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Molkki 23rd April 2021 Purvi says it isn’t you but the thandai that’s making you say all this. You will insult me again in front of everyone as soon as you will get a chance. I am not your wife. I am just a Molkki. You wont be able to accept me as your wife ever as Sakshi ji was your wife. You will never give me her place. She was your real wife after all. I am just a Molkki, nothing else. She cries. He tries to hold her hand but she pushes his hand away and walks away. Virender requests her not to leave him. Please try to understand. Virender wonders how to make her believe him. She should feel that I respect her from the bottom of my heart. I must free her from Molkki title somehow. She wont live as a Molkki anymore. She will live her life as my wife, just like Sakshi.

Sakshi is walking in the corridor. The kids are playing nearby. She notices their room and goes inside. Sudha is looking for Sakshi. Bhuri is in the corridor as well. Sakshi touches the toys on the table. Sudha continues with her search. Bhuri notices the door of the kids’ room open and gets curious. Sakshi sits on the bed holding a toy. A toy falls when Bhuri tries to close the door. Sudha hears the noise too. Didi might be inside. She lies to Bhuri that Prakashi is looking for her. Bhuri goes. Sudha closes the door from inside. Are you fine? Sakshi nods. Sudha says you know it isn’t safe for you to walk just about anywhere. Please don’t leave my hand. Sakshi nods. Sudha takes her outside.

Purvi cries outside. Sudha and Sakshi walk past her but she does not notice. Anjali and Bhuri drink thandai stealthily. Bhuri asks Anjali if she is sure that Virender wont forgive that Molkki ever. Purvi listens to their convo. Anjali says it wont happen after what I did. Bhuri says I don’t understand why Virender left her alone. Anjali says we planned everything. I paid someone to lie to Mama ji that a fire broke out in Sakshi Mill. Mama ji informed Virender and they both left to Sakshi Mill. I did half of the work while you did the rest by giving that letter to me. Bhuri asks her what was written inside. Anjali tells her the punishment that Virender had chosen for Purvi. We switched her punishment with burning coals instead. Purvi is stunned. Bhuri praises Anjali on her planning. Anjali says none of them know what has happened. They are misunderstanding each other. Purvi cannot bear to walk on burning coals while Virender cannot understand why it is a big deal to take 10 rounds of the village as punishment. Purvi realises that this was Bhuri and Anjali’s plan. Virender never cheated me. He never lied to me. He dint leave me alone to face the punishment. He dint want me to walk on burning coals. He even sent a note to Panch to reduce my punishment. Forgive me, Kanha ji. I behaved wrongly with him. I will speak to him right away.

Sudha is on her way out with Sakshi.

Virender asks for everyone’s attention. All the family members gather around. Virender says I have to tell you a very important thing. Spread the word in town. Purvi has changed my life completely. Everything feels good since she has come in my life. A woman can brighten up her man’s life. Bawari has done the same to me. She has fulfilled my every wish and has never let me miss anything. She has taken care of my kids like their real mother. She hasn’t let them miss their mother. She has been a good DIL and has taken good care of the haveli. Am I right, Ma? Prakashi and Mama ji nod. Virender says I cannot thank her enough for that. I announce that I will give her her rightful place today. Every woman of the world is precious. Calling her Molkki is an insult to women. It is against humanity. A woman is a woman. We make her Molkki. When a Molkki can live all relations then why should she get those rights too?

Sudha stops to hear Virender.

Virender says every woman will get her due respect in my family. He asks a guy if he was invited in his wedding. The guy denies. You dint invite us. Virender invites him and tells him to invite the entire village to Mukhi and Mukhiyayin’s wedding. Anjali, Prakashi and Bhuri are stunned whereas everyone else is happy. Virender announces that Mukhi and Mukhiyayin will marry again. Inform / invite all those who aren’t present here. This is a personal invitation from me. He sits on one knee and extends his hand towards Purvi. Would you like to marry Rewari’s Mukhiya? She smiles. Virender says you always complain that you are my Molkki and people don’t respect you as my wife. I will end this problem once and for all today. You wont be Molkki after today. You will become my wife after marrying me. You will be Virender Pratap Singh’s wife. Will you marry me and become Purvi Virender Pratap Singh? Kids jump excitedly. Please say yes. Priyu asks her sister to say yes. Virender says you will have to marry this Kroor Singh, Akdu Singh again. Will you? Anjali looks at Prakashi. Purvi nods and holds Virender’s hands. Everyone claps except Anjali, Prakashi and Bhuri. Virender says you will be my wife for all the births now. Purvi hugs him and cries. Virender smiles. Sudha is happy for Purvi too. Virender congratulates Purvi from his and his family’s side. Purvi applies colour on his cheeks. Congratulations to you too. You fulfilled the biggest wish of my life. Virender says you fulfilled my wish too. I said that you will be the first one to put colour on me. I am soaked in your colours now. It wont come off for life. Priyu hugs her sister. Congratulations. Are you happy now? Kids congratulate Purvi and Virender too. Sudha thanks God for fulfilling Purvi’s wish. She lets go of Sakshi’s hand while thanking God and Sakshi goes missing again. Juhi asks someone to start the rain dance.

Prakashi and Anjali are still reeling in shock. Anjali says we thought to live our life grandly but now Purvi will make our life hell. We did everything to separate them, created misunderstandings between them but Molkki has ruined everything! What has happened to Virender? He wants to marry Molkki again? Prakashi says I heard that people turn blind in love but people actually become blind and deaf when they fall in love. Even kids don’t behave like this. Virender has lost his mind since Purvi said that she will leave the house. I have seen him feeling like this for Sakshi only. He wants to give that place to that Molkki and make her his wife. Looks like he has fallen for her. He wont let her go anywhere now. Anjali asks her how they will separate them now. Prakashi says I cannot understand anything. Don’t ask me anything.

Sudha is looking for Sakshi. Where should I look for her now?

Everyone is enjoying rain dance. Virender holds Purvi as she almost lost her balance while dancing. They share a hug. Virender and Purvi dance with the kids.

Purvi notices Sudha walking around aimlessly. Where were you? I have been looking for you. Sudha asks her where she was. Purvi says I was right here. What happened? Sudha tells Purvi she is very happy for her today. You will become Mukhi ji’s wife. Purvi smiles. I am ecstatic too. Did you take her (Sakshi) back to the cell safely? Sudha denies. I was taking her to NGO thinking that you are leaving the haveli. You wont leave now. Plus, Anjali Bhabhi will be right here. She (Sakshi) will be in danger. I will still her with me. Purvi nods and goes. Sudha thinks she hid the truth from Purvi for the time being. I will tell her everything once I find her (Sakshi).

Sakshi notices a shower and stands underneath. Prakashi and Anjali come there just then. Prakashi notices Sakshi and is stunned. Anjali follows her gaze and is equally shocked at the sight. They look around worriedly. Prakashi and Anjali look at each other.

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