told you beforehand how Virender is. You heard everything from Purvi yourself today. I understand why she does not want to stay with Virender. I fail to understand why she refused to stay with you though. You have done so much for her. You befriended her and gave her a family.

You even want to marry her as you love her. Why did she say no? Nani too cannot understand what problem Purvi might have with him. You have showered her with luxuries. Does it mean she was using you? Anjali says you have understood her perfectly. I don’t want to say anything against your Purvi but that’s how Molkki’s are. Don’t you want to question Purvi once? It was you who supported her when she had left the haveli. Don’t you want to ask her why she left you? He agrees to speak to Purvi once.

Juhi brings food for Purvi while Manas brings water. Virender watches them from the door. Kids try to help her sit but fail. Virender offers to help instead. Purvi is reluctant but she reasons that 2 kids couldn’t do it. She complies. He refuses to take his support again but he tells her he knows that she can do anything. I know you are Jhansi Ki Rani. He sits next to her again. She tells him that she will manage things on her own. Virender asks kids to convince haathi but they refuse to push her. Haathi has taught us to support the truth. We will only do as she says. He murmurs that he hasn’t taught them anything till date. He tells Purvi not to talk to her if she doesn’t want.

Have some soup. She insists that she will do it herself. I don’t need you. He reasons that she isn’t well. Neither of them can take care of anyone right now. Have some soup. I will leave later. Look at their faces. Drink soup for them, if not for me. She gives in. Virender thinks of the past moments and smiles. Daksh happens to pass by from there and looks at them. Nani, Prakashi and Anjali join him. Anjali says it is Kalyuga. The same Purvi refused to marry you or be with Jeth ji sometime ago but they cannot stay away for even some time. Why did she have to do drama then?

She showed everyone that she is righteous person but this is the truth! Prakashi seconds Anjali. Molkki’s are bred to be like this. They trap men and then use them to their advantage when they give in. They make people dance on their tunes later. This is what she is doing too. Nani falls for it as well. She pretended to be your friend earlier and decided to marry you but then came back to this Mukhi. What a characterless girl she is! Daksh requests her not to say so about his Dhwani. Leave me alone. He walks away.

Nani is worried that he will remain single like this. I will have to make Purvi Daksh’s at any cost. Anjali tells her a plan. Jeth ji pretends to love Purvi. he is Purvi’s owner mentally. Our work will be done If he sees Purvi and Daksh in the bed. He is so arrogant that he neither shares his things nor does he touch anything that belongs to someone else. Anjali says we must make it happen or Purvi will slip out of your hands.

Daksh will remain alone for forever otherwise. This is the only way! Nani asks her how it will happen. Anjali says we can do this much for you and your family. You don’t know Ma. She can do it easily. Prakashi tells Nani to just say yes. Everything will fall in place then. Nani tells them to do whatever they want to. Purvi should be Daksh’s. She goes. Prakashi tells Anjali to show them what all they can do.

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